February 23rd, 2012

State officials remember Roma murder victims in Tatárszentgyörgy

Government officials laid wreaths at the graves of two victims of anti-Roma attacks in Tatarszentgyorgy, central Hungary, on Wednesday evening.

Robert Csorba, 27, and his five-year-old son Robika were killed by gunshots as they were trying to escape from their Molotov-cocktailed house on February 23, 2009. The family’s 6-year-old daughter suffered serious injuries.

The murder was part of a series of brutal attacks targeting Roma and carried out in central and eastern Hungarian villages between July 2008 and August 2009. The attacks claimed the lives of six Roma people and seriously injured five others.

“Three years ago a child died in Hungary just because he was Roma,” state secretary of social inclusion and Roma affairs Zoltan Balog said in a statement.

Victims should be protected whether they happened to be children, the elderly, guilty or innocent, Roma or non-Roma, Hungarians or non-Hungarians, and the perpetrators should be convicted, he added.

Four suspects accused of having committed the crimes were taken into custody in August 2009. Their trial is still under way.

The victims of the Tatarszentgyorgy murder will also be remembered by Roma organisations and public personalities later today.

Meanwhile in Toronto, Canada, around 200 people held a candle-light remembrance and voiced concern over the expected tightening of Canadian refugee rules, organisers told MTI late on Wednesday.

“This is not a protest; rather it is the community’s response to how the Canadian government is treating Roma refugees, as well as the expected tightening of Canada’s asylum law,” Gina Csanyi-Robah, head of Toronto’s Roma Community Centre, told MTI’s Washington correspondent by phone.

Several left-wing and liberal politicians from Ontario also participated in the demonstration.

“It is important that Canadian public opinion sees us exactly as we are, and sees what these people’s fate is, why they came here and what kind of efforts they are making in Canada,” co-organiser, Aladar Horvath, head of the Civil-Rights Movement for a Republic association, said. He added it was important that Roma should be capable of acting together in the face of “the danger of genocide”.

The results of an investigation have shown that a total of 78 shots were fired at nine different locations and Molotov cocktails were thrown at seven homes during the spate of attacks targeting the Roma. The attacks killed six Roma people, including a five-year-old child and seriously injured five others, including another child. The investigators said the suspects had endangered the safety of 55 people altogether.

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  • Cogito

    It is no secret that there are problems and tensions between Roma population and non-Roma population all over Europe, and Hungary is no different. However, only a thorough and honest identification of the root causes of these problems, a willingness to take responsibility and a willingness to change and/or implement structural changes (by all involved) can heal these problems effectively.

    Racism is not racist, neither is intolerance and hate. The only alternative to these is mutual respect, taking responsibility for ones actions or inactions and taking equal responsibility for the building and wellbeing of a community where everybody equally enjoys his/her rights and equally fulfills his/her responsibilities.

    Killing or murder always evil and it always involves hate, but killing because of race or religion is cumulatively worse and more dangerous, because the hate is directed towards a whole group. The killing of six people just because they were Roma is a despicable crime. In this case it was done by a small group of people, who were apprehended and are currently tried in the court of law.

    This prompt and thorough reaction of the police and the legal system, and the fact that Hungarian officials are leading and organizing the memorial services for the commemorations of the victims of this senseless violence clearly indicates that there is no systemic persecutiom of Roma in Hungary.

    It is unfortunate that there are people whose interests are other than promoting a just solution to the existing problems and would like to use these tragic events either for personal gain or political purposes. The saddest example of this is that even the Canadian government had to change its refugee policies, making it more difficult for legitimate refugees from around the world to find safe heaven in Canada, because of such unscrupulous abuses of these tragic events.

    It is simply outrageous that people, who for two generations (sixty years) received the best and most the generous of the benefits the Hungarian state and welfare system could offer, now claim refugee status in Canada for ‘systemic persecution’.

    It is equally outrageous that opposition politicians (both on the left and the far-right) try to use these tragic events to their political purposes, further escalating the existing tension and hatred.

    • Cogito

      In the above comment the following text: “received the best and most the generous of the benefits the Hungarian state and welfare system could offer”

      should read as: “received the best and most of the generous benefits the Hungarian state and welfare system could offer”

    • Szabad Ember


      Either you have no concept of logic, or you are just trying to present a bunch of lies as proof that “there is no systemic persecutiom of Roma in Hungary.”

