February 7th, 2012

Socialists call for legal action against Jobbik MP for Holocaust denial

The opposition Socialists welcome that both the Foreign Ministry and the co-ruling Christian Democrats have dissociated themselves from the comments made by radical nationalist Jobbik lawmaker Marton Gyongyosi at the weekend but see a need for further action, Socialist Party leader Attila Mesterhazy told MTI on Monday.

In an interview to Jewish Chronicle covered by the Jerusalem Post, Gyongyosi, who is Jobbik’s foreign affairs spokesman, questioned the number of Hungarian Holocaust victims and compared Israel to a Nazi system. He also said Jobbik supported Iran.

The statements provoked firm protest from both the Foreign Ministry and the Christian Democrats on Sunday.

The Socialists welcomed these reactions but added that both the government and the Speaker of Parliament should take further steps against Gyongyosi, said Mesterhazy.

Should comments that fully or partly deny the Holocaust not entail any political consequence, the Socialists will initiate legal action, he said.

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  • Ricsi

    What did he deny? He simply questioned! Truth needs no laws to hide behind.

  • Goyfriend

    Yeah, kill the messenger and ignore the message. Freedom of speech is absolute, you commie morons. If you don’t like what you hear, don’t listen.

  • george orwell

    sounds like thought crime…these liberals are the most intolerant people on the planet.ever wonder why you cant question the holocaust? take a wild guess….

  • I love Hungary

    Gyongyosi is a product of commie morons breeding with Islamists.

    Look East Hungary!

    If you do, maybe two generations from now the world will still not “understand your pain”.

  • Balder

    Holland – Popular Jewish journalist Micha Kat: Puncture the gas chamber lie first, then the rest… (…of the lies 9/11 etc.) http://blog.balder.org/?p=1290

  • Picasso

    What always amazes me is despite the intelligence of the hungarian people, they cannot see the link between electing fools and the state of the country.

    Hungary is an economic basket-case, Fidesz actually has a sufficient majority to make real changes which could benefit Hungary as a country, however instead the country divides into polarised factions and the worse the situation becomes, the more bizarre these factions become.

    At a time when Hungary badly needs Foreign Direct Investment, stability and common sense are vitally important for investors. However what we see now is Jobbik (a Parliamentary Party) attacking Israel and supporting Iran while the Socialists are attempting to convince world that a Dictatorship is forming in Budapest and Fidesz attempt to make constitutional changes which are highly questionable from a civil rights perspective.

    Both the Hungarian people and politicians need to grow up very quickly if they want to have a future for their country.

  • Leto

    What constitutional changes are questionable to the slightest degree from a civil rights perspective?

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