May 9th, 2012

“Oligarch” new buzzword of the Hungarian Internet

József Ángyán, the former Hungarian State Secretary in the Ministry of Rural Development, started his own fight against corruption. Ángyán resigned in January and since then he has been raising concern [hu] about the shady relations between the government and some Hungarian ‘oligarchs’ – Lajos Simicska and Zsolt Nyerges [en], who are often referred to as PM Viktor Orbán’s close allies and members of the highly influential business elite.

Mr. Ángyán is now struggling now to draw attention to the inconsistencies in state land lease tenders that show that certain influential people’s companies are having more auspicious positions. But it looks like it’s a sensitive issue, and he has to face retaliation of the powers others also had tried to call into account.

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  • TiborB

    Word “oligarch” is frequently used also in Slovakia in connection with few sponsors (shareholders 🙂 ) of SMER (Fico’s party).

    The big picture is very similar I believe. One strong party focused on poorer peoples (“Peoples of labor” as Fico used to say) pretending to be left-wing with strong financial backing by financial groups or individual oligarchs seeking for big contracts with a state.

    Though, in Hungary it is more about nationality then social problems I believe.

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