      Just because there is an investigation and prosecution of a few extreme cases of anti-Roma violence, as well as state-sponsored memorial services for the victims, that does not lead to a logical conclusion that there is no systemic persecution of Roma in Hungary! You insult the intelligence of everyone who reads this if you are seriously asserting this.

      You dismissively shrugged off Makhno’s post as a “self-serving political diatribe”, yet he mentioned many instances which, if true, disprove your assertion. The fact that you chose to just ignore them and belittle the person who posted them makes it very clear that you have no answer to them. Your dissemination of lies is, itself, part of the systemic persecution of Roma in Hungary.

      • Cogito

        🙂 Loser.

  • justasking


    “The saddest example of this is that even the Canadian government had to change its refugee policies, making it more difficult for legitimate refugees from around the world to find safe heaven in Canada, because of such unscrupulous abuses of these tragic events”

    I don’t agree with that. The way I see it, the Canadian Government is narrowing up the loopholes in are system…those same loopholes that were being used against us. If anything, this would make it easier, for legitimate refugees claimants TO seek asylum in Canada, for our system and it’s employees, will not be bogged down on false queue jumpers.

    I’m thankful for this shake-up in our immigration policies, it’s been long overdue.

    • Cogito

      My point was that Canada had to tighten up its laws to eliminate loopholes. The reason for this was the hordes of dishonourable people (especially, as of lately, Roma from Hungary) dishonour the existing laws. I agree that the ongoing abuse almost bankrupted the system, and it had to be fixed. And in this sense you are certainly right that legitimate refugees will have an easier time getting protection.

      What I wanted to say, but failed to articulate well, is the following: Society where there is mutual respect and trust, and shared and equally responsibility, society is more human and humane and many laws are unnecessary, people are better of without them. The reason for introducing new laws is always because people do not honour the existing ones, and their crooked actions undermine the existing mutual trust and respect. The new laws are introduced to force people to act honourably, but as a downside, they always impose unnecessary (dehumanizing) limitations and structurally diminish freely given mutual trust and respect.

      Bu having said all this, in general I agree with your point.

  • Ergo sum

    I find these comments hateful. So little compassion for people who are persecuted, and a real ignorance of the conditions that make people feel they have to leave their homes. You clearly know nothing of the situation of Roma in Hungary or of the political climate there -http://www.opendemocracy.net/gábor-schein/speaking-with-double-tongues-what’s-gone-wrong-in-hungary The UN is also not very impressed by Canada’s policies, which are not at all about ‘mutual respect’ – http://www.canada.com/news/slams+Canada+First+Nations+treatment/6193201/story.html

    • Cogito

      Would you care making an actual point or argument, instead of this whining?

      • Szabad Ember


        Any time someone you disagree with makes a valid complaint, it’s “whining”; whenever you make any kind of complaint, you believe it to be not only justified and important, but crucial to whatever debate you are sullying with your presence. That definitely falls under the definition of hypocrisy. If you had any decency or intelligence, you would realize that your aggressive rhetorical tactics actually do nothing but encourage others to respond in kind, rather than take your arguments and statements seriously and give them their respect as worthwhile opinions.

        I wonder if that is your goal; to maliciously incite and provoke, so that others sink to your level of discourse, thus helping to negate their arguments in the minds of outside, neutral readers of this website. The only other explanation is that you are just a jerk, with no goal other than to be obnoxious. If so, that makes you worse than American in Budapest, who at least makes some valid points here and there, and usually doesn’t just dismiss the points made by others as not relevant.

        • Cogito


          • Debate Referee

            My 9 year old nephew says the same thing when he doesn’t like something a friend says. I am truly impressed with your cogent argument and mature reasoning. Thank you for bringing the level of discourse on this site to such a high level.

            Can I recommend adding these terms to your limited vocabulary: “jerk”, “idiot face” and “poopie head”.

            P.S. What’s with the smilie faces you and Leto often put after making an insult. Makes you both look kind of psycho. Well, not really kind of – more like totally.

