May 24th, 2012

Eger fires council official over anti-Semitic remarks

The city council of Eger (NE) has decided to dismiss from her post the head of the local council’s cultural committee, Mrs Laszlo Orosz, who was accused of involvement in racial discrimination targeting a Hungarian actor. The council acted on the advice of Laszlo Habis, the local mayor.

Orosz, a delegate of the ruling Fidesz party, will have her committee membership withdrawn, too.

In early May, Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor cancelled a planned visit to Eger after he listened to a tape recording which allegedly showed that actor Jozsef Szekhelyi had been prevented from appearing on stage in the city because he was Jewish.

According to earlier reports of online news portal, a recording made at the September 21 meeting of the Eger local council’s cultural and tourism committee included a remark according to which Szekhelyi had been called “a stinky Jew who belonged to the Alliance of Free Democrats” and therefore he was an unwelcome person in Eger.

According to the minutes of the meeting also acquired by, Orosz said that many local residents had criticised a planned performance by Szekhelyi. In reaction to this, the director of the organiser House of Arts asked another Fidesz-Christian Democrat representative, Antal Csakvari, to prepare a list of unwelcome performance artists in Eger, the portal said.

Habis has apologised to Szekhelyi in person and met the Israeli ambassador over the matter.

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  • ricsi

    Poor woman victimised for speaking the truth,why is Eger council running scared of some ambassador from occupied palestine?

  • Vidra

    She was speaking in her personal capacity as a Jobbik in Fidesz clothes, not toeing the party line, so I expect it was the Fidesz brass in Budapest that the council was scared of. We have a government that, on the face of it, doesn’t discriminate on the grounds of age, race, religion or sexual grounds, just according to income, and the pro-Israel lobby has a lot of rich friends.

  • Leto

    This was a very inappropriate measure. She should have been officially reprimanded at most.

    • Cnut

      Damn Fidesz and their inappropriate measures.

      • Leto

        Yes, unfortunately they are not perfect either and they make mistakes. Firing that council official, apologizing to Székhelyi and meet the Israeli ambassador over the matter were all mistakes.
        Generally they are doing a good job though and they are certainly the best by far in the Hungarian political arena.

  • Sidiot Avant

    I think the measure is appropriate and should have been carried out immediately. It is not acceptable to tolerate extremist racist views of any kind. @ricsi,leto, perhaps you think that the Hungarian actor in question should be made to wear a yellow star in the future? Sadly I thought the kind of repugnant antisemitic comments that can be found in this country were relegated to the darkest pages of history. It seems that the nationalistic element in Orbanistan are prepared to stoop to any depth or any measure in the “defence” of their beloved (father) land.

    Now I suppose I just sit back and wait to get told to fuck off back to wherever and more mud slinging.

    • Leto

      “perhaps you think that the Hungarian actor in question should be made to wear a yellow star in the future?”

      No, I don’t think that’s necessary. He’ll tell you right away he’s a J*w instead of saying good morning.
      When this despicable jerk Székhelyi desecrated Himnusz in a really vulgar way, his “apology” went like this: (FYI Himnusz may be the most esteemed Hungarian national symbol)

      “I’m a Hungarian strolling actor from Mondays to Fridays. I’m a J*w on Saturdays. A Sabbath kike. And I sleep up on Sundays. As far as Himnusz is concerned, I’m standing to a pale attention. I’ll stand like that on the Appelplatz, too.”

      The German word “Appelplatz” means “assembly square” and it’s a direct reference to Auswitz, that is to Székhelyi’s hysterical vision of his being deported to a concentration camp.


  • judas

    leto: the german word for assembly square is :

    Appelplatz??? Appelplatz means square of apples 🙂

    Appellplatz would be the right word but meaning :

    “roll call square”

    an assembly square is “Versammlungsplatz” in german

    I forgive you the misspelling of Auschwitz(

    • Leto

      You’re so damn clever, aren’t you?

      BTW, I took the spelling Appelplatz from the Sabbath kike’s letter (see given link), so please direct you complaints at him.
      As far as “Auswitz” goes… I don’t give a damn.

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