April 12th, 2012

Jobbik submits amendment aimed at banning “gay propaganda”

The radical nationalist Jobbik party on Wednesday submitted an amendment proposal seeking to ban “promotion of sexual deviations”, MP Adam Mirkoczki, the proponent of the bill, told a press conference.

The bill is aimed at protecting “public morals and the mental health of the young generations” from homosexuality, trans-sexuality, transvestitism, bisexuality, and paedophile behaviours, the deputy said.

The legal changes to several laws would include a ban on advertisements or programmes presenting the above behaviours as socially acceptable or as examples to be followed.

If parliament passes the proposal into law, “promotion” of homosexuality or other “disorders of sexual behaviour” will be punishable by up to 8 years in prison.

The Hungarian lesbian and gay LMBT Federation protested against the motion and called on the political parties to reject putting it on parliament’s agenda.

Leftist splinter group Democratic Coalition also voiced protest and called the proposal “mean and shameful”.

Photos: Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki (left) who submitted the amendment, and a scene from the 2009 “Budapest Pride” parade. The sign the demonstrator is holding translates as “Jesus also had two fathers.” Credits: Jobbik, Flickr user habeebee

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  • Bowen

    It’ll be interesting to see what Fidesz-KNDP make of this. As we know, Leto (who is our Fidesz representative on this site) is a rabid homophobe, and would warmly welcome this Jobbik proposal.

    • Illuminati

      Fidesz-KDNP does not want to get their hands dirty.

    • Leto Muad’dib

      I don’t welcome this Jobbik proposal at all because it’s purely hot air, meant only to boost the waning popularity of Jobbik.

      • Pete H.

        So if Fidesz had proposed it, you’d be OK with it? (and clearly no one has an issue with the illegality of paedophilia.)

        • Bowen

          Pete H., of course Leto agrees with *everything* Fidesz proposes. Even if Orban put in the constitution that everyone called ‘Leto’ had to jump out of the nearest window. It’s in his contract.

          • wolfi

            Bowen, have you seen the movie “To be or not to be” wher Bronski (fake Adolf) orders the German pilots to jump off the plane – without parachutes of course ?

            Now we just have to wait for Orbán to give his orders …

        • Leto Muad’dib

          No, I wouldn’t be. But it’s not Fidesz which submitted the proposal and it’s not the proposal, per se, which I don’t agree with.

  • I’m just wondering if we should draw any conclusions from the fact that they didn’t include beastiality among the various proscribed perversions.

    • Illuminati

      The only conclusion I can draw from your statement is that the Jobbik probably took the time to Wikipedia LMBT before making their statement.

    • zeb

      Yeah, what exactly are “sexual deviations” and “disorders of sexual behaviour”?

    • Pete H.

      What happen’s at the neonazi Magyar Sziget, stays at Magyar Sziget. If they want to rocka with the racka, well it’s a beastly thing for them.

    • Leto Muad’dib

      Did they forget scatophilia, too?

  • Justsaying

    Men with a fetish for uniforms and black boots which are against homosexuals. Maybe this explains their behaviour: http://www.rochester.edu/news/show.php?id=4040

  • JD

    I’d like top know Jobbik’s opinion on the use of Gimp masks.

    Sexual deviation or just harmless fun at party conferences?

  • Boogie Bro

    …protecting “public morals and the mental health of the young generations”…
    Yay, november of ’38 here we go-go!
    Lets have a BLAST!

  • Bobby

    The day jobbik proposes an amendment banning street violence that so frequently gets initiated by their supporters then I might just buy their nonsensical propaganda about “public morals” and the “mental health of the young generations.”

  • wolfi

    Didn’t Jobbik also ask for the death penalty ?

