March 14th, 2012

Huge crowds expected as opposing groups stage March 15 rallies in Budapest

Editor’s Note: For detailed information on specific demonstrations, as well as background on the controversy surrounding the financing of the pro-government rallies, see this post on the “Contrarian Hungarian” blog.

Huge crowds are expected for contrasting demonstrations of support and opposition to the government tomorrow as political parties and other groups mark the March 15 national holiday.

Organisers of the pro-government rally have denied reports that special buses will be laid on to bring participants in from the countryside.

News website Origo reported earlier that many participants of the January 21 Peace March in support of the cabinet arrived in Budapest on buses for which tickets were free or very cheap, but Fidesz caucus spokesman Ákos Krakkó said the party is not organising buses for Thursday’s gathering.

One of the organisers, Magyar Hírlap writer Zsolt Bayer, said everyone travelled at their own expense in January and will do so again this week. He added that 100 volunteer stewards will secure the event.

Billboards promoting the event have appeared in the countryside, which Bayer said have been paid for by the Civil Co-operation Conference (CÖF), HVG reports.

A massive crowd is expected, as the January gathering drew a crowd of 100,000 according to most reporters, while state and Fidesz officials put the figure at 400,000.

An estimated 2,000-5,000 Polish supporters are also expected to arrive for the event on special trains, organised in part by Polish conservative magazine Gazeta Polska.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people are expected at the protest staged by the Facebook group known as Milla, spokesman Balázs Tóth told Origo.

Some 20,000 turned up for the group’s anti-government rally on the Erzsébet Bridge and Szabadsajtó út last March 15, at which Polish writer Adam Michnik was one of the main speakers.

It was confirmed that French MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the most prominent of the French intellectuals who issued a statement of support for the protest on Monday, will not attend tomorrow’s demonstration.

A group of French Socialists have said they will attend.

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  • Questions

    Is it really sane as a 2/3 government to organisers a ‘pro-government rally’?

    What is this, North Korea?

    • Answers

      It stems from low self-esteem and high hubris.

      Only a government that doesn’t have the confidence in themselves have to turn a national holiday into a pro-government rally.

      They feel that they must show the world, that 400,000 people stand behind them. Yet people are going there for different reasons, but as far as them concerned it is a shameless marketing of themselves.

      • Arrakis

        “They feel that they must show the world, that 400,000 people stand behind them.”

        We, Fidesz-supporters, have already shown that to the world on the 21st of January.

        Now the “Egy millióan a sajtószabadságért” (the ones Cohn Bendit and co. called to support) should show the world, that 1,000, 000 people stand behind them. According to the latest news, paedophile left-liberal MEP Cohn Bendit himself may not stand behind them in person.

        • Answers

          I think you missed the point a little bit.

          The pont was, that 2/3 government or a majority never flaunts their success unless there is an insecurity, or mental illness.

          They especially don’t flaunt it on a national holiday, using the had count of people that come for different reasons.

          • Leto of Arrakis

            I didn’t miss the point at all, postcommie. There’s a big international media and political campaign going on against the Orbán government, and actually against Hungary herself as well, and we, Fidesz-supporters will show how misled the financial circles, sponsoring and helping the badly failed postcommie MSZP-SZDSZ gang, are when they think they could get rid of Orbán as prime minister.

            What a pity there’ll be a lot less anti-government demonstrators on the Cohn Bendit backed rally than pro-government demonstrators, isn’t it? 😀

          • Answers

            This is a national holiday Leto of Arrakis, it shouldn’t be used by Fidesz as a propaganda and populist political party promtion.

        • Sigh.


          I think you missed Answers point. Quote the whole thing instead:

          “They feel that they must show the world, that 400,000 people stand behind them. Yet people are going there for different reasons, but as far as them concerned it is a shameless marketing of themselves.”

          Basically it means that it is an opportunistic populist government, that worries about how many people show up for a national holiday.

          You will only find this in Cuba, North Korea, and some Middle-Eastern and African countries.

    • Leto.

      It’s important that Europe understands that you don’t mess with Hungarians. We’ll show the EU bastards that if they don’t agree to give our money back, we have the numbers to give them big problems.
      The Hungarian people know how ripped off they are by the EU and how enslaved they are. They have reached a breaking point. All it will take to start a true riot is one violent action. You’ll see.

