May 9th, 2012

Attacks on ethnic Hungarians equal to “holocaust,” says Jobbik MP at rally for man slain by Roma family

Members of Jobbik and several uniformed nationalist radical groups held a protest on Saturday against “gypsy crime” in the east Hungarian village of Berzék, where on April 21 a middle-aged local man was beaten to death by members of a Roma (Gypsy) family as he was having a drink in a local pub.

Supporters of Jobbik and three radical rightist paramilitary groups, the Hungarian National Guard (Magyar Nemzeti Gárda), the New Hungarian Guard (Új Magyar Gárda) and Őrsereg, gathered outside the mayor’s office to protest against what one of the Jobbik MP’s described as a “holocaust” aimed at ethnic Hungarians. The protesters also lit candles and laid wreaths on the grave of the victim László Nagy.

Among the speakers were three Jobbik MPs, Gergő Balla, Csaba Gyüre and Tamás Sneider. According to Sneider, some 1,500-2,000 Hungarians have been killed by Roma over the past 20 years. “What do you call this, if not a holocaust? This is also a holocaust,” he said.

Sneider went on to say it wasn’t Jobbik that was racist but the Hungarian state, which provides free medical checkups to 150,000 Roma instead of 150,000 sick non-Roma and funds 200,000 Roma children, while 200,000 disadvantaged non-Roma children get nothing.

Some local residents interviewed by portal said they have been living in fear since the incident, but others said tension between Roma and Hungarian had been practically non-existent before two “troublesome” Roma families, one of whose member committed the crime, moved into the village a few years ago.

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  • ricsi

    But there is no such thing as gypo crime 🙂

  • Freedom

    2,000 Hungarians butchered at the hands of the oppressive Gypsy people.

    • Pete H.

      First, as far as I know there are no statistics kept on the race of crime perps.

      Second given the average number of murders a year in Hungary over the past 20, if Jobbo’s stat is true than the vast majority of Hungarians murdered are murdered by Non-Roma hungarians. So by their logic a Hungarian holocaust is actually being staged by non-Roma Hungarians.

      Finally, Jobbo is exploiting a murder committed by a few bad Roma, to further their rascist agenda. That’s sick. They have done this repeatedly, with bad consequences.

      • Leto مؤدّب

        Such statistics makes sense only if one investigates in all the segments (Gypy vs. Gypsy, Gypy vs. non-Gypsy, non-Gypsy vs. non-Gypsy). The number of the incidents in these segments then must be contrasted with demographics data (ratio of Gypsy population)

  • justasking,

    This is the first I heard, that a man was killed. Shame on Jobbik, for grandstanding. They’re essentially, trying to pit one group of people against another.

    The locals even state…’tension between Roma and Hungarian had been practically non-existent before two “troublesome” Roma families, one of whose member committed the crime, moved into the village a few years ago’

    Here’s you answer…focus on the cause (those 2 families), deal with that and don’t try and promote an effect.

  • Big Fish

    A yearly average of nearly 200 murders is not inconsequential given the size of Hungary’s popn. Sounds like an epidemic requiring a proactive approach to stem this horrendous violence.

    • justasking,


      ‘Sounds like an epidemic requiring a proactive approach to stem this horrendous violence

      What do you suggest?

      • Big Fish

        Stronger policing, proactively enforce rules/laws, eradicate petty crimes (i.e. littering, peddling, graffiti). Worked in NYC under mayor Guiliani in 1980’s.

        • justasking,

          @Big Fish,

          But first, they would have to completely overhaul the present program that is used to screen and train police.

          • Big Fish

            Didn’t do that in NYC. We had the same police, structure and training. It worked just fine.

          • justasking,


            That’s probably because there is already solid structure and training from the NYPD, only needed a bit of tweaking…not so in Hungary.

            It needs to be stripped down to the bare bones and reinvented if you will.

  • Frankly Franklin

    I think that it is a testament to the kindness of the Hungarian people that these two families, after this incident, did not face retribution in kind. If someone killed a member of my family, and justice was slow, I would be less forgiving. I don’t care what race they were. Nothing is more colorblind than unfettered rage.

    • justasking,


      From your lips, to God’s ears….

    • Anonymous

      I’d hate to think what you’d do if someone rounded up your family & gassed or burned them in ovens.

      • justasking,


        ‘I’d hate to think what you’d do if someone rounded up your family & gassed or burned them in ovens.

        I don’t know…show up with Bar-b-Que sauce?


