April 16th, 2012

Court overturns police ban on Budapest gay pride march

A Budapest court on Friday annulled the police decision to ban a planned gay-pride march through Budapest on July 7, the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ) said.

On April 6, the Budapest Police Headquarters refused to grant permission for the Budapest Pride March organised by the Rainbow Mission Foundation.

The police argued it would be impossible to maintain the free flow of traffic along alternative routes to the planned march, which traditionally starts out from the City Park, proceeds along Andrassy Street and ends up at Alkotmany Street leading to Parliament.

On April 9th, with the legal assistance of TASZ, the March’s challenged the police decision at the Municipal Court. 

The court ruled that the march, expected to be attended by 1,500 people, can be held on the specified route and the police had no legal foundation on which to ban it. 

TASZ said the police had failed to prove that an alternative route for traffic would not suffice.   

Amnesty International welcomed the court’s decision on Friday. In a statement sent to MTI, AI Hungary director Orsolya Jeney said the decision confirmed all Hungarians’ right to the freedom of assembly as well as signalling a victory for the LMBT community. After this, police will be expected to ensure that the participants can freely practice their rights and they are protected from harassment and violence by groups that oppose the march, the AI added. 

Police also tried to block the march from taking place last year. On that occasion, too, the municipal court overruled the police ban.

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  • Sure

    So Everybody’s happy now. The government has taken an anti-gay/lesbian stance for all the voters to see and the Gay/lesbian community gets its march. The only way it could have been better would have been for Viktor to control the courts so the issue would have been bounced to the EU which would, of course, supported the marchers and Viktor could have blamed it on the EU.

    Everyday, it seems the country sinks a little deeper.

    • Leto مؤدّب

      The law has to be changed in order to deal with this problem.

  • Viking

    This is the 2nd year the Budapest Police got snubbed by the Court on the exact same matter
    Time for the Budapest Chief of Police to resign, he can obviously teach his Officers that the Court is the Law, not the Police

  • olga

    @ Leto

    If you can get beyong the gay issues, (try, you can do it!) you would realize that this is a plus for the FIDESZ gov’t and Democracy

    Someone just wrote: “The government has taken an anti-gay/lesbian stance for all the voters to see and the Gay/lesbian community gets its march. ”

    That’s right – the gov’t is against the march but the court is independent unlike in a “Dictatorship”, a word that’s thrown around so freely around here

    What is puzzling in a Democracy is the mandatory attendence for every man woman and child at the Budapest gay parade – Must be mandatory otherwise those who are offended would simply stay away and forcing poor Double to fly across the pond and be part of the parade or lose his Hungarian citizenship is simply grossly unfair.

    • Leto مؤدّب


      I understand your point about government vs. courts and I happen to agree with it. 🙂 (That was my “getting beyond the gay issues”.)
      What I strongly don’t agree with is making a particular type of sexual perversion into a focal point of politics. And this parading is clearly about that yet again.

      • Jay Jonson


        • Tom


    • Amerian in Budapest


      You are clueless. Fidesz has not replaced the 250 judges yet.

      You place your ignorance on display every time you pen a comment.

      • justasking,


        “You are clueless. Fidesz has not replaced the 250 judges yet”

        Oh…so you’re suggesting, that the Judges who are in-place right now in Hungary, are all hand picked Socialist sympathizers and not independent?

  • Viking

    Leto مؤدّب says:
    April 16, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    The law has to be changed in order to deal with this problem

    a) *what* is the problem?
    That people takes to the street?
    I think we have a number of other demos to ban then also…

    2) *Which* law?
    The law that allows people to demonstrate?
    Would that mean we do not need to see a bunch of bused in retired people from the country-side, blocking our streets here in Budapest?

