May 25th, 2012

US report hammers Hungary for Roma situation, far-right extremism; Ministry says discrimination non-existent

In its report on human rights practices of nearly 200 countries in 2011, the US Department of State has highlighted discrimination against the Roma minority and “violent right-wing extremism” as the biggest human rights problems in Hungary.

Concerning the situation of the Roma community, the report, released on Thursday, said that “discrimination against Roma exacerbated their already limited access to education, employment, health care, and social services” in 2011.

According to the report, expressions of far-right extremism have become more frequent, including “public campaigns by paramilitaries to intimidate and incite hatred against Roma and other minorities”.

On the subject of Hungary’s media legislation, the report said that “the government began implementing a new law that restricts media freedom by increasing government influence over the media in general”.

Hungary’s new constitution and cardinal laws passed last year “gave rise to concerns that the new legislation could undermine the country’s democratic institutions by removing key checks and balances”, the document said.

The report was also critical about police practices, such as using “excessive force against suspects, particularly Roma”, legislation which authors of the study saw as ones that “caused concerns over the broad powers of the media regulatory authority, which could encourage self-censorship”, as well as “government corruption; questionable layoffs of state media employees; societal violence against women and children; sexual harassment of women; anti-Semitism; trafficking in persons; and the adoption of laws that weakened the labor rights of civil servants”.

Hungary rejects several statements in the human rights chapter of the US Department of State’s country report for 2011 because there is no discrimination in Hungary against the Roma, Hungary’s state secretary for government communications told MTI by phone in New York late on Thursday.

Zoltan Kovacs said, however, that Hungary would respect conclusions of the report. He added that the Hungarian government had maintained continuous dialogue about the issues raised in the document.

“Our view is that there is no discrimination against the Roma in Hungary, Kovacs said.

The report quoted isolated negative examples, whereas the Hungarian government supports the social inclusion of the Roma with systematic and comprehensive programmes, for instance to promote employment for the community.

European justice commissioner Viviane Reding recently expressed her appreciation of Hungary which initated during its European Union presidency the coordination of Roma strategies by member countries, Kovacs said.

The Hungarian government protects minority rights and resolutely stands up against extremists, Kovacs said. He added that Hungary had amended regulations on hate speech and uniformed marches.

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  • el freako….

    “….because there is no discrimination in Hungary against the Roma….
    ….except that everybody hates them…

    “….no discrimination in Hungary….”

    Good one!

    “….no discrimination in Hungary….”

  • Aloof

    Before all you Hungarians out there get your panties up in a bunch just ignore this crap. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black not to mention the utter arrogant hypocrisy of this. Not a damn thing here that isn’t current and present in the US of A.

    This is just the current liberal globalist supranational US/EU pablum disguised as human rights while the elite backed rigged Banking system continues to hold sovereign nations of the world at ransom. That goes for Russia, China and India too because they’ve all bought in.

    Any politician that lets them get away with it deserves to be thrown out on the street and dragged too. There are many.

    Zoltan Kovacs said, however, that Hungary would respect conclusions of the report. What he meant was ignore as well he should.

  • oneill

    “Our view is that there is no discrimination against the Roma in Hungary, Kovacs said.”

    “The report quoted isolated negative examples…”

    Which means there is discrimination even if it is “isolated”?

  • Nem Nem Soha

    The Roma are Romainians and should go there.

    • Aloof

      God there is no shortage of flat out ignorant racist retards in this country.

    • Leto

      That’s not correct. There are loads of groups of Roma (Gypsies) and not all of them are “Rumanians”. These ones do speak some kind of Rumanian dialect indeed: oláhcigányok (vlašiko rom), árgyelán cigányok, lovari cigányok, beás cigányok, román cigányok (vatraš), čurari, čergar, džambaš, gurbet, khelderaš, košinčar, ticsán cigányok.

      One of the biggest group in Hungary is “romungro”, whose other names are magyar cigányok, muzsikás cigányok (music players). and they speak only Hungarian these days. Their original language was “romani”, which is not related to Rumanian at all.