          • Feher Gyorgy

            Cogito, it seems all you can answer is “loser”.
            You should be ashamed to call yourself a Hungarian; people like you do Petőfi spinning in his grave.
            “Someone who insults others tries to hide their own weaknesses”. How is Orban supposed to build a New & Powerful Hungary with insecure freaks like you?! Get a grip!!

          • Szabad Ember


            That’s the best you can do? Saying nothing would be less embarrassing for you, since you could at least pretend that you didn’t see the post (just ask justasking).

            You have no answer, yet you are angry that I showed the world how wrong you are, and you refuse to ever admit that you might be wrong or have lied; the result is the oh-so-eloquent “loser” epithet. At least come up with an insult that might have some basis in fact; this one holds no sting for me at all, as it actually shows you to be the loser, not me.

          • Szabad Ember


            Also, why did you not put a smiley-face emoticon in this response, as you did in the otherwise identical one above? I guess you’ve stopped smiling…

    • justasking


      “The UN is also not very impressed by Canada’s policies, which are not at all about ‘mutual respect’”

      This is not a Canadian issue…is there not 26 other countries in the EU, where people who feel ‘persecuted’ can claim political asylum in one of those?

      Why specifically Canada? Why not submit claims in Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands or Germany? Would they not escape ‘prosecution’ there?

      Canada gives priority to political refugees and not economic refuges…we have too. Nobody is saying that the Roma can’t come to Canada…they just have to apply the same way as anybody else who wants to make a new start for themselves.

      I will not deny, that some Roma are experiencing hardship in countries throughout Europe. It’s not right and it’s not fair, BUT, this is an issue for Europe to address and not have it shuffled onto another country, on another continent.

      • Cogito

        “Why specifically Canada?”

        I know you know the answer, but let me give a few answers to the ‘uninformed’ comrades. The go to Canada because after claiming refugee status and as long the process starts, which can be 2-3 years:

        They may, depending on provincial regulations, be entitled, like other residents, to provincial social assistance.

        A single person receives from the federal government between $635.00 and $680.00, per month, for one year. This increases in case of families.

        Every person can participate in free English/French language education for six months.

        Every person is entitled to an initial one-time sum of $905.00 for settlement costs.

        Every person is entitled to free healthcare, including basic dental care.

        Every eligible child or young adult receives free education.

        And, if after 2-3 years they claim was rejected, they can go home. Who wouldn’t like a few months, or 2-3 years of free vacation?

        • justasking

          “I know you know the answer”


  • Makhno

    @ Cogito

    “prompt and thorough reaction of the police and the legal system”?

    When Robert Csorba was shot in the chest it took more then an hour to the ambulance to arrive and the hostpital was just a few kilometers from the crime scene, when the ambulance arrived dispite the fact that they knew the exact nature of the injury thay had no appropriate instrumet to save Mr. Csorba’s life! But yes… he’s just a gypsie….

    In a little town in the erea between Miskolc and Nograd, when a gypsie man was shot dead very early in the morning while he was about to go to work, his wife call the police telling her husband just got murdered..

    Answer of the police: “We can’t come right now, we are investigating a burglary”. Is a burglary more important than a gypsie being murdered, for the hungarian police, yes!

    When a few hours after the police arrived, the policemen where jocking, laughting and smoking some cigarettes some of theme they through on crime scene! who can believe a same lack of respect for the family of non Roma victime?

    The Hungarian polcie took the case of the serie of murders seriously only when western media started to hear about it!

    What does the actual governement do to stop these racist camps in Gyöngyöspata?

    What does the governement do to stop the polcie harasting gypsie for futile reason and finding theme for example not walking on boardwalk. I live in Budapest and I never saw a policeman finding someone for not walking on the boardwalk or crossing the street when the light is red, and believe me it happens all time!

    Double stander against the Gypsies. But of course there is no racisme in Hungary, this is all communist proapaganda!

    What does Orban governement do to stop some shcool separting in differnet classes gypsie children form non gypsies? This practice is not only racist it destroys this kids furtur not even letting them a chance to have a better life!

    What is trikie in Hungary, is that yes, ther is no law against the gypsies, they are just facing an every day systematic segration….

    • Cogito

      You did not even read my comment, or if you did, you did not understand a word of it. With that I cannot help you. Your self-serving political diatribe and the attitude that goes with it is part of the existing problems.

