March 13th, 2012

The Magyars’ revenge

If the nations of Europe do not reclaim their past and safeguard their future—which is what the Hungarian Constitution and the views of likeminded Europeans around the continent is about—then only two futures remain. Either—as Pat Buchanan and sundry others have predicted—our nations of origin will be under sharia law in a century or less, or else their desperate denizens will turn for protection to new leadership with the will to resist creeping Islamization. Such leadership will inevitably be what our pundits are pleased to call neofascists. Neither Islam nor neofascism would bode well for the USA.

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  • Vidra

    Ah, I see. We are at war with Europe to protect it from Islam, Europe is at war with Hungary to make sure it cannot stop the spread of Islam and not because of Orbán’s policies at all, nosireebob. Glad that’s been cleared up.

  • Ricsi

    Hungarys problem is not with Islam, it and all of Europes problem is with those who wish to create false problems and then manipulate the citizens-the protocols are nothing if not an accurate guide.

  • Pete H.

    Seriously Eric, , with all the other interesting articles on Hungary, why did you choose to publish this drivel.

    • Szabad Ember


      Pete H. is right, what is your problem? You can’t find enough responsible news, don’t have time to write something responsible, but feel the need to put something up, anything, about Hungary? Why not just sports items, then?

  • M.R.

    Hmm, I didn’t know that Islam is such a big thing in Hungary…

    • spectator

      No, not the Islam.

      Establishing the local variant of the Sharia law is.
      Takes some time, but the foundations really promising!
      Remember: red-white-green colored Burqa with Halas-lace over the eyes…

  • true democracy

    Excellent article!

    That is why the established
    left is working so hard against Hungary. They
    are afraid that this counter cultural revolution will
    catch fire and spread throughout the rest of europe.

    They on the left want us europeans to forget
    our rich Christian and cultural heritage. So far
    everyone must admit they have done a great job.
    Since an earlier response mentioned about Islam,this
    I can say they will gladly fill in the cultural and spiritual
    vaccum. Just look up the no go areas
    for the native countrymen in Malmo Sweden
    or Paris France.

    These left winged globalists are to be considered as
    nothing more than traitors for they betrayed their ancestors and
    future generations.

    • Feher Gyorgy

      I completely agree with you, of course and it’s very good to remind people about the cultural and spiritual vacuum (the vaccum you mention is even far worse; and I’m sure Pope Benedict XVI will wholeheartedly agree with you).

      But unfortunately you forget to speak about the physical aspects of the current decline. What happened to “Mens sana in corpore sano.” We need to revive the big moments of Hungarian superiority. The “Blood in the Water”, the 1953 Membley match, the heroic fencing fights of Schmitt Pál.

      I truly believe that we should promote the power of Hungarian culture, cooperation and greatness through sport. Maybe we can introduce a slogan as: “Hungary, a great nation with strong politicians, army, catholics and sport teams”. What do you think?

      • Tetra

        As long as the panel that is working to clear Schmitty on our, the tax payers money, actually clears him, then I see no reason why not? Throw in a couple of the used overpriced fighterplanes that we got in the late 1990s early 2000s and we can get the media minister to draw up the campaign as long as we can transfer another 1.2 Billion.

  • Aloof

    @True Democrat

    “They on the left want us europeans to forget
    our rich Christian and cultural heritage.”

    I don’t know how you can seriously say something like that when in virtually every village and every city in Europe there are Cathedrals, Basilicas, Churches, crosses and castles that are part of every tourist handout, website and guided tour trumpeting the rich, historical and cultural contributions made to the history of that country. These monuments of Cristianty are usually the central focal point of which life was led.

    The erosion of those values can be attributed to secular progressivism, the disintegration of the family, the temptations of the modern world and the conduct of the very people charged with upholding christian values like pedophile priests.

    How many christians in Hungary actually and dutifully fully participate and practice those values today?
    …………………… thought so.

    The road back is more than challenging and I for one don’t see any real earnest effort going on regarding “christian values” right now.

    Using it as a political tool is the most disgusting facet of it all.

  • true democracy

    For the record.Pedofile priests are not priests .They are
    homosexuals who infiIltrated the church.