    Why not combine the two initiatives:

    Death penalty for homosexuals – that would bring Hungary even closer to Iran, maybe cheaper oil would be the “fruit” of this …

    I can imagine those freaks like HHadmirer and leto getting a hardon at that thought …

    • Feher Gyorgy

      All the way back to the middle ages…
      It’s quite very interesting that this amendment comes from “the party with highest pornstar-per-politician ratio”.
      I guess Zoltán Kabai was the prototype of their radically patriotic Christian attitude.
      Once Jobbik has chased away all foreign investors with their crazy measures, their next amendment should be to transform Hungary into a Deep Throat theme park. A kinda 100 Made in Hungary Disney World, with slutty Maria Magdalena’s and pimpin’apostles.

      • wolfi

        Cicciolina and other famous Hungarian ex-pats have already asked to have their Hungarian citizenship back (in case they ever gave it up) and would be glad to take over the management of the new park.

        In case the Jobbik proposals are not accepted the Visconti triplets would be glad to open the gay annex to that park:
        Vigyázat! Adult content! Girls and leto might get a heart attack !

  • Bowen

    I expect Fidesz will implicitly tolerate this latest Jobbik nonsense.

    Well, until international and domestic pressure forces them to make some kind of feeble statement about Hungary being a pure, proud and strong Christian country, where mean are Real Men, women are Real Women and mangalica pigs are Real Mangalica Pigs. But nevertheless, a range of alternative lifestyles are to some extent accepted.

    • Leto Muad’dib

      @postcommie moron:

      How do you tolerate a law proposal submitted by an opposition party? By rejecting it? 😀 😀 😀

      • Vidra

        Why the smileys? Are you pleased with your own wit or is “postcommie moron” actually a come-on in gay FIDESZ speak?

        • Mr. Bowen

          I think Leto is flirting with me.

          Hey Leto, how about that drink tonight?

        • Leto Muad’dib

          @another postcommie moron:

          Why? Guess what.. I found this idiotic remark funny: “I expect Fidesz will implicitly tolerate this latest Jobbik nonsense. “

  • olga

    What exactly does “promoting homosexuality” mean?

    I can just see signs at the gay parade:

    ” Don’t get involved with women and avoid paying Spousal and child support if the relationship doesn’t work out”

    ” Become gay and you will never have to listen to a woman complain about leaving the toilet seat up”

    From MacLeans Magazine:

    One toke over the line

    Spokesman for Hungarian far-right party resigns after getting caught partying at Toronto’s gay pride parade

    by macleans.ca on Monday, March 22, 2010 2:07pm – 6 Comments

    “András Király, a spokesperson for Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party, resigned from his post last week after pictures showing him smoking pot and partying at Toronto’s gay pride parade surfaced online. A writer for the Képviselő Funky blog, which posted the pictures, contacted Király, who admitted attending the event, but insisted he’s not gay. As for the pot smoking, Király fessed up to enjoying a toke or two”

  • Aloof

    @ Olga April 12, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    That’s just great. Yo Andras, that’s like being a little bit pregnant.

    Hey let’s not leave the girls out of the fun:
    “I put the HO in HOMO”
    “Rock, paper,…scissors”
    ” Don’t wish your boyfriend could go down like me”
    “I’m the Pink Sheep of the family”

  • Fidel Funk

    I think its really sad that what was supposed to be some kind of news blog meant for (mostly) expats has become some strange playground for hungarians with little better to do than post quite bizarre views “the situation”…
    Does your advertisers know about this, Eric?

  • Focus on the bigger picture

    Folks, remember your level of intellect here. Some are flaunting it — to where?
    Leto – don’t ever, ever give up.

    • Illuminati

      Totally agree. If Leto would start a party, and I had to pick between Fidesz and Leto’s new party, let’s call it House Atreides Party, then I would vote for Leto. At least Leto stands up for what he believes in, not like the two faced Hyenas in the Fidesz starting from the PM, the moist ache all the way to Lazar tha Paprika producing mafioso.

      Leto for PM, 2050.

      • Illuminati


        Moist ache, should be mustache, silly spell checker on phone. And tha shoul be that, my fault.

