May 23rd, 2012

Romania denies railway permit for ethnic Hungarian author’s reburial

The Romanian government has denied permission for the remains of ethnic Hungarian Jozsef Nyiro to be taken from Hungary to Romania on a special train of pilgrimage, organisers told MTI on Tuesday, referring to information from Romanian state railways headquarters in Bucharest.

Organiser Oliver Frater said that all events around the late author’s planned re-burial in his native Odorheiu Secuiesc in central Romania involving railway services in the country will be cancelled.

He added that organisers were expecting “information through the usual diplomatic channels” from the Romanian government, and find a way to transport Nyiro’s remains to Romania.

The ashes of the author, who died in Madrid in 1953, have been brought to Hungary at the initiative of Hungary’s parliament.

Nyiro’s coffin is planned to be laid in state at Budapest’s National Cemetery on Wednesday, then to be taken to Romania – as originally planned, on a train of pilgrimage.

The re-burial ceremony is planned to take place in Odorheiu Secuiesc on May 27.

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  • Ionic

    –and find a way to transport Nyiro’s remains to Romania…

    send them by mail ?

    • Bowen

      Or just throw them into the Danube. They’ll find their way to the Romanian border eventually.

      • xanthia

        good idea :))

  • Democrat

    This is what happens when a government tries to tell the citizens of another country how to vote. If Orban had kept his nose out of the Romanian election this could have been avoided.

    • Ionic

      Levente Bunta, the mayor of Odorheiu Secuiesc (Székelyudvarhely) -who is from RMDSZ also refused to allow that the central square of the city to be used for the ceremony.

      There is conflict between Orban/Fidesz and the main ethnic party of the Hungarians (RMDSZ). Orban supports the new parties MPP, EMNP (Szasz, Tokes)

  • Aloof

    I’m just curious to see how this amusing scenario pans out. Romania by several accounts is checking all planes, trains, boats, horses and automobiles to prevent Nyiro from geeting into Romania. Anyone seen Kover today?

  • seinean

    @Aloof : the issue here is not with Nyiro being burried in Odorhei ( which , by the way , is not his native town ).

    They could have had a semi-private low key ceremony – maybe with some speaches about his poems and about how much he loved his Fatherland and there would had been no fuss about it.

    Kover wanted to get Nyiro’s remains in Odorhei “in style” in a “special” ornated carriage attached to a “special” train that was supposed to be guarded by mounted “huszárok” as it entered Székelyföld. It is to this kind of flashy display that the Romanian government said no.

  • Aloof

    Never said it was. It’s just more political friction being applied by the Fidesz regime because their flavor lost in the Romania election. OV and Kover are just doing what they do best, being arrogant unsophisticated assholes. Has very little to do with Nyiro who is probably laughing harder than anyone else.

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