    • Szabad Ember

      @true democracy

      Then why did the church allow them to keep working with children instead of kicking them out? Your argument is pretty lame; the real problem is not the pedophiles themselves, who will always be around, but the church hierarchy that allowed them to be among children for so long with no oversight or protections for the children.

  • true democracy

    Every organization such as football clubs,synagogs,boy scouts ect. has a dark history involving the abuse of children.

    The Catholic Church has learned from the past and is being proactive. That is why those with homosexual tendencies are ntot welcome to join the priesthood.,

    • Szabad Ember

      @true democracy

      You’re pulling my leg, right? Or are you really saying that “those with homosexual tendencies” were previously welcome to join the priesthood? Besides, there were heterosexual molesters, too, homophobe.

      Other organizations might have had pedophiles, but they didn’t protect them and put them in new positions where they could molest more children, like the Catholic church did.

  • Aloof

    @ true democracy
    I see we have another cherry picker. Well FIDESZ certainly qualifies aa a disingenous dark organization. Putting themselves out there as a \christian value\ party when they blatantly outright lie on a daily basis and are just the latest edition of thieves. So who is the “minister of heterosexuality?” You sound like Ahmajinidad; “there are no homosexuals in Iran!” So there are no homos in Fidesz? Riiiiight…

  • true democracy

    This homosexual activism that they are pushing
    on our young children is a social experiment that is
    very destructive for our society.On average ,the homosexual lives
    twenty years less than the general population on the whole.It is a pity.

    It is a shameful lifestyle. These people should be told the truth and then helped.

    Don’t forget we should always love the sinner and hate the sin.

    • Szabad Ember

      @”true democracy”

      “On average ,the homosexual lives
      twenty years less than the general population on the whole”

      I don’t know where you got this piece of “data”, so I can’t verify it, but if it’s true, then the most likely explanation has nothing to do with the healthfulness of their lifestyle. It’s probably a result of the fact that they are more likely than the average heterosexual to be attacked and killed for their sexual preferences, or to be hounded to commit suicide by the intolerance of society towards people who are hurting no one and cannot help who they are.

  • spectator

    “..we should always love the sinner and hate the sin…”

    – I bet, that’s the way how those “homosexuals who infiIltrated the church” expressed themselves too, while gladly infiltrating…

  • Abácsi

    Can anybody tell me why Fidesz law is so much better than sharia? Both are paranoid, intolerant, bigoted and run by power crazed zealots.

    • Leto.

      You are not worth to call yourself a Hungarian.

  • Abácsi

    Not really much of a response Leto but just as well thought out as anything you post.

    • Leto.

      Why would you call yourself Hungarian. Because you were born in Hungary? Probably. But the blood running true your veins is not Hungarian, it’s postcommie sissy’s blood at best. So stop pretending that you know what I’m talking about when I speak about Hungary because you don’t have a clue.

      • Anton Gyorgy

        You’re ready for the mental hostpital Leto. Go to Switzerland and get treatment.

        • Leto.

          This story is an invention of the leftist press. Orban was never mentally ill, was never treated for it and the rest of the stories are lies as well. You know that, so stop bringing it up or making stupid jokes about it.

  • DoubleH63


    “You sound like Ahmajinidad[sic]; “there are no homosexuals in Iran!””
    [like in your country.] He said, not what you quoted.

    But it’s just like the ‘wipe off the map’. Interpreted as he wants to kill every J*w in the world [about whom did I hear that claim before?… oh, yeah, that was ‘Evil #1; (“Evil comes to Columbia University”)].
    Ju ju bean, there are J*wish reps in the Iranian Parliament [maybe they should kill them off first? – diesel engine perhaps (?) is the answer.

    Lee Bollinger must have been thinking really hard about Rein jüdisches Fett, when he called Ahmajinedad a ‘hollókaszt’ denier.

  • Aloof

    Riiiiiight… Ahmadinejad, (my bad, I would never win an arabic or hungarian spelling bee), takes a play right out the OV playbook by backtracking what he said to Wolf Blitzer in 2007:
    Holocaust denial:
    There is one Jew in the Iranian parliament, Morris Motamed. there have been jews in Persia since the 6th century BCE. There were 100K plus jews there in 1948 and now somwhere 20K today.
    I know those liberal links must have your panties in a buch but it’s public record man, deny that.