      • Pál

        “don’t agree to give our money back”

        It’s not your money, you simpleton – it’s money the EU gives you if you follow the rules. OV thinks he can bluff his way with the EU – he can’t. He can get away with it inside Hungary, but not outside.

        As for riots – did you note the average age of the marchers last time?! You may get a few Jobbik skinheads attacking the police, as in 2006, but a load of grannies and granddads rioting? Should be interesting…

        • A view of the world.


          Don’t bother Pál, the majority of people think that the EU stole the money in the first place.

          They have no clue that we are getting 100s of million more than we give a year.

          • Swede

            True. However it’s also true that other countries break more rules, and do more deficities, than Hungary but still dont get punished. Hungary is mistreated by the European liberals and socialists because Hungary stands for more traditional values.

            The EU establishment IS indeed scared of Hungary, since they are afraid other countries may take after Hungary which would threaten the social-liberal globalist values that currently fundaments the EU.

          • Szabad Ember


            “The EU establishment IS indeed scared of Hungary, since they are afraid other countries may take after Hungary which would threaten the social-liberal globalist values that currently fundaments the EU”

            If you knew anything about economics, you would know that any fear felt by the EU about other countries emulating Hungary in this way would stem not from any “threat” to the “values” that you mention, but a threat to the world economy itself. Globalization may be a destructive force in many ways, and not a perfect way to run the world, but it is responsible for mot of the growth in the past 20 years, and for bringing hundreds of millions of people out of deep poverty. Hungary’s actions, as evidenced by its economic performance (relative to other countries in the region) since Fidesz took over, lead to weaker growth or outright stagnation, which leads to further political stability and human misery. Even after taking into account the global recession, growth rates among all countries worldwide have been historically very high in the past decade, and the vast majority of experts agree that globalization has made all the difference.

            The ironic thing is that Hungary and the other similar countries of the region have disproportionately benefited from globalization and the EU over the past 15 years or so, yet Orbán, for selfish reasons, wants to pull Hungary out of the system. He seems to think that Hungary should get the benefits of the system without making the sacrifices or doing the hard work. That’s why Hungary is being singled out, not because the EU is afraid of Hungary’s example spreading to other countries. Other countries are more likely to support a successful example, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Hungary is trying to employ methods used by Argentina, Russia, and Venezuela, but without the economic crutches used by those countries, namely abundant exports of oil and other natural resources. The governments of those countries could have done so much better if they had followed the advice of experts, but instead are more interested in enriching themselves and their cronies through stifling centralization of power and other anti-growth policies.

          • A view of the world.


            I don’t believe the EU is afraid one bit. If the world wants right wing, then that is what they will have, just look at any history book, there are plenty of examples of right wing governments in power.

            As for others following Hungary, where is that? Flat tax reform? Replacing 129 judges, 106 which are rookies under 3 year propatory contract?

            What are you referring too?

          • A view of the world.

            And please define traditional values for us Swede, I would love to hear those.

            But now I am going out and celebrating 15 of March with friends, see you guys there.

      • HungaryUberAlles

        Yes, Hungary will take over the EU and show them how to run it! Go LETO. GO GO GO!

      • For Sure

        I’m sure Europe is terrified of Hungary. Woo-hoo.
        Hungary is really scary.

      • Paul

        “We’ll show the EU bastards that”….. VO is the village idiot..every village needs an idiot.

        • Schmitty

          INSERT: Call person foul things.
          INSERT: 4.6 million will be at peace march.
          INSERT: Hateful message against EU.
          INSERT: Propaganda praising the government.
          INSERT: Finish with postcommie comment.


        • Black George

          And you are this community’s!

          • Schmitty

            INSERT: Goto Schmitty says: March 14, 2012 at 3:54 pm
            INSERT: Repeat statement.

            END STATEMENT

    • Bambi

      How dare you comapre us to North Korea!!!!!!!!!!

      We are not forced to smile or wave when the PM pases by with his swat team!!!!!!!

      • The Man Myth Legend

        Not yet.

  • Dreher

    Will we get paid 2,000 huf, just as last year?
    Or is it now the people who come by bus that are supposed to do the cheering? I don’t find anything back about this in the official program, so all information is very welcome.

    • Novartis

      What are you saying man, it was 2200 forint. You got stiffed.