      • Debate Referee

        Now, now Cogito. He actually did respond to some your points. Do I need to point them out to you? Come on I know you can do it! Put, on your little thinking cap.

  • Ergo sum

    So sorry Cogito you saw my attempts to challenge your views as ‘whining’. I gave a couple of links to information that countered your opinion in the vain hope that you might be open to enlightenment. In fact I was very reluctant to engage at all as it is clear that you have your closed mind made up. The only thing that motivated me to reply was the belief that ignorant and pernicious opinions shouldn’t remain unchallenged. Well, I tried, but won’t waste any more time. Behaviour towards Roma is atrocious everywhere and I feel that this anti-Roma prejudice is the most burning issue in Europe now. And there seems to be little understanding on this thread of the real predicament faced by this persecuted minority. Really, people every day live fearful lives, are worried for the safety of their families and subjected to daily prejudice and harassment.

    • Cogito

      You are still not making any points and/or sense, hence, you are still whining.

      Instead of ‘points’ or ‘arguments’ you are making emotionally and politically loaded claims that I am ‘hateful’, ‘closed minded’, ‘ignorant’, ‘having pernicious opinions’ and that I am ‘anti-Roma’. I have to inform you that these are not arguments or proofs. These are claims about me, without proof.

      However, the subject of my original posting was not me but the situation of Roma in Hungary. So, you are trying to use your unproven claims about me to prove that I was wrong about the situation of the Roma in Hungary. In logic, this is called argumentum ad hominem, and it is considered a fallacy, or in everyday language, stupid. The only thing this lack of understanding of basic logic on your part proves is your inability to reason, or in layman’s terms, that you are stupid.

      You see, this is not an ad hominem argument, because I am not intending to prove whether you are right or wrong about the situation of Roma in Hungary. This is simply a conclusion based on the evidence you provided about your ability to reason.

      As for you to prove whether I am right or wrong about the situation of the Roma in Hungary, you will have to address the points I made. Until then we have nothing to talk about.

      p.s.: The two links you provided are completely irrelevant to the points I made in my original comment. However, if you think they do, make your points clearly and based on evidence. In the absence of this, i.e., if you cannot think and express yourself clearly, I am not interested in your whining.

      • Feher Gyorgy

        @Cogito > You can make so many points as you want, you are still pointless. You’re so out of line that I’m nearly in tears. I’m not even sure if you are with us or against us, but please, please… stop to make a fool of yourself and the proud country that is Hungary. Nagyon szépen köszönöm in advance.

  • DoubleH63


    “outrageous that opposition politicians (both on the left and the far-right) try to use these tragic events to their political purposes”

    I had to laugh when I read these words of yours on a thread that is about government officials laying wreaths at the graves of the victims!
    Sure, everyone else is using these poor Gypsies’ deaths for political purposes – but the government. Right, that’s what I thought too.

  • DoubleH63

    @Ergo sum

    “You clearly know nothing of the situation of Roma in Hungary or of the political climate there”

    But you do, don’t you?
    Főleg amikor a tudásodat olyan jó cikkekből szerzed, mint a Schein Gáboré. Too much Hungarian for you, ‘Knowing all about Hungary’? Use the Google translator then.
    Btw, your link to the opendemocracy article does not work; you may want to try again. Although readers won’t miss much if they can’t access it.
    [Some quotes from the article:
    “the parliamentary elections of 2008”
    ““Hungarian Guard”, an affiliate of the far-right Jobbikparty, began marching through settlements with high Roma populations, provoking brawls”
    “neo-fascist party Jobbik”]

  • DoubleH63

    @’Freed Feka’ aka Szabad Ember

    “systemic persecution of Roma in Hungary”

    What is the sure sign that a country is systematically persecuting a group of people?
    Easy – throw millions and billions at them!
    That was the first lesson of Logic 101.

    • Szabad Ember


      You must have attended the wrong class; logic stipulates that if a group has “millions and billions” thrown at them, there is probably a systemic problem that necessitates the expenditure, and the government is trying to counter that persecution with cash. There are numerous examples of this; should I outline a few of them for you?

