April 1st, 2012

Government presents official responses to EU infringement procedures

The Hungarian government has presented its official responses on Friday, before the deadline, to the European Commission on two ongoing infringement procedures concerning the retirement of judges and the independence of the data protection authority, and on two other questions under scrutiny, namely the independence of the National Bank of Hungary and the independence of the judiciary, the Government Spokesman’s Office told MTI on Friday.

The government has informed the European Commission in detail about legislation already announced, planned or in the process of adoption, which give substantive answers to the concerns raised by the European Commission and the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, the office said.  

“The government trusts that these pieces of legislation and the supplementary explanation attached to them will provide a firm basis for the Commission to end the ongoing infringement procedures,” it said.

“The government believes that there should be no further obstacles in the way of starting the negotiations with the EU and the IMF on a credit line in the foreseeable future,” the office said. 

The European Commission announced on March 7 to take two out of three infringement procedures against Hungary to the next stage.

The decisions affected the Commission’s concerns regarding Hungary lowering the retirement age of judges, as well as the independence of the data protection authority.

On the third matter, the independence of central bank, the Commission will request Hungary to supply more information.

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  • The Mad Professor of Freakanomics

    This really has to be accepted now. If not we’re looking at EU court and that will weaken the Forint to no end as there is no IMF in sight, even if it’s a stand-by loan, just to calm the market and strengthen the forint.

  • Viking

    The Mad Professor of Freakanomics says:
    April 1, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    This really has to be accepted now

    EU should not be influenced by Orban fucking up Hungary, then that is EU’s problem

    Given Orban’s track-record (Fidesz Media Law), the EU is less likely to accept any pies in the sky from the Orban Bakery
    Call it injustice, but it is easier even to believe the Irish, than Greece and Hungary

    • The Mad Professor of Freakanomics

      Viking: “Why?”

      Because if it goes to court in the EU, it will be a dragged out and horribly long process which will lower market confidence amongst other variables, and more people will have no jobs, no food, and have to move countries, and it becomes a negative spiral.

      • American in Budapest

        Dear Professor,

        That is the whole point. We want the government destroyed. The government will do it for us. It will self-destruct by refusing to meet the EU’s conditions. No IMF, default.

        The poisoned chalice presents itself.

        • The Mad Professor of Freakanomics

          You know, that statement isn’t even remotely funny.

          If any of the items go to EU court, we are in big trouble, and it will eventually lead to all Hungarians will move to the U.S., and you and Erik will have to turn the lights off in Hungary when you leave.

  • Aloof

    Means nothing until the EU replies. What’s not factored in by this ultra vague tripe above is what if the ECJ actually takes Hungary to court? That could hold up any EU/IMF deal 12-18 months. The forint would go through the roof with no viable external means of securing financing.

    If Hungary caves in and fully accepts all EU pre-conditions it’s already almost too late for them to be implemented which would open up new reasons for ECJ action. To be continued…

    • Sure

      If you want to do something, you find all the reasons you can. If you don’t, then you find all the reasons you can’t. Since Viktor doesn’t want to change, then you can bet Viktor will throw a world class tantrum – moan and groan, beating of the beast, whining and complaining and invoking the time honored injustice of the treaty of Trianon. My hope is that the EU and IMF, who have shown remarkable steadfastness, will stay the course until the all is right with Hungary.

  • Aloof

    There’s the rub. When was the last time “all is right with Hungary?”

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