    Leto, BG, Ricshi etc… at least are just loyal OV kool aid drinkers. You’re much darker and dripping with hate. Why exactly is that man?

  • DoubleH63


    “There were 100K plus j*ws there in 1948 and now somwhere 20K today.”

    Oh, oh! Those fucking Nazi Iranians had their Holohoax already?
    I am surprised they did not exterminate 6 million. Fucking pussies!

    “kool aid drinkers”

    Have you had your Kool-Aid today?


  • olga

    @ Szabad Ember

    re: “Other organizations might have had pedophiles, but they didn’t protect them and put them in new positions where they could molest more children, like the Catholic church did.”

    That’s 100% correct, no one can blame the Church for having pedophiles, the blame is for the 8 year old cover up and allowing these bastard to re-offend rather than risk the Church’s reputation. I wonder if Pope John Paul had to answer for that one at the Pearly Gates.

    I have been watching the GOP race very closely – Orban sounds like a Left Liberal Communist (any other derogatory adjectives I missed?) compared to any of the candidates who want to compete with Ahmadinejad when it comes to oppressing women – I just listened to what McCain had to say about and he is still a class act. My favourite TV clip was showing Romney attending a Planned Parenthood fund raiser a few years ago and he is now promising to cut funding to Planned Parenthood.

    I see Double’s obsession and addiction with the J*ews is still his drug of choice ; I wonder if someone could talk about the bitter cold in Europe this past winter without introducing the number of WWII victims. Very unhealthy indeed.

    Back to Orban – an email came in from my friend Julie is BP (she returned to Hungary after 25-30 years of living in the US) and here is a reference to march 15:

    “The March 15 celebration was lovely – large turnout and no need for police despite the anti-gov. marchers protesting. Hearing Baroso’s reaction and
    the foreign press I always wonder what the hell were they listening to? Orban makes perfect sense and said nothing of what they’ve heard. 🙁

    • Leto from Arrakis

      As a participant, I absolutely confirm what your friend Julie wrote. It’s been a big, friendly crowd and a very nice day. And Orbán delivered a great speech.

  • Aloof

    @HH63 March 18, 2012 at 10:36 pm, March 16, 2012 at 12:55 am

    No man, answer the question. “Leto, BG, Ricshi etc… at least are just loyal OV kool aid drinkers. You’re much darker and dripping with hate. Why exactly is that man?”

    If you can’t explain then you’re the biggest fake and dumbest pussy of all. Your vulgar filled hate speech has all been heard before… Put up or shut up.

    • Curious George

      No man, answer the question

      You expect Mu-Mugyar63 to explain talent envy? LOL We’d all love to see that. He’ll go off on a tangent, as usual 🙂

  • olga

    @ Aloof

    I have inside information about “Double’s problems” and the childhood trauma that caused him to end up the way he did.

    When he was 3 years old his Mom and Dad refused to buy him this amazing bike for his birthday that the next door neighbour’s son got for his birthday. I will let you figure out what religion that family was.

    Please do not confuse Leto with Ricsi and Double (don’t know who BG is) Just because Leto thinks Orban walks on water is not a sin. More people on this website should champion and name other politicians they believed in but no such luck. (If I would have a dollar for the mindless repetition about how awful X Y or Z politician is, I could buy a place in Hungary and a small place in Buda would be my choice)

    If Orban is as cocky and autocratic as his critics say, it would go a long way to come up with someone who could challenge his policies . So far all I see is Gyurcsany making speeches and I can’t help but think that every time Gyurcsany gets press, champagne is flowing at FIDESZ headquarters.

    I get it that Leto is a jerk because he supports Orban who is the Devil incarnate despite the fact he won a fair election. This has been said in a million ways so it’s rather boring; moving on, which party and which politician(s) should Hungarians rally behind for the next election?

    Even the Republicans have come up with the 4 biggest losers that I’ve ever seen but at least they came up with them and horrid as they are they are, each one has a platform and it’s quite clear what they stand for.

    So which Hungarian party is coming up with new faces and new platforms and is Erik not publishing these articles or there is nothing to publish?