  • Curious George

    Logic 101? – Systemic persecution! So, that’s why the IMF/EU threw billions at Hungary and you keep going back for more while whinging all the time.
    @HH – Feka? Are you sure you’re married to a Croatian woman? Looking at the tone of your recent posts & taking into consideration your Hungarian origins & proclivity to animals, I’m beginning to think your significant other might be one of the four legged variety, than a human with a working brain. -http://www.sexiside.hu/tag/animal-lovers

    • justasking


      I thought we all agreed that families were off limits?

    • Curious George

      @JA – HH has never agreed to anything. If HH believes that “Feka” & his many other forms of racist insults are acceptable forms of free speech, and necessary here to get his message across, I’d be happy to show him some other ways we express free speech in the army.
      I agree his Croatian bitch/goat shagging activities aren’t really important here & I’d be willing to back off some.

      • justasking


        “I’d be willing to back off some”

        Just when it comes to peoples families…

  • olga

    @ Double

    I just posted a comment to Szabad Ember about Canada’s shame which is our First Nation’s abject poverty and living conditions but it is held up in moderation – weird.

    Re ” What is the sure sign that a country is systematically persecuting a group of people?
    Easy – throw millions and billions at them!”

    Of course I don’t agree with the way you phrased that but I understand that you are incapable of writing a sentence without a racist spin however you are correct about throwing money at poverty stricken people persecuted or not is not the answer which was the point of my missing posting.

    The problem is that no one has come up with a viable solution so unfortunately we know what does not work which is much like a solution to incurable diseases or the cure for racism.

  • DoubleH63

    @Szabad Ember

    Certainly there is a problem. But it’s not the ‘systematic persecution’ of the Gypsies in Hungary.
    Maybe you should give me some example of that. I hope you are not going to rely on the “eyewitness” testimonies – like another group – who say that in Hungary they [the Gypsies] are being sent to KZs and such; that is the reason why they are fleeing to Canada in droves.
    [Btw since this exodus started from Hungary there appears to be a new crime wave (unknown before) in Canada – stealing of non-ferrous metals. A daily problem in Hungary, endangering the traveling Magyar (pc version: non-Roma) citizens lives.]
    Back to what this thread is about. This fucking government is laying wreaths on innocent murder victims’ graves [for no political reason whatsoever – only commies and Nazis do that]. Which would be all fine, if at the same time they would do that for the hundreds of murder victims of Gypsy crime. But unfortunately we only see remembrances for those people by the Nationalists/Nazis (for political purpose or not). I guess Magyars do not count in your world and the rest of the foreigners on this site.

    • Szabad Ember


      I’m almost certainly wasting my time, since you won’t change your mind, no matter how much evidence I give you, and everyone who agrees with you on this site is certainly equally blind to reality; however, I will engage you by answering a few of your points.

      To give you some examples, I will not bother you with the “eyewitness testimonies” of others; I will stick to my own observations and links I could find on the internet in English (the working language of this website).

      We rented an apartment to a Roma family a few years ago. When they came to view it, they asked us if we would be willing to rent it “even” to them, and were surprised that we would. We had absolutely no problems with them. The next family we rented to (non-Roma) blamed a late-night mugging by Roma for their inability to pay the rent, but that was just the first of their lies, and we found out that the man of the family wasn’t robbed, but spent a lot of money on drinking binges instead. Just like Jobbik, some people see the Roma as a convenient scapegoat to hang their own shortcomings on.

      I’ve heard plenty of people express discrimination against Roma, but maybe whatever I say that I hear holds no sway with you. Maybe you are more likely to believe the Vatican, which maintains that anti-Roma discrimination is rife throughout the region, including in Hungary:


      Maybe you will be more likely to believe experts in a think-tank at the University of Maryland, in the U.S.


      I’m sure you won’t believe the EU:


      Still, hopefully other people who read this exchange will follow the links and see that, despite what you and others here assert, there is plenty of evidence that Roma are heavily discriminated against here in Hungary.

  • DoubleH63

    @Szabad Ember

    Good comeback to Cogito. No smiley faces.
    Vergődünk, vergődünk, baszd meg? 😀

    But maybe you can spare the time to show us some proof of what your foreigner buddy [Makhno] claims (segregated school system in Hungary) – that was hard to type without falling off the chair from laughter. [Or to make it easy for you ask him to provide some proof.]

