January 27th, 2012

Jobbik demands parliamentary committee to examine plagiarism allegations against Schmitt; spokeswoman says president’s statements on scandal “smacked of lying”

Hungary’s radical nationalist Jobbik party has called for a parliamentary committee to be set up to investigate plagiarism allegations over President Pal Schmitt’s doctoral thesis.

Dora Duro, spokeswoman and lawmaker for Jobbik, told a press conference on Thursday that the parliamentary committee could work alongside and in cooperation with the five-member body Semmelweis University had set up to look into the allegations. She added that the president’s statements in connection with the allegations have “smacked of lying”, as his arguments had been refuted on several counts. The lawmaker added the committee should also investigate the political consequences.

Hungary’s Semmelweis University, to which Schmitt’s alma mater Sports University (TE) now belongs, said on Wednesday it had set up a five-member fact-finding committee to investigate the allegations that Schmitt’s thesis was not an original work. The committee has both external and internal members, experts in linguistics, law, sports and social sciences. The team is expected to complete a report by March 28.

Schmitt has earlier rejected the allegations and said he was ready to face an investigation.

Press reports have suggested that Schmitt in his doctoral thesis written at the Budapest Sports University (TE) in 1992 lifted over a hundred pages of text word for word from a French work by Bulgarian sports scientist Nikolay Georgiev.

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  • GW

    It’s not only that the President’s comments “smacked of lying”; plagiarism itself _is_ lying. It is asserting that the work of another party was one’s own.

  • Feher Gyorgy

    Let me resume: Schmitt’s 1992 doctoral dissertation is 215 pages. Left wing media states that he copied 180 pages from Georgiev, and 17 pages from Heinemann. Even if that would be true, Schmitt still wrote 18 pages all by himself – what earned him a summa cum laude. I think the grade awarded to the dissertation speaks for itself!

    Schmitt has earned his academic degree with blood, sweat and tears and to take it away from him would send a message to the world that the Hungarian scientific community are monsters who want to take away qualifications from a noble genius who is a 2-time gold medal winner as well. Has Einstein ever won a gold medal? Or Darwin? Freud?? Schmitt is not just a winner, he’s a bi-winner!!
    Now you have my answer why this whole “so-called plagiarism” procedure is a true scandal!

  • Popular

    Feher baby,

    You again? Now playing the legal expert? You see in an democracy a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. I know, it is hard to get rid of those old habits… you know, when it was the other way around and you still felt comfortable and at home 🙂

    You see, that is what the Semmelwies committee is for: to decide guilt or innocence. So, please controle yourself, your atavistic tendencies to the good old times …

    • Feher Gyorgy

      Hey Popular,
      Thanks for all the support – your messages touch me deeply. It’s good to meet someone mindlike on this forum that is full with communist radicals and Hungary-bashers.

      I don’t know the Semmelwies guys you mention, but Schmitt should show them his gold medals, so they understand that he’s a true Hungarian Hero like Orban, and not a fraudulent scum like Gyruccsany or Bajnai.

      • Popular

        No worries 🙂 I am happy to help wherever I can 🙂

      • Paul

        So funny…i can not believe it is true.
        While the VO government is not taken seriously anymore within the EU…Hungary is completely isolated within the EU….Feher is counting himself rich.
        Embarrassing though!

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