      For more info, see

      Glad to help you.

    • ugio

      Romanians and “roma” are 2 different people.

    • seinean

      @Igen Igen Mindig

      Nah ! They should all go to Rome. Then they should evolve into Romulans and come back to haunt you.

  • true democracy

    Americans should not talk. Look at their slavery from the past,and their ghettos that still exist today.

    Look at their prejudices that they are comitting in
    their darling second homeland of Israel.
    Check out the website
    ” If Americans”

  • Freedom

    The US, which discriminates against the white population through legislation and acceptance of cultural norms has no right to criticize other countries. They need to get their own priories right before they pass judgement against others on issues they don’t know what their talking about.

    As, Jobbik has rightly pointed out. Over 2,000 Hungarians have been killed by Roma in 20 years. Also, Roma gangs and organized crime terrorize people in countries like Bulgaria and Romania. This violence is almost entirely based on prejudice. Roma seek out non-Roma victims. Another thing is that when Hungary announce plans to integrate Roma some Roma complain that it will destroy their culture, etc. So, if you look at things in reality and not from far, far away and hearing things through anti-Hungarian, pro-Roma hate funded organizations you see that Roma are both accepters and promoters of racism.

  • Truth will set us free!

    Well stated Freedom!

  • ugio

    What about the usa and their terrible history of Racism? The USA was built on slavery, ethnic cleansing of native Americans, Jim crow laws. They have no right to talk.

    • judas


      correct what you said about Us history,but..
      they overcame it,developped ,moved on a different level
      of consciousness and yes they may have to move again
      forward ,into a more integral worldview taking into account the lower levels of consciousness in other countries.
      But the point is they are moving and devlopping with
      all hick-ups that come with it.

      Whereas you guys are stuck ……

  • Chris Szabo

    Funny, the USA preaching to the converted. Is this the same country that invaded Iraq when there was no UN resolution and no threat to the US? Is this the country that conducts illegal drone strikes and has killed hundreds of civilians in Pakistan and Yemen? Is this the country that runs Guantanamo Bay?
    The Hungarian government are fools not to “express friendly concern” over at least the above!

  • Liz Aucoin

    I am so sick and tired of stupid people who don’t have the slightest clue! Also the idiots who sit there and insist on defending Hungary! I live in Canada but my fathers side of the family is from there, we are ROMA I lived there during the communist era, I can tell you with full confidence that I would not want to be there now, family is being harrassed and tormented regularily. We are a working family not one criminal either, yet because of our blood it is now all of a sudden a problem that we are cigany? It is pretty sad that my family is being exluded more now 20 years after the fall of communism than they ever were! This is because of the far right and the continuous propaganda inciting hatred toward Roma. Everyone is encouraged to hate Roma, there is also biased media reporting as well, they are sure to point out all “gypsy crime”, but are extra careful reporting White Hungarians who are committing crime, this is because they want people to see things their way! If this is not discrimination, I don’t know what is!

    • Cogito

      Liz, dear, let me share with you a secret: racism is not racist and bigotry is not bigoted. In other words, it strikes and possesses people regardless of race or nationality. So, while you are playing the victim here, you are one of the worst racists and bigots I have bothered to respond to around here.

      Let me remind you what you wrote on May 10, 2012, on the “Eubisiness” site:

      “there has been brainwashing going on in my home country of Hungary for as long as Hungary exists”

      “The views of Hungarians cannot be taken as the truth because they have been fed alot of bs propoganda since the day they were born. None of them seem to know the truth in History nor what is going on now. It is a real travesty”

      Very ‘enlightened’ comments, indeed.

      I understand that you live in Canada, and that you like it there now. Many people would. But simply living in Canada does not mean that you automatically became a better person. No, you remained what you are, what you were in Hungary: a bigoted racist.