  • Szabad Ember


    Please see my post above (once it clears “moderation”); that’s the best I could find in English, while avoiding links that I’m sure you wouldn’t be willing to believe. I’ve seen and heard of similar instances, but I can’t give you definitive “proof” here, other than those links. All I can say is that for every person I’ve heard deny those stories, I’ve met 10 others who confirm them, and most of them were not Roma themselves. Maybe you just haven’t come across the discrimination yourself, despite the fact that it’s all around you.

    If you have proof that refutes the proof I’ve offered, I’d be interested to see it.

  • DoubleH63


    Aren’t there enough threads on this site about EU/IMF to voice your opinion? I guess not, you have to bring it into a thread too.

    What’s the big deal about Feka? You should know me by now, you ‘Hammer of Gods’ that I like to call people by all kinds of names. [I wonder if you can still buy that racist candy in Hungary, called Negro?]

    God, you are an idiot! How many times I have to say, that I am married to an American.
    [Just like my nick has nothing to do with A.H. you foreign fag.]

    Is it a requirement for you (J*ws , Mischlinge, Darkies, Commies, Liberals, Gays) to be obsessed with sex before you can join the Free Mason Society, or what?

  • DoubleH63

    Szabad Ember

    I will wait for your post that’s in moderation [blessings of freedom of speech in this New World Order] but I can answer this part:
    “Maybe you just haven’t come across the discrimination yourself, despite the fact that it’s all around you.”
    What I had all around my brother, a friend and me about 34 years ago was not discrimination against Gypsies, but 8 Gypsy youth, demanding money from us. Thanks to my brother and his firm stance, they slinked off. There was another incident of the same kind, this time they ran away because of a huge Gypsy, who came to our rescue.

    • Szabad Ember


      That is exactly what I’m talking about: you blame all Roma for what 8 of them did to you in your youth. I’ve seen non-Roma bully and extort money in groups as well, so if you haven’t, then that’s just random chance. I’m surprised that you have so much animosity towards Roma in general if you were saved by one.

      Either way, just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It may even have been all around you without you noticing it or caring about it. If you want to know the truth, go check it out for yourself; I mean really investigate, talking to Roma and their advocates, as well as the police and government statisticians.

      Even if you never find any discrimination, ask yourself why right-wingers make such a big fuss over a group of people that comprises, at most, 10% of the population. Are they really the biggest problem in the country? How much can all the Roma steal, compared to how much has been and continues to be stolen by politicians and their cronies?

  • Curious George

    @Tornjak Shagger
    Married to an American? LOL! Only in your wet dreams. In your little head, you married a Croat. Next time you’re in town, let me know, I might have a spare bone for Fifi.
    What’s your obsession with racist name calling, Adolf? Did Fifi enjoy a bit of “feka” or Arab kolbasz while she was in Saudi, and you were too busy here on these boards. If Fifi has a brain, you should get her to post here. I’m sure a few people here would find her Mu-Magyar views more interesting & informative than yours. Come to think of it, this isn’t the first time this was mentioned.
    So you met a bunch of rowdy youth 34 years ago, and they slinked off because of your brother’s stance? LOL. How were they? 8, 10? They were just trying their luck because they saw 3 dopes who maybe lost their way. Big deal. Happens everywhere. I got roughed up by 3 drunk neonazis in your Nazi mecca, Nuernberg, in 92 (& that’s not even the worse), and I’m sure there are readers who have had worse than either of us.

  • Curious George

    @Tornjak Shagger – Looking at your frequent posts on gays, kolbasz, and the multiple references to your Magyar triplet cousins, I’m wondering if those Roma really did a number on your arse. That would partly explain your obsession with all kinds of “fags”, and your general animosity with the Roma.
    btw – Foreign fag, obsessed with sex? 🙂 Makes you wonder if I’m teaching them Magyars about the halal & kosher kolbasz that you’re so desperate to try?
    Hammer of Gods? No, try again. Your kin wanted me here. I’m avoiding residency for as long as I can. Wow, had to dust off my Led Zep Remasters CD to listen to that. Been a long while. But, thanks, Adolf.

