February 17th, 2012

Gov’t, civil organizations reach deal on sharing Budapest streets on March 15

Hungary’s authorities reached agreement on Friday with a civil organisation on sites where celebrations of the March 15 holidays will be held this year.

Representatives of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, the Budapest Mayor’s Office and the Facebook-organised One Million for Press Freedom group met to discuss how major public sites of the city can be shared for the purposes of official commemorations and an anti-government demonstration. Earlier the City of Budapest made claims to most major public spaces in the city for the day, a move which opposition parties criticised as being a restriction of free assembly.

The government will organise March 15 commemorations by Parliament, where the national flag will be hoisted, and by the Hungarian National Museum, one of the original sites of the breakout of the 1848 anti-Habsburg revolution which is being celebrated on this day. The Castle district will host family and cultural programmes, the ministry said.

The One Million for Press Freedom group will organise a demonstration near Elizabeth bridge, which was the site of earlier demonstrations attended by thousands on March 15 and October 23 last year.

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  • Viking

    the 1948 anti-Habsburg revolution

    Hhhmmm, someone is living in the wrong century…

    • pigham

      all off Hungary ?

    • All Hungary News

      corrected, thanks

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