April 12th, 2012

Gov’t accountability commissioner points fingers at Gyurcsány & Bajnai

Gyula Budai, the government’s “accountability commissioner”, announced that former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány may very well be charged over actions he committed as prime minister, saying Gyurcsány himself already expects that to be the case.

Budai continued that current investigations into the previous government’s activities have not yet led to previous Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai, but that they are pointing in his direction.

The accountability office received 736 notifications in 2010 and 730 last year. Fifty of these notifications resulted in investigations, which have so far led to Ft 100 billion returning to the government, with the largest being from the Péti Nitrogen Works, which wired Ft 23.5 billion back to the government.

According to Budai, his office’s work is without precedent in terms of holding previous governments’ ministers and state secretaries accountable. He added that 90% of the work had been done and that they expected to be completely finished by November. [index.hu]

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  • Ron

    Well that is great. According to the below mentioned link Peti Nitrogen Works was liquidated in January 1990 without a legal successor.


  • Illuminati

    It’s about time we settled this. Now that we have Tunde Hando, and 149 new judges in April, this should be a walk in the park.

    You go get him Budai, bite Gyurcsány in the leg and don’t ever let go.

  • Aloof

    Good. Hungary needs to get back what’s easily provable as outright corruption.

    But better be REAL careful here, FIDESZ is already proving to be in a league of their own when it comes to corruption but who is going to investigate them? The first OV government had cover. This one has carte blanche at the present moment and doesn’t even try and hide their corruption at all.

    But at some point the hunter becomes the hunted… and FIDESZ is going to be like hunting ducks with broken wings.

  • olga

    @ Aloof

    re: ” Good. Hungary needs to get back what’s easily provable as outright corruption. ”

    You just could not leave it at that. could you? :))

    I am not sure how you can make a statement like “easily provable” unless you have seen the Prosecutor’s files with evidence but minor details.

    • Illuminati

      Small business, Corruption, Corporation, all these business forms, who has time to think it through.

  • Sure

    Does the the government’s “accountability commissioner” investigate the current government, too?

    • Bowen

      I can’t imagine there is any need whatsoever to investigate the current government.

      They, like the former President Schmitt (who gave up his post so that we might all be absolved for our sins), are the authors of the Holy Hungarian Constitution. Therefore, they are inviolable and sanctioned by God to do His good work upon the world, and lead Europe into a new era of prosperity and peace for all. We should give thanks and praise them.

  • Sure

    Glad I could be your straight man. 🙂

  • Leo K

    Propaganda is the only purpose of the regular and ritual announcements of formal accusations against the former leadership. Fidesz can’t do without it’s usual tactic of empty accusations. The flame of hate must remain alive.

    So they keep coming with these vague allegations. But while they may be able to fool the Hungarian public, they can’t fool the outside world. It not like in 1923, when it wasn’t so difficult to stage a mock trial against Károly. Damned EU!

    Hm, but what if they would say that state secrets are involved? Then the trials could be hold behind closed doors, presided by hand picked Fidesz judges and blessed by the archbishop of Veszprém. Could they get away with that?

  • Leto Muad’dib

    “The flame of hate must remain alive.”

    Like drama writer Mihály Kornis wrote in Beszélő (this was the party journal of “left-liberal” SZDSZ) about their political opponents on the 2nd of December, 1993:
    “We, liberals hate you much more than you hate us.”

    This “political” legacy lives on in your posts, too.

    • Illuminati

      This hate is amongst politicians and fanatical supporters. Leave the poor people of Hungary out of this.

    • Anonymous

      The most hateful groups in Hungary are the Right from Horthy Miklós to Viktor Orbán.

      Remember the European Court is the final court of appeal and it is very likely they nullify these politically motivated prosecutions.

      • Illuminati

        As long as they leave the Hungarian people to earn their bread and have some dignity, they can hate each other as much as they want.

      • Leto Muad’dib

        Nope, Mr. Kornai, a “left-liberal” icon, must know much better. And no doubt he’s an expert hate-monger indeed.

        • Leto Muad’dib

          Sorry, Kornis

  • Viking

    For the next century or so, Hungary will always have a “Gov’t accountability commissioner” who will “points fingers at” the previous Government

    Given that nothing will change with big bids going to single-bidders and politicly well-connected ‘state-owned firms’ (like the new licence for mobile telephony), there will be much to point finger and start investigations and maybe a few trials. The trials should though not start to early before the next elections, then an ongoing trial is better than an aquittal

  • American in Budapest

    The Hungarian illness of political retribution on display …

    The reality is that they don’t have anything on Gyurcsány.

    • Illuminati

      That’s not true.

      As soon as the new triple land tax on Budapest Airport Zrt makes the company go belly up, a clause is activated in the contract between the Hungarian government and Budapest Airport Zrt.

      The clause states that the Hungarian government will be liable to Budapest Airport Zrt for up to 1000 Billion HUF if the struggling Budapest Airport Zrt goes belly up or rather bankrupt.

      Guess who was in charge when that contract was written in 2007?


      Budai will bite his nuts off, pardon the expression. RUFF RUFF RUFF. GRRRR… RAWR.


      • Leo K

        The people who invested millions in Ferihegy wanted a guarantee that the Hungarian government would not start another airfield nearby. Understandable, and I suppose, a usual practice. What is special is that Budai tries to make it once again look like a scandal. And that some people are dumb enough to believe him.

        Btw, originally he tried to make us believe that the clause would be activated by Málev’s bankruptcy. Of course he announced investigations and punishments. But it was just one more lie. In any other country Budai would have been sacked. Not in Hungary.

        • Illuminati

          Nah, Budai is great. The Budapest Airport Zrt were already having financial problems prior to the tripling of the tax. Now it’s a sure deal. Ruff, ruff ruff ruff. Corruption at it’s best. 🙂

  • Sure

    If you look up corruption in the dictionary, you will find a map of Hungary.

  • én

    Accountability commissioner…muhaha, hilarious!
    Is fidesz taking lessons from Zimbabwe? Venezuela? Iran? North Korea?
    Does the Hun Dear Leader want to become ‘Eternal President’ or in his case ‘Eternal PM’ like the last Great leader of North Korea?

    szegény Magyarorszag!!!

  • wolfi

    @én: leto the almighty has already decided that Hungary will be a kingdom again, with a holy crown and all the other trimmings …

    The only problem is to decide whether he himself will be crowned (the first self proclaimed holy atheist) – or Orbán will be first king of the new dynasty …

    It’s a hard decision – we’re all waiting with bated breath for them to change the constitution again, shouldn’t be a problem with their two-thirds majority of willing sheep …

    • Leto مؤدّب

      Definitely the first option should be chosen. If he doesn’t exist (like I think so) then the Holy Crown of Hungary itself will do for a monarch. Orbán should stay PM, he’s doing a good job at that, and the person living in Budavár castle (soon Mr. Áder) should be called regent. Problem solved.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        he = the Almighty, that is God.

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