  • DoubleH63


    You can bet your last banana, ‘Fekete Pákó’ that anything I post here I regard free speech.
    I know you and your “nice” friends got issues with people having freedoms (dragging young men around by their beards – and you, old senile fuck thinks, that’s great).

    You and your army! Oh, the one, which fed you lines about being tortured by the enemy if you are captured? 🙂

    I don’t give a shit if you back off or even if you back into one of your army buddies (wolfi – the other sex-crazed old fart – would probably enjoy seeing that one).

    Sure I call people all kinds of names; in turn they can do the same. But I leave their families out of it if I can help it. [They have nothing to do with the postings around here.]
    I am not surprised though that darkie fags like you can’t do the same.

  • Curious George

    @Tornjak shagger – You brought up your Croat jock itch reliever here & now Pako. I understand Fifi’s attraction to him, when she’s got you. You can bring up families if you wish. You’ve already stooped to comment on someone’s grandmother, so why the sudden standards. Admit it, you are a pure & simple fake. Immigrant, perhaps?
    Unlike your selective libetarism, I’ve got no issues with beards, young men, or freedoms. If I see anyone doing that, good luck to them. Darkie fags? Fags again, and you think we’re the ones with an obsession, when you’re now saying you’d like to see some guys “backing up” with each other. Oh, did you forget – Olga said I was white and blue eyes (just like your idol, Cpl Adolf – so, eat your heart out) Wow, the captha comment now says “Statistical Judex”

  • Curious George

    Typed too fast. Should have read Libetarianism.

  • DoubleH63


    “to comment on someone’s grandmother”

    Sandni*ger, you conveniently forgot to mention why did I do that.

    “I’ve got no issues with beards, young men, or freedoms.”

    Is senility really getting to you, old buckalakó? You were the one proudly telling the story of a guy dragging his nephews to the barber by their beards, interfering with their religious freedom, you idiot.

    “blue eyes”

    Aren’t they more like sloped eyes, like Pávaszem suggested? 🙂

  • Ergo sum

    Maybe this new report issued today by the Council of Europe will convince people in general and posters to this thread in particular of the terrible prejudice and persecution faced by Roma and Travellers in Europe – based on research in 47 member countries – http://www.humanrightseurope.org/2012/02/hammarberg-publishes-47-country-report-on-roma-and-travellers/

  • Curious George

    @Tornjak Shagger – Gosh, you’re only 49, but you think everyone else around you is getting senile. Did you forget already? You wrote it because you were offended with someone else exercising his free speech with you, which is why you abandoned your (already) low standards.

    Like I said, I’ve no issues with the beards, young men & freedoms. You need to re-read what I wrote. Perhaps that half-Irish wolfhound of yours might have a better grasp of English to explain it to you.

    In any case, Magyar & Mu-Magyars are have never been the guiding light or reference point for understanding free speech or freedom of religion. Maybe you could teach your grandmother to suck eggs, but sorry, even us sandni*ger & Pako types wouldn’t buy that BS from the son of a fucked up mu-magyar lawyer. That apu of yours did a piss-poor job of explaining to his son that, when he exercises free speech to insult others, he DOESN’T get to set the boundaries with others, either to draw a line at families, nor with your requests to Van to stop calling you a Mu-Magyar because you didn’t like it. I think this is the biggest problem in Hungary – that there are too many of you Magyar & mu-magyar types who think you understand everything, but get things fucked up when you try to do something. That & blaming everyone else for it.

    Blue eyes/slope eyes – see, now you’re the only fool here whose taking the BS of a Birdbrain, over the word of Olga who actually has met me, and has more credibility (despite some occasional blond moments 🙂 with practically all the readers here. Ahhhh, senility is a bitch (& I’m not talking Croatian kind here).

    Anyway, to get back to the topic of Roma. Nothing really happened other than some Roma exercising their right to free speech to ask you for money (again, fire that sorry ass Apu of yours for impersonating a lawyer). Jeez, more Hungarians have asked me for money today (3 at Fovam ter, Vaci Utca & Deli Pu.) than Roma have in the last 34 years. Shit, if we compared what you did with Hungary asking for money from the EU/IMF, who knows what kind of prejudice the rest of the world would have against Hungary. You’d be fucked till 2046.

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