        • Illuminati

          And shoul should be should. :p

        • JD

          I think “Moist ache” works much better and strangely appropriate for this article 🙂

  • spectator

    – F**cus, what on Earth would Leto be able to give up (ever, ever) at all, if you don’t mind to elaborate a bit, please?

    – Do we ever (ever, ever) getting some verification, exactly how many fathers had Jesus?

    – Obviously Mr.Mirkoczki gave up on the “mental health” of his generation, after all, he is a Jobbik MP…

    – Glad to hear, that besides sodomy,(zoophilia) necrophilia also an accepted form of sexual behavior to Mr.Mirkoczki, so there is still some hope 🙂

  • Viking

    Obviously the old fun “Jobbik” MPs have to publicly use a penis-pump in front of a map over Greater Hungary (or pre-Trianon), is still to be considered kosher…

    Does not “Jobbik” MPs seem a bit too concentrated on their and other people’s lower bodily parts?

  • I love Hungary

    Wow, if this law was passed, half of the Garda would be jailed.

    The other half would be missing their mates.

    Macho, Macho Man!
    I wanne be a Macho Man!

  • DoubleH63

    How nice too see all the J*w fags, fag-lovers gathering on one thread to discuss what this proposal is leaving out to promote as wrong to teach the people of Hungary (especially the children). Including Erik (American-Swedish – according to some a New York J*ew) stoking the fire. I think ‘sexual deviation’ includes pretty much everything.
    On top we got Bobby the ignorant fag, who is worried about street violence initiated by Jobbik (must be reading too much of TASZ propaganda [only in English], instead of the crime reports of the daily Hungarian papers.
    Next is the Mischling retired STASI agent (wolfi)’ who in his drunken mind thinks this proposal is about punishing homosexuals [in his defense he is not the only one] – no less with the death penalty!
    A bit later he comes back with his gay propaganda [Did your neighbor open a new barrel of wine for you half-J*w?] Showing to us his favorite “Hungarian” gay brothers with their metélt cocks.
    Then here comes spectator (the non-political DK [Demagóg Kommunisták] supporter, and for closing the Zsidó ‘I love Hungary’ Hungarian hater, lost in Switzerland fag, whos comment just means nothing.

  • DoubleH63

    Nice… I am in moderation again. I was careful to use tricks to hide trigger words, maybe Erik got around that. Oh, well we just have to see if it will appear about 10-24 hours later, or it will be gone like a couple of them before.

  • olga

    @ Double

    re: “How nice too see all the J*w fags, fag-lovers gathering on one thread to discuss what this proposal is leaving out to promote as wrong to teach the people of Hungary (especially the children). ” etc

    I guess I must belong to the “lovers” category since I don’t use the slur you use. How exactly does the parade “promote” anything other than tolerance which of course which must be one of the most offensive word to you in the English language.

    The US allows gay marriage in certain States and we have no problems with it, moreover the Toronto Gay Pride Parade has been around for approx. 30 years and I already mentioned our Chief of Police, the Mayor and many well know public figures attend and their presence was not interpreted as “promoting” anything but luckily we don’t have too many Doubles in our city or at least they are not vocal.

    BTW, thanks for that video link, I plan to bring home some CDs from BP and JA seems to really know her gypsy music so she will be a big help. I still have my Grandmother’s and Mother’s operetta CDs so I will now add some Hungarian gypsy music.

    Thanks to one of your postings a long time ago, I found out Kalman was J*ewish because despite listening to his music for the 20 years I lived with my family, they never pointed out his religion or any other famous Hungarian’s religion but I have managed to forgive them for my deprived childhood.

  • én

    how nice to see that while \Elle\ seems to have gone back to hell on her broomstick, we still have someone to spit venom and insult everyone else in the person of that lovely DoubleH(is that for Hülye?)63.
    how rejoycing! I was afraid that people might get to nice and polite all of a sudden…

  • Heydrich

    Finally a good idea by Jobbik.

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