      • Liz Aucoin

        you make no sense, because I am so extremely disappointed by the way things are going in Hungary, and I am disgusted with the racism that makes me racist? Because I live in Canada, I think I am better than others? No, living in Canada I have the freedom to express my views on hatred and not be arrested for it or beaten. I know what kind of treatment the Roma recieve, yes it has occurred for many years but does that mean it is ok? At some point, Hungary and Hungarians have to stop blaming their problems on minorities and look at what their hatred is doing to them. Defend as you will, but the statement I wrote before was simply an acknoledgement that people are influenced by their teachings. If you were raised to hate gypsies, you will blame the problems in society on them.

    • Leto

      “I live in Canada … we are ROMA”

      Do you keep slaves, too? 😉



      • Aloof

        Well apparently in Bosnia too but a couple of cherry picked examples can’t compare to Hungary’s record regarding slave labor. Don’t think we need to expand upon that do we? Besides Roma enslave their own to a much higher degree than foreigners. I’ve personally seen Hungarian construction firms use gypsies on construction contracts with no intention of ever paying them. Eastern and Southern Europe has a wide problem when it comes to sex trafficking too and it’s hardly just the Roma that are involved. Justasking likes to accuse me of cheap shots and being tacky, let’s see what she has to say about this.

        • Leto

          Sure, cherry-picked… 😀
          In case you didn’t know, slave keeping (“csicskáztatás”) is pretty much purely a Gypsy crime in Hungary.

          “Besides Roma enslave their own to a much higher degree than foreigners. ”

          Maybe in Canada. In Hungary non-Gypsy “csicskák” (slaves) are the preferred ones because Gypsy slaves simply don’t give enough prestige to the Gypsy slave masters.

          • Aloof

            Like who? Hungarian construction firms? How do square slavery is pretty much a gypsy crime and then say “csicskák” are preferred? Why? Do you have a couple?

          • Leto

            You absolutely don’t know what you’re talking about.
            A few links about the practice of “csicskáztatás”… from a left liberal weekly:




            “Why do mostly well-to-do ‘oláhcigányok’ (Rumanian speaking Gypsies) keep “csicska”-s whose numbers are seemingly increasing?


            If you don’t understand, and if you do want to understand (I’m not sure about that…), then Google Translate is your friend, I’m not going to translate more.

        • justasking,


          ‘Justasking likes to accuse me of cheap shots and being tacky’

          That’s because it’s true.

          ‘let’s see what she has to say about this’

          About what in particular? Your post, or you being the cheap-shot, tacky individual that you are?

          ‘Hungary’s record regarding slave labor. Don’t think we need to expand upon that do we?’

          Yeah, you do…cause I have never heard that one before. Oh, and please provide reliable, solid sources please.

          ‘Besides Roma enslave their own to a much higher degree than foreigners’

          Oho, what insight! That statement could be said about any nationality…it’s not exclusive to this community alone.

          ‘I’ve personally seen Hungarian construction firms use gypsies on construction contracts with no intention of ever paying them’

          What kind of people do you associate with? When you bragged the other day about how ‘rich’ you were, I assumed it was the old fashioned, honest way…obviously not.

          Like they say…if you lie with dogs, you get up with fleas.

          ‘Eastern and Southern Europe has a wide problem when it comes to sex trafficking too and it’s hardly just the Roma that are involved’

          I read a book a few months ago, about sex-trafficking in Eastern Europe…I think it was called ‘Saving Olga’.

          Anyhow, they were saying that the sex-trafficking industry, really exploded onto the scene in that part of the world, to accommodate the ‘needs’ of UN Peace Keepers and various other soldiers, who were stationed in Kosovo back in the 90’s.

          This is nothing new, during times of war, women and children are always exploited, violated. Which, when you think about it, says allot about our society…you men in particular.

          PS: You don’t have to throw out these little tidbits if you want to talk to me….simply address a post to me, it’s easier.

          • Aloof

            Good god… what drivel… you read a book…congratulations.

