April 4th, 2012

Parliamentary parties sign declaration on principles of campaign and party financing

All six parties in Hungary’s parliament agreed on the main principles of political party and campaign financing and signed a declaration on Wednesday.

The agreement was made during talks initiated by Transparency International Hungary.

Signatories to the document agree to pass a law to ensure transparency and accountability in party and campaign financing, during parliament’s autumn season.

The basic principles for the bill are as follows: nominating organisations, nominees and background organisations shall handle their revenues and spending in a transparent manner, and all information pertaining to the operations of political parties and associated foundations shall be handled as public information.

Publicity for candidates in the media and elsewhere shall be equally ensured for everyone, and related financial data shall be made public.

The central and local governments shall be banned from campaigning.

Legal control over campaign financing shall be exercised by the State Audit Office.

Minimum central funding shall be provided to the parties, however, they should be encouraged to raise their own funds. Excessive dependency from the state or from business groups should be avoided.

The above principles should be applied to general, municipal, and European Parliamentary election campaigns, the joint statement said.

The statement was signed by representatives of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democratic alliance, the Socialist Party, LMP, Jobbik and the Democratic Coalition.

Party and campaign financing will be the subject of an open forum in parliament, expected to be held in May.

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  • Frankly Franklin

    Bow make it the law, you corrupt little worms!

  • Center

    By the looks of it, the next campaign in 2014, which is really not far away, will be based on finance and the domestic economy, employment opportunities, living standards, infrastructure and health.

    I wonder if people will actually understand and look at what is promised from both sides, and if it is realistic. Empty promises and heroic slogans might not work as effectively in this campaign as people especially the lower income earning 4-6 million are really feeling the pinch at the moment, and are voting with their wallets.

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