    • Leto from Arrakis

      “every time Gyurcsany gets press, champagne is flowing at FIDESZ headquarters”

      That must be very true indeed. 🙂 I’d be somewhat sorry when he’d have to go to jail in the end.

  • Aloof


    Well I don’t have a real problem with Leto. He’s an OV kool aid drinker and harmless. I guess Double and OV share similar afflictions.

    Much like the US, (the GOP is pathetic there and that’s going to cost us dearly), there really isn’t a valid opposition here to include anything on the street that isn’t extreme. Gyurcsany would be going backwards and that little taped conversation at Balaton a couple of years ago is going to cost Hungary more dearly than I think anyone could possibly imagine plus his failure to call an early election. Lot of things will come to a head here one way or another soon enough. The EU can’t exactly afford risking a banking crisis with Hungary either. That would immeditely cause problems for Austria. Little doubt OV knows that.

    The last 22 years are in many ways Hungary going through the metamorphosis of emerging out of the communist era. I think the real true leader(s)will emerge from the younger generation just as OV was so attractive in ’89. The generation that deals with the perpetual systemic corruption will be the only valid choice for all Hungarians.

    • infidel and goy with enough guns

      The day of reckoning is approaching, your little piece of filthy shit !

      • Szabad Ember

        @infidel and goy with enough guns

        Isn’t “filthy shit” redundant? Does “clean” shit exist?

    • Leto from Arrakis

      “Well I don’t have a real problem with Leto.”

      Damn, you let me down.

  • olga

    @ Aloof

    I sorely lack a real understanding of financial matters and just when I was frustrated about not comprehending IMF issues, I watched a Canadian programme discussing the Greek crisis. There were 4 experts, economists and University Professors who teach economics and they were all screaming over each other and disagreeing with one anothr – one of them blamed Germany for all the mess.

    My point is not to introduce Greece’s problems, but I felt immensely better knowing that my never taking an economy course matters not – the experts were all going in different directions and could not agree on what caused the crisis nor could they agree on how to get out of the mess.

    About Leto : I personally don’t find it offensive to be totally supportive of one’s PM, there was a time when I was just like that about our PM about 10 years ago and the fact that his party was brought down because of patronage scandals was like finding out there was no Santa Claus.

    he Obnoxious in BP called me Anti-American which is is insane because I am very grateful to the US for personal reasons for the education opportunity it gave my son that was not available to him in Canada. Aside from that I have a lot of American friends both Democrats and Republicans so it is beyond my understand how a great counry like the USA could not come up with one decent human being (like a young McCain) to run for the leader of the GOP

    I truly hope and believe your comment : “I think the real true leader(s)will emerge from the younger generation j

    I do think the time has come to emerge; I only know a handful of people in Hungary and they are by no means jumping up and down in joy about Orban’s leadership but they say he is the best of the lot and they say there is no one else to vote for. You cannot blame that on Orban

    When Leto first started posting, I wrote that I believed that it would be in Hungary’s best interest for the Hungarian electorate to have choice at the polls, (he agreed) but these turned out to be the choices

    1) Orban
    2) the party that bankrupted the country
    3) Vona the neo Nazi scumbag
    4) the Green party

    Had I been an eligible voter, I would have voted for Orban but if I knew he would head for such a huge majority I would have voted for the Green party. The reality is that Canada is much more of a “tree hugger” country than Hungary is and yet we only have one MP elected in Parliament. So I don’t think Hungary’s answer is the green Party in the next few years.

    Off topic: I watched Game Changer on TV last week and the
    “real” people have been making the rounds on all the American stations namely Steve Schmidt (played by Woody Harrelson) and Nicolle Wallace (played by Sarah Paulson) Neither of them denied the facts presented in the movie.

    So my point is that if a great nation like the USA that never had to deal with the tragedies of Hungary in the past 100 years (I don’t want to go back further in History) is having problems coming up with two strong party leaders and cannot agree on the best way to fix the economy , then how can all this blame be heaped upon a country like Hungary and its PM?

    I think Hungary should be given some slack and judged examined under a microscope but compare the country to other EU nations that never had to deal with Communism and I think it will come out looking pretty good.

