May 11th, 2012

Rogán to replace Lázár as Fidesz parliamentary leader in larger government shakeup

Current Fidesz parliamentary group leader János Lázár will take over as state secretary of the Prime Minister’s office and will be replaced as the head of ruling party’s caucus by Antal Rogán, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán revealed in a radio interview this morning. Meanwhile, Mihály Varga, who currently holds the role of “chief of staff” to Orbán, will replace Tamás Fellegi in leading the delicate negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and European Union over a new financial rescue package for the country.

It had been widely anticipated that Orbán would make several key changes to his team at the halfway point in his current term, and in making his announcement today he said there would be no further changes to the cabinet.

Orbán said that Rogán, who currently serves as both chairman of Parliament’s economic committee and mayor of Budapest’s District V, had the support of other party leaders.

Unlike Rogán, who can continue in his role as mayor while caucus leader, Lázár will have to step down as mayor of the Southeastern town of Hódmezővásárhely.

Orbán also said that in the future, three state secretaries would work in the Prime Minister’s Office: two focusing on legislative issues and the third handling communications for the PM.

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  • Aloof

    “Lázár will have to step down as mayor of the Southeastern town of Hódmezővásárhely.”

    Isn’t that nice. So whatever happened to all that nasty Vásárhely Erste Bank/ Lazar business? He played riverboat gambler and lost, pay up bud. On top that he he abused his office as head of Fidesz ruling party’s caucus to threaten Erste Bank. No conflicts of interest there being Mayor of Vásárhely and Ruling Party troll?

    It’s clear to see what Hungary is doing with banks (see transaction tax) on its way to nationalization of the economy. Better wake up Magyars…

  • Viking

    No, Fidesz is not nationalising banks, that would not give the money to the ‘correct people

    Look out for Granitank, it will get more and more lucrative Fidesz (read Hungarian) State contracts
    That is the way to siphon money into the pockets of the oligarchs, like Sándor Demján, one of Fidesz well-known Sugar Daddies, who build up his empire already under the Kadar-time, like many of Orban’s friends

    • Aloof

      Well, Granit Bank is the cornerstone of their nationalization plan, you know that. The Oligarchs already get all the top state contracts without any public bidding process at all. Throw in the flat tax and life is GOOD in Fidesz…

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