March 30th, 2012

Hungarian president Schmitt expected to announce that he will not resign

Hungarian president Pál Schmitt, who yesterday was stripped of his doctoral title by Semmelweis University following the discovery that the vast majority of his doctoral dissertation was plagiarized, was expected to make a statement tonight following Hungarian state television’s evening news broadcast. It has since become known that following the evening news, a taped interview with the president will be shown instead. has learned that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has given Schmitt one to two days to try and convince Hungarians against his resignation, since the president would like to remain in his post. According to’s sources, Debrecen mayor and Fidesz vice-chairman Lajos Kosa argued that if Schmitt stays on, it would harm the credibility of both Fidesz and the government.

Orbán, the portal was told, is not concerned that Schmitt could harm his party or the government, which is why Orbán and his spokespeople have spoken of Schmitt the president as being apart and independent from Fidesz or the government. Politicians from Fidesz and the Christian Democrats said that Orbán had asked Schmitt to resign last night, but that Schmitt made clear his intentions to stay on, which is why Orbán has set the president “free.”

Although the interview will only air later tonight, is reporting that there is a heightened police presence in Budapest, which goes toward confirming the story that the president is expected to announce that he will not stand down, for his resignation would not be expected to spark any public disorder.

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  • Feher Gyorgy

    Of course Schmitt will not resign. The only people having problems with his inspired doctorate are the leftist press and foreign bloodhounds. How dare they even to question Schmitt’s integrity?
    It’ not like if these guys have ever won 2 gold medals for their country, so they should just shut up and bow for so much greatness. That being said, I hope that this case is now closed forever.

    • Punisher

      You have to be either retarded or living outside Hungary to make such statement. seriously??? even if he had copied only 10% of his dissertation it already is a huge issue. the reason why he is the president of a country is because he stands out for excellence, and he may need a bit more than two golden medals.

      • The Mad Professor of Freakanomics

        Let me define something for you Punisher, and think about it for a second.


        [ahy-ruh-nee, ahy-er-] Show IPA noun, plural -nies.

        1. the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.

  • Leto Muad’dib

    I must say Mr. Schmitt is a real idiot if he wouldn’t resign indeed. 🙁

    • Bowen

      Why do you think Orban is being so neutral in the matter, Leto?

      • Leto Muad’dib

        He’s not neutral, of course. But, being the prime minister, he cannot pressurize publicly the president to resign. I’m sure he advised him to quit informally.

        • Pete H.

          Nonsense – he could at the very least send signals through back channels that could be expressed publicly by other MP’s.

          His silence and the silence of his party make them complicit.

  • luzerorszag

    So, Lame-o, if Schmitt Plag doesn’t resign, will you?

  • Vándorló

    Schmitt claims his conscience is clear, refuses to resign and will start to write new PhD. The damaging farce continues.

  • Zoltán Csipke
  • Viking

    The Hungarian President is elected by the Hungarian Parliament
    Even in the new Fidesz Constitution there are mechanisms for the Hungarian Parliament to show it does not support/are not happy with the person they elected as the President of the Republic

    It is true that the Hungarian Parliament cannot be voted out of office, like any other of these Fidesz-loayalists, like the new Judical OverLord or the Media OverLords
    This is part of the plan of keeping Fidesz in power for 20 years

  • contemplator

    independent?? he was the deputy chairman of FIDESZ from 2003 to 2007

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