    Again, I really don’t know what happened with the PIGS countries but they have not had to deal with communism and they still screwed up – moreover I am sick to death of hearing about WWII issues and where Hungary stood – The local Rabbi could not be any more sympathetic to the Holo. victims that I am including the 5 million other victims but what WTF does that have to do with the global economic crisis in 2012 or Victor Orban?

    • Szabad Ember


      Thanks for your tone and honesty, it’s very refreshing around here.

      We don’t usually see eye to eye, but here is my take on a couple of your questions:

      You say to compare Hungary to countries that have never had to deal with communism, but why not compare them to countries in the region that had almost the same experience under communism that Hungary did, like Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, East(ern) Germany, and Romania? Since 1990, those countries have had some problems similar to Hungary’s, but they have done a better job of dealing with them, and have mostly worked through them. Hungary is so inward-looking that it refuses to learn from its neighbor’s experiences, and has to do things the hard way, almost every time. Also, there are great examples further east that can be enough to learn from, such as Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, not to mention Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Moldova.

      You say Orbán can’t be blamed for the poor choices on offer at the last election, but you forget that MDF was on the ballot, too, and that Fidesz and its wealthy backers have been accused of hobbling all potential opponents for years before the election, and for providing covert aid to both LMP and Jobbik, to help divide the vote. I’m not convinced of the covert aid, but there is plenty of evidence that Fidesz made MSZP look even worse than they otherwise would have by throwing sand into the works for years while they were in opposition. For an example, Fidesz was the backer of a referendum that killed the law introducing a very small co-payment for doctors visits, which would have been important for cutting costs and possibly even corruption in the health care system. Once in power, they imposed an entirely new constitution without even considering holding a referendum. I guess that the people’s voice is less important when it comes to the basic law of the land than whether people would have to pay a dollar or so to see a doctor (why not change the law to say that poor retired people will get the money back with the pension payment, rather than scrapping the whole law?).

      As far as the importance of the Holocaust, most people in Hungary don’t really talk about or think about the Holocaust, except when right-wingers bring it up as an example of how their enemies should be everyone’s enemies. In other words, that subject would not even be brought up here if Double63, Leto, et al would stop posting here.

      • Leto from Arrakis

        ROTFLMAO 😀

        • Szabad Ember


          So ROTFLMAO is your personal shorthand for “I don’t have anything to say that can refute this post, but I have to try to belittle it in some way, or people will realize that it is valid and undermines my claims here”. You’re becoming more transparent all the time.

          • Leto from Arrakis

            Ne erőlködj már ennyit, te kacsaseggszájú posztkomcsi idióta. 🙂

          • Szabad Ember


            I see that my correct analysis of your shorthand has angered you so much that you forgot how to speak English. I’ll let you get through your little spell, and re-engage when you actually come up with something substantial, in English or Hungarian. Since that probably won’t happen, I’ll also respond to your usual drivel, when it returns to English.

  • DoubleH63


    ”You’re much darker and dripping with hate.”

    You are an idiot; if you think so. Then you top it off with the “hate speech:” thing. Are you even an American? Or maybe you are just an “I*sreal first” kind of guy. I suggest you read more of the Founding Fathers’ writings about alliances with foreign powers.

  • DoubleH63


    ”I see Double’s obsession and addiction with the J*ews is still his drug of choice”

    Is it yours also? You seem to be fascinated by my comments about them. Do you think it’s time to talk about the ‘piritott’ people”?

    “about the bitter cold in Europe this past winter”

    I thought that question was settled already – it was the fault of Vona the Neo-Nazi.

    “I have inside information about “Double’s problems””

    Just remember when you had that ‘inside information’ about my J*ewish ex-wife.
    To help you out: I was rather spoiled as a child, got everything pretty much I wanted, which meant books mostly (it’s amazing what you can find in your Grandparent’s basement – Molière first edition [in French], Hungarian law books from the 1800s, etc. I did have the bicycle though [without the J*ewish neighbor kid].
    BG is Black George.

  • Curious George

    @Aloof – no, he’s not dripping with hate. He’s dripping with envy, disappointment & scorn at how Hungary & Hungarians have failed to live up to their alleged ethnic superiority that his parents brainwashed him with. He only wants to get a reaction out of us with his posts. Nothing dark there. But, you’re right – he’s probably just a pussy in real life.