  • Freedom

    Funny is it not, when 2,000 Hungarians are murdered, and justice is slow the fine folks here attack Jobbik for bringing the issue up, however have 1 Gypsy killed and the civil rights organizations and mass media situated in/out of Hungary come bearing down on Hungarians claiming far right hatred even if that Hungarian who did the crime is not traditionally associated with far-right.

    I think we need a new term, this way not to identify all Gypsies as taking part in this genocide; the term needs to have a meaning similar to the way people perceive Hungarian vs Roma crimes, something like “Gypsy bigots”, “Gypsy Supremacist, Gypsy far-right”, etc. Obviously people won’t take or don’t like taking notice to the facts that an anti-Hungarian wave has been raging across Hungary committed by Gypsies that is purely out of hate and profiling, they see Hungarians as weaker victims and easy targets.

    I propose setting up the anti-hate coalition to fight anti-Hungarian bias that is prevalen among Gypsies.

    • Big Fish

      That’s a start.

    • Curious George

      I propose setting up the anti-hate coalition to fight anti-Hungarian bias that is prevalen among Gypsies.
      Freedom(???) says May 10, 2012 at 6:33 am

      I’m impressed! How does one fight bias (in general)? I’m just curious.

      • Leto

        You ask Chuck Norris and his roundhouse kick will take care of bias.

  • procastinator

    I think the fine point you don’t really get is weather someone gets killed because of what they were born , or because of who they are as people .

    The civil rights organizations and bla bla bla come bearing down on Hungarians not because someone targeted a gypsy slime bag , but because he/she was targeted purely on the grounds of being a gypsy , might even be a great person.
    People get murdered every day everywhere , the question is was the Hungarian killed because he was Hungarian, or just because he got involved with the wrong kind of people , could be either I don’t know .

    and as for \ I propose setting up the anti-hate coalition to fight anti-Hungarian bias that is prevalen among Gypsies \

    Why would you not set up a anti-hate coalition to fight hate and bias among everyone in this country we all know how racists just about all Hungarians are weather they are gypsy’s Jews or just your everyday Gabor’s.

  • EgyUj

    Based on their actions, it seems to me that Jobbik is not pro-Hungarian, but simply anti-gypsy. They seem to use Hungarian needs as a platform to rouse people toward anti gypsy sentiment.

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t real problems in the gypsy community, but Jobbik’s failure to propose balanced solutions leaves them as a group that is simply “anti”. The world has enough complainers, we need problem solvers with integrity.

    AND – it’s beyond ridiculous to compare the situation to the Holocaust. If the gypsies possess dictatorial control over Hungary and systematically kill millions of non-gypsies, then Jobbik can draw the comparison.

  • DoubleH63


    “to rouse people toward anti gypsy sentiment”

    I don’t think much of that is needed in Hungary, people know about – and many unfortunately experience – the non-existent Gypsy crime.

    “failure to propose balanced solutions”

    Wrong. Jobbik has proposed solutions; even Githu Muigai (UN) thought they had some good ideas. [Must be another racist.]

    “it’s beyond ridiculous to compare the situation to the Holocaust”

    Nobody compared anything to “your Holocaust”, parasite. Maybe in your excitement to join the ‘League for the Different Culture Criminals’ crowd on this site, you failed to notice the small ‘h’ in the article [let alone in the Jobbik MPs speech.]

    • EgyUj

      Capitalization is not the issue – the term ‘holocaust’, whenever invoked in political spheres is always meant to draw on the horrors of the events of WWII. Either they used the term for hyperbole, which truly is ridiculous, or they actually believe a holocaust is being staged – in which case their ability to reason is compromised by understandable anger.

      It’s a good thing that Jobbik (or any group) is speaking out about gypsy crime. But their content and methods undermine anything they hope to achieve.

      Can you post a link to the Jobbik solutions you mentioned?

    • Anonymous

      Jobbik has proposed solutions; even Githu Muigai (UN) thought they had some good ideas.
      DoubleH63 says: May 11, 2012 at 2:27 am

      No. That is fermented BS. Diplomat Muigai neither praised nor criticized anyone, but said that one or two ideas already in the public domain could be explored. The Jobbo’s simply took credit for those (more plagiarism?). Muigai’s initial expressed much more concern about rising danger of the right wing activity in Hungary, also without mentioning any names.
      Let’s wait till his full report.

  • DoubleH63


    “But first, they would have to completely overhaul the present program that is used to screen and train police.”

    What do you mean by that?

    • justasking,


      ‘What do you mean by that?’

