March 8th, 2012

Who better to speak on the importance of laws than mayors convicted of breaking them?

Budapest District VII’s convicted former mayors Dr. Zoltán Szabó (abuse of office, left) and György Hunvald (abuse of office and forgery, right) held a panel discussion yesterday organized by daily Népszava to discuss the erosion of the constitutional state in Hungary, which probably has nothing to do with the fact that the law did eventually catch up with them.

Hunvald, who was recently released from jail after receiving a sentence of a year and a half after sitting in pretrial detention for two and a half, and Szabó, who received a suspended sentence of six months, spoke, we assume, about how Hungary is changing from the good old days, when the long arm of the law was always just a bit short to reach out and touch them.

Since leaving jail, Hunvald has vowed to stay away from politics, while Szabó is now a ranking member of Ferenc Gyurcsány’s new Democratic Coalition. If the event sounds absurdly familiar, there’s a good reason for it. []

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  • Cogito

    It must have been an ‘interesting’ conversation and exchange of ‘common experiences’. I hope the EU officials (Kroes, Schulz and company) were listening. 🙂

  • Leto.

    The slogan reads: “Restore the rule of law!”

    This is exactly like when Gyurcsány fumes about “the bad human rights records of Orbán’s dictatorship”. 😀

  • mchungary

    Well they would be better than some Fidesz telling you that we are going to the IMF I would believe. And by the great journalism there “we assume”. You weren’t even there, so this is clearly a thrown in propaganda article.

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