  • Aloof

    @Curious George says: March 20, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Come to think of it, that is much more likely closer to the truth. I could only react to what he writes. Magyars think they’re etnically superior to whom? Magyars constantly fall off the wrong side of the stool. There are a lot of folks out there who are wondering when and if they’ll ever get it right.

  • olga

    @ Aloof

    re: “Magyars think they’re etnically superior to whom”

    I don’t think Magyars think they are superior it but it’s uncontroverted fact that there are only two kinds of people in the world; The Magyars, and those who wish they were. So the answer would be that Magyars are ethically superior to everyone else on the planet :))

    (I heard that statement on St.Patrick’s day about the Irish but after I turned off the news, I understand there was a formal apology to Hungarians for plagiarism)

  • Aloof


    That was a good one! Perfect comeback. I’ve got magyar blood running through my veins too except that I was born and raised in the US. We motly live in Florida where there are tons of Hungarians, especially around Plant City, and a lot of them shake their head about “the old country.” Hungary sure isn’t out of the woods yet but I’ll always remain confident that one day, some day, we’ll get there.
    When that actually happens then the world better be ready to watch out!

    • Leto from Arrakis

      Yeah, but I hope you won’t forget you promised you’d stay away from Hungary as for business. Just stay in Plant City and keep shaking your head, no matter what.

  • Aloof

    @Leto from none of your business

    You apparently have the attention span of a sparrow. We live in Clearwater Beach, like I’ve said dozens of times and twice today alone. What in the hell are blabbering about now for christsakes. I’m just keeping you busy today so you won’t bother other people. It’s so friggin’ easy with a simpleton like you…

    • Leto from Arrakis

      Oh, please do feel free to shake your head in Clearwater Beach as well, “American businessman”. I guess that’s far enough from Hungary, too. 🙂

  • Aloof

    @ Leto who’s never been to the USA

    Let’ see Clearwater Beach… Hungary… Clearwater Beach… Hungary… wow what a tough choice. If you ever actually went to Cleawater Beach you’d never come back here. Come on over we’ll teach all bout the joys of good seafood… and peanut butter.

    • Leto who doesn’t want to go to the USA

      Do you mean the joys of anaphylactic shocks caused by your peanut butter or the carcinogenic aflatoxins and Salmonella you could enjoy in that brownish thing?

  • wolfi

    @Aloof: Totally OT …

    I’ve been to the Gulf Coast of Florida several times – the DeSoto Park is my favourite …

    I still remember the faces of friends when I came back in December and told them I had been to the beach in St Petersburg …

    Now back to Hungary:

    It was about time for the Venice commission to tell the Hungarian government off – Orbán’s idea of “democracy” is really weird, no we have to see whether Fidesz backtracks or really wants to leave the EU …

  • Paul

    “Fidesz backtracks”…either way…..backtrack or not,,,.in any healthy democracy it will mean the end of VO’s credibility and leadership of a nation which is still….for the time being, part of the EU.

  • olga

    @ Double

    I am starting to think I wasted my $25 on that mail-in PhD
    in Psych but at least I got a beautiful plastic frame out of it. So if I was wrong about the J*ewish ex wife and wrong about your not getting the bike the J*ewish kid got next door then what the hell is wrong with you?

    You obviously grew up in a much more intellectual family than I did – my parents were both high-school graduates and spoke fairly good English when they arrived in Canada in 1957, all I can remember them reading were the 3 major Toronto daily papers that were delivered to our door every morning. Aside from warning me about not “trusting” Russians, I can’t recall the slightest derogatory remark about any race or religion.

    re: “You seem to be fascinated by my comments about them. Do you think it’s time to talk about the ‘piritott’ people”?

    I am fascinated – is the obsession on the autism cusp? (still trying to use that mail-in PhD ) – I know that piritott means sauteed but not sure if you are getting at the Roma or any skin colour that would not meet with KKK approval.

    re: the cold in BP being “Vona the Neo-Nazi” ‘s fault.

    No, I don’t think so. He spent all his money having his last name legally changed to make it sound more Hungarian and arranging the bitter cold in BP this past winter took big bucks. There is no doubt in my mind the awful weather was financed by the J*ews and while they only wanted Hungary to suffer it was a package deal thus they included other European countries.

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