  • Bowen

    Sadly, the peace marchers can’t be paid this year, as Hungary is having a bit of a cashflow problem. However, Orban will give a free pig or chicken to each peace marcher as part of his Economic Growth Plan. The animals will of course be included in the final head count.

    • Dreher

      Damn. Last year they told me this was a returning happening, so I was gladly looking forward to it.

  • Bowen

    Let me apologize for my blatant lie. People who took part in the 400,000 strong ‘Peace March’ were not paid, of course.

    • The real Bowen

      Leto, it wasn’t me who was copying your name and making fake posts, so go and find another culprit, if you want to play this game.

  • Dreher

    Who wants peace if you can have booze? (just joking, I like peace a lot but marching wears me out).

  • For Sure

    Are the pigs and chickens taxable? The Gov. needs
    more money.

    • Democrat

      They are indeed taxable, but the pure Hungarian breeds are exempt. Crossbreeds will be taxed fully but owners can claim the proportional amount back provided that they have increased feed rations by 5% for at least two thirds of the flock and provided that the flock size has not been reduced in the last six months.

      • FDR

        Thanks for straightening that out for me.

  • riviera

    This massive show of EGO and Hungarian demonstrations of POWER…what a sad, sick, frailled-ego lot these simpleton Hunkies are!

    • Dada

      How can you say that????????

      They offended our honor! Thats all we have left after we spent all the money!!!!!!!

  • FDF

    Although the message will not get to him, Viktor
    is being presented evidence that a large portion of
    the Hungarian people don’t support him or his deluded
    concept of democracy or governmental finance.

    It’s gratifying that all other issues aside the EU
    has moved against Orban and his government quickly and
    decisively. The EU is not taking Hungary to task.
    It’s goal is to control Orban and his crowd. Had
    Europe taken the same kind of approach against Hitler in his early days, the history since the mid-19th
    Century might have been drastically different.

    It’s also good news that the international press
    has recognized the direction that Viktor has taken
    and is reacting to help keep the issue of Viktor’s
    desire for power in front of it’s readers.

    I am confident that Viktor can’t win this fight.
    The resources are stacked against him.

    And Yes, I am a postcommie moron, blah, blah, blah

    for power in front

    • FDF Not Fanclub


      if all else false


    • Feto.

      You’re a “And Yes, I am a postcommie moron, blah, blah, blah”

      See what I did there? That’s what we call a Schmitty here.

      • The Man Myth Legend

        Schmitty, I’ve seen that one, he was good. But now it seems he’s dead.

        • The Man Myth Legend

          I just googled it, he’s not really dead. The flyers, posters and t-shirts say: “Schmitty is dead to me”, it was a word play.

          • Doctoratus Meribatus


            Mom!!! I’m a small doctor now!

  • The Man Myth Legend

    Wow, someone discovered writing in all caps. That must be the best kick ever (or at least since Orban was elected).







  • Ricsi

    So shit stirring chosen one Cohn-Bandit can’t come-typical hypocrite :).


      Ah shit can’t be bothered copy schmittying my reply. Just look above.

  • Paul Muad’dib

    I wish we had similar goverment in Poland. Hungarians you have my support!

    • Paul McMagyar

      It’s a deal!

      You can have our government if we can have yours.

      Please bring your government o Budapest on the 15th and we will swap.

      End telegram.

    • Paul McMaygar

      We will even throw in some free Hungarian state bonds if you take our government, and some food stamps valid in CBA stores only, half an airport and a really nice flat tax reform.


      • Paul Muad’dib

        Our goverment recently lend 6,3 mld EUR to IMF as a support for Greece. Polish minimum wage = 361, Greece=751. Of course we got huge Government budget deficit every year. That’s kind of deal we are used to .

        So It’s a deal, take president Komorowski for free if you want 🙂

        • Paul McHungary

          Wow, I wish our finance were in that shape! We are actually seeking 20 billion approximately in IMF finances.

          Most of the people in our country have been so brainwashed that they don’t understand that we are getting more than we are giving. I think it’s like 700 million or close.

          Anyway, please bring Komorowski, and the rest. We will, give you three in return, Fidesz, MSZP, and Jobbik, + a boat load of Hungarian bonds to compensate.