      Well, I can only comment about what I’ve seen, and obviously comparing it to where I come from…that, and a friend of mine once worked directly with the police in Hungary.

      1) Dump those putrid blue jumpsuits and retarded ‘hat’ for starters. How the Sam hell, anyone thought that the police would look professional in that fashion disaster, is beyond me.

      Design an outfit that draws attention, makes the police look, not necessarily intimidating; but, professional in appearance, stirs confidence in those who look upon them.

      Make the female officers either tie their hair back, or have short hair and a moderate amount of make-up. For the men, no beards. Not only are these potential safety issue, it makes them look professional, being neat in appearance.

      2) Screening: Contrary to what you may have heard or lead to believe; but, size DOES matter. I saw these scrawny, snot nosed kids, that had me thinking…’your gonna take down a 250 lb bank robber…how?

      I was waiting for a friend at an outdoor cafe last week.
      Looking around, láttam egy pár rendőrök….with her bleach blond hair hanging to her shoulders, make-up, that could have only been applied with a trowel, smoking a cigarette; was having the time of her life, judging by the ‘throw back the head laughter’ her partner with the 2 day old growth on his face was having.

      For a second there, I thought I was watching a commercial being filmed!

      Imagine my shock when I realized, that these individuals were not actors; but none other than tax-payed employees, who had sworn to ‘serve and protect’ the people of Hungary. Really? Thanks, but no thanks…I’d rather rely on myself.

      3) Community Training: Have these cops walking around the city, INTERACTING with people, make them approachable. Have them on bikes, on segways, on a bloody horse in the park (yes, our cops do all that, where I live).

      Are they in schools talking to kids about safety etc? Do they open up a local precinct, and have the public walk through it, give them a tour, explaining policies and procedures?

      Show them in a leadership role and not as the enemy. Have some lackey running around, trying to ticket people who have expired safety kits in their car!!! Seriously?

      I’m just saying, they seem to lack respect from the general population, and I don’t think some cops take the job as seriously as they should be…seems to me, they lack true leadership.

      Geez…what are the odds?

  • DoubleH63


    “because he got involved with the wrong kind of people”

    This just shows how much you know – again – about what happened, idiot.

    “might even be a great person”

    I found one again!

    • procastinator

      learn to read , and not only what you would like a text to say and not between the lines , just actually the text itself,
      might be a great person refers to any gypsy in existence, but then you and your ilk are 100 % certain that it is impossible that even 1 gypsy exists that is a great person.

      I also did say that I don’t know , so you writing
      ” This just shows how much you know – again – about what happened, idiot.”

      just shows that you cant actually read I might be an idiot but at least unlike you I am a literate one 🙂

  • olga

    @ JA

    I agree with your selection process but I aloso copied and pasted one small salient paragraph re our own police selection :

    “The candidate begins a 10-stage selection process. The process begins with a physical abilities test, a police analytical thinking inventory and a written essay. If the candidate is successful with the preceding three tests, a video simulation and a vision/hearing test will follow. The remaining stages consist of a blended interview including an essential competency interview, background investigation, psychological evaluation and a medical examination.”

    Our Chief of Police Bill Blair has won several awards for his recruitment strategies to hire visible minorities in our very diverse city – from a newspaper article:

    “While Blair has done battle with a scourge of guns and gangs by flooding the streets with hundreds of extra beat officers, he’s also made sure that his officers don’t just arrest bad guys but also forge connections with the law-abiding residents who live in high-crime neighbourhoods. At the same time, Blair has pushed hard to change the face of Toronto’s police force, recruiting hundreds of women and visible minorities…..” etc

    Hungary is not “diverse” so Magyarul it would mean making an effort to attract Roma candidates and place them in areas like Gyongyospata.

  • Weasel Watch

    It’s always the real losers who blame all of their problems on minorities.

  • Tomislav

    Its’ never their fault right? The body count begs to differ. Maybe the Hungarians should occupy that village.

  • Liz Aucoin

    Anyone who would actually beleive what Jobbik has to say about anyone is an outright idiot! They will play on any opportunity to stir hatred among the people, I guess they did not learn from when they were proven to be doing that when they claimed one jewish community was killing children for rituals. This was a proven lie! They take every opportunity to blame Gypsies for everything, but rarely is anything mentioned when Non-gypsies commit crimes. Why are so many Hungarians so brainwashed? Do you not learn anything from your past? Is it that terrible to develope you own oppinion on something? Or is that just the Hungarian way? Beleive everything that politicians say!

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