  • Kapuszta Killah

    My magyar Apa took a Russian bullett in his thigh in fifty six and lived as an exile, dying just before the changes.My Bacsi, his baty, was not so lucky and was executed by the commies under Rakosi for advancing the ideals of freedom of speech and assembly.Their only sister died being used as a human shield by the Nazis during the siege of Budapest.They sacrificed because they believed they loved their country and wanted democracy for every Magyar, not just those they agreed with.Hungary will eventually become a modern, forward thinking European country,but only when they have exhausted every other possibility.

    • Leto مؤدّب

      Hm… When would you consider Hungary “a modern, forward thinking European country” in the context of this particular news item?
      After holding the biggest fag rally in the world, with more pea-cock feathers and imitated copulation than ever, on Andrássy Avenue? 😀

      • JohnM

        Leto, Why do you hate gay people?

        • Mike John

          I bet Leto is so gay that he gets period pains. It’s a pity that his gayness gets in the way of his ability to think as a true Hungarian patriot — otherwise he would be really unstoppable.

        • Leto مؤدّب

          I actually hate those whose agenda is, to use my above wording, to make this a particular type of sexual perversion into a focal point of politics. These may or may not be homosexuals.

          • JohnM

            I see. Have you considered that homosexuality is not a choice, and given that, they have the same basic right to human dignity and respect that others of do? If you can assimilate this basic truth, regardless of whether or not you approve of their sexual orientation, and given the huge social or legal attacks they must endure, isn’t it warranted that they assert their self-worth? Their pride?

            The simple fact is this issue affects a substantial amount of people and discrimination against gay people make their lives for the worse. Surely then, it is only right and proper that it becomes a focal point of politics?

          • Leto مؤدّب

            I’m not interested in considering that and as long as you don’t make a political issue of your sexual habits, your sexual habits are your private matter. I hope I’ve made myself understood.

          • Pete H.

            Leto, you are obsessed with sexual habits. The march is not about the sex!! It’s about the rights of people who are treated unequally because of their sexual preference.

            It is people like you that have made homosexuality a political issue. Get it? Of course not.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            No, postcommie. It’s your lot which makes this particular sexual perversion, one of the several hundreds paraphilias, a political issue.

            Make sure you’ll wear those pea-cock feathers on the march. 😀

          • Tom

            Idiot. Love happens between the EARS, and homosexuality is an orientation. Bringing it down to the sexual act makes you look very silly indeed. Educate yourself beyond your ‘good book’.

      • Mike John

        Christian values… ROFL… Orban is the Hi-Ha-Haider of Hungary; Budapest the P0rn Capital of Europe; where the girls are so $lutty that when they have a new mini skirt, everyone compliment them with their new belt. Hallelujah, praise the Lord & pass the P0rn & B00ze 😉

      • Pete H.

        Leto you sound like a 12 year old boy. Nice job genius!

  • Jay Jonson

    boycott Hungary if the officials continue to violate human rights

    • Freedom

      I thought the EU and Communist mafia was already doing that? Your a little late to the party.

  • Freedom

    Maybe the courts will come to their senses and overturn the illegal, racist ban on the civil Hungarian Guard and their parades.

    Gays seem to have more rights than Hungarians in Hungary.

    • Tom

      The Hungarian Guard look like modern-day fascists to this Canadian. Prove me wrong – PLEASE DO THAT!

  • olga

    @ Obnoxious

    re; “You are clueless. Fidesz has not replaced the 250 judges yet. ”

    You must be on smack or have some other substance abuse problems because this is not the first time you responded to me with a total non-sequitur but just so you know, there is no correlation between the 250 judges and the gay parade although I suspect there maybe in your own screwed up mind.

    God knows there is no shortage of evidence with your plethora of despicable postings that something is amiss with your thinking process and I believe the only answer is to seek out the excellent medical help that only the US can provide.

  • JohnM

    @Freedom, “Gays seem to have more rights than Hungarians in Hungary.”

    Erm… gays *are* hungarians in Hungary…

    • Freedom

      What I meant is that people who are *gay* seem to have more rights then Hungarians in the general population.

      Honestly, I think if Magyar Garda became a gay rights organizations it would be impossible to ban the. LOL.

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