          Over and out, and peace to you neighborly friend. 🙂

  • Black George

    “A massive crowd is expected, as the January gathering drew a crowd of 100,000 according to most reporters, while state and Fidesz officials put the figure at 400,000.”

    Bullshit! Bullshit! Pathological liars!

    All the Western media outlets reported based on one source: Origo. This was repeated by everyone, although it was made clear that the police estimated 400.000, and the organizers way more than that!

    Disgusting degenerate liars!

    • Quotator


    • sheesh

      Who the f*ck cares if it was 100k or 400k or 1 million, Georgie boy? They were all misguided or paid idiots like you! 😉

      • Black George

        Thank you. You just proved my point. Nothing really matters to hate-filled idiots like you, as long as you and/or your comrades can post your lies and hate-filled shit. This is who you are.

        • Quotator

          Apparently 5.5 Billion are coming to support Fidesz. We got spaceships flying in. See you there it will be great to see the martians!

          • Terminator

            Are you a tad bit frustrated? 🙂 It shows … 🙂

          • Quotator

            Not at at all!

            I just don’t like our day of remembering is used for populist political parties like Fidesz to promote their crap.

            Let’s remember! Let talk! Let’s not listen to turds like Fidesz. 🙂 🙂

    • Igazi Magyar

      What do you mean by “degenerate”? What do you mean by that term?

  • sheesh

    Be a good boy, Georgie, go back and sit on the lap of your master Viki and lick his balls

    • Black George

      Oh, never thought of it before, but you seem to be giving heartfelt advice here, aren’t you? 🙂 You must have lots of experience in doing this. 🙂 So, who was it? Gyurcsany, or Biszku?

      • Quotator

        We are up to 6.1 Billion people with the Jupiter and Venus people.

        • Terminator

          What are you talking about you idiot? You can’t even count beyond three …

          • Quotator

            Ok ok, let me at least prove to you that I can count to three. Please note that the word “tree” is a metaphorical image for Hungary.

            Sing a long with me!

            1 2 3,

            Fidesz got a tree,

            4 5 6,

            it fell into sticks,

            7 8 9,

            we were left with a dime.

            See, it even rhymes.

          • Cogito

            Excellent, now you can attend kindergarten … 🙂

          • Quotator

            Woot! Thank you Cogito! Sorry to leave you behind!

  • Aloof

    @Szabad Ember
    I couldn’t have summed it up better myself. Thank god for Hungary’s sake that they still may be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat if OV gets his act together.

    With the German Daimler Plant getting ready to open up business in Kechkemet, which can add up to 0.5% growth once it’s ramped up to pump out 120K widgets/year, just might be enough to get Hungary out of the woods if OV actually cares about it.
    Germans have already rented out 330 housing units down there at around 1,000 euros/ month which is making some lucky owners down there very happy and brushing up on their German. Of course there are other locals who are a little spooked by the influx. Some Hungarians still a little nervous about that level of concentration of Germans in one place.
    The most ironic thing is that deal was sealed by the last government. Wonder if OV will say thank you for that?

    • Szabad Ember


      If, by “thank you”, you mean “I take credit”, then yes, he will definitely say it.

  • Jani

    Happy March 15th to all Hungarian and Polish brothers! God Bless…

  • Horno

    “Polish writer Adam Michnik was one of the main speakers.” Om dear, what a priviledge… ROTFL

  • Jeff

    Beer anyone..??

  • Francois

    Damn, has there ever been a bigger bunch of idiots? Europe should not just punish the retarted Hungarian government, but kick your country out of the EU altogether. It’s the fastest way to solve Orban’s colony problem, and the non-stop headaches that you guys are causing in Brussels. Au revoir, mes amis, go rotten in your goulash.

    • Anton Gyorgy

      Francois, I totally take offense to what you just said. My goulash is not rotten, it’s pretty tasty.

      • Francois

        I don’t understand that Hungary does not leave the EU, as “Hungarians are faced with a series of injustice and are treated as second-rate citizens” – Orban
        Or Hungarians are cowards to take this shit, or stupid to listen to Orban.

  • Aloof

    @Szabad Ember
    Roger that…

  • Pawel

    First off…Adam Michnik is not Polish (he hates Poles), he is a zionist jew, one of the main responsible in 1989 for transferring power back to judo-communists…

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