          • justasking,


            ‘you read a book…congratulations’

            You obviously don’t

      • Liz Aucoin

        No I do not, and you certainly cannot generalize all Roma to be like them. Yet again, more ignorant comments. Can we at all stick to the real issues at hand and stop with the petty bullshit! I get it! You disagree with me, but is it nessesary to carry on your hatred here? This is why I made my original statement, cause it is rediculous how you people defend your point of view. You do it by showing us how ignorant you really are, and you prove my point for me!

        • Leto

          The issues at hand I referred to in my post “May 29, 2012 at 7:46 pm” are real enough for sure.

          In fact they are so real that you apparently prefer to babble about your “family being harassed and tormented regularly in Hungary” instead. So tell me how you were harassed and tormented. Some specific details, please.

          And how about talking a bit about these very specific examples of torments suffered by these (mostly non-Gypsy*) “csicska”s who are often kept in chains? You know it’s a left liberal weekly (HVG) which writes that this kind of slave-keeping is quite wide-spread among “tehetősebb oláhcigányok”. So you cannot say this is some right-wing propaganda, can you?

          * because Gypsy slaves don’t provide enough prestige to those Gypsy slave masters

  • Speechless

    When are tou gonna shut down these crappy sites and abandon the Land of Milk and horrible vibrations…

    • Your worst nightmare

      That is actually not a bad idea. At the moment, the main significance of this site is that it provides a platform for free Hungarian bashing by a bunch of bigoted, paranoid, hatefilled racists and chauvinist Cro-Magnons.

  • judas

    The legendary Hungarian IQ is efficiently repressed by their lamentable EQ.
    – Zsuzsanna Ardó

  • olga

    @ judas

    I am pretty sure you are J..wish and you live in Hungary and I hope you never experienced the kind of anti-Semi. scum comments in real life that you have to endure reading on this website.

    having said that, I have a problem with a sentence that starts with : “The legendary Hungarian IQ …”

    Why is it wrong to be anti-S and anti-Roma but perfectly fine to criticize Hungarians in general and making sweeping statements about us?

    I never got the impression that JOBBIK speaks for Hungarians any more than David Duke speaks for Americans
    so let’s not generalize and bad mouth any race, religion or nationaility and if you are J. you of all people should understand that

  • Aloof

    justasking, says: May 29, 2012 at 10:59 pm

    Bzzzz… wrong again darlin’. Just finished up a great book by a Hungarian who nails the psyche of the country in my estimation dead on. It’s called a “A Book of Memories” by Peter Nadas. One of the best reads by anyone anywhere I’ve read in the last 30 years.

    I love the way he thinks: regarding a trip to New York, he found that to get a visa, he had to provide fingerprints and proof of his income for the last three months. “If my publisher hadn’t dealt with it, I wouldn’t go,” he remarked. “You have to protect yourself from terrorism. But I tried to live my life under the Communists without subjecting myself to state violation. I didn’t see the world until I was in my 30s because I wouldn’t accept the rules of the regime for travel. I would rather have isolation than be told what I can do by the state.” The USA is indeed turning into a liberal soft commie country.

    The failure of the ’56 revolution, he said, taught most Hungarians to feel powerless and also abandoned by the West, fostering a suspicion of foreigners that in the post-Communist era and thanks now to the splintering of European opinion over American relations, has bred a dangerous nationalism, which is obviously spreading throughout the former Soviet countries and elsewhere.
    Personal responsibility, which means confronting the consequences of one’s own compromised morality, is a recurrent theme in his writing about history and his literature.

    “Recently I got into a fight with a military historian who thinks Hungary was the victim, Germany the perpetrator during the war, it’s a beautiful story we tell ourselves, but Germany is unique in the world for having dealt head-on with the past and not just about the war.” “This confrontation,” he added, “is exactly what Hungarians, French, Dutch and Americans, among many others, have not done.”

    Reading his “Parallel Stories” next. He is a captivating writer.

  • judas

    olga hi,

    yes i am jewish and israeli . I lived for the past 6 years
    in Hungary and left january 2012.
    I left 1 yearly earlier than planned because of a foiled
    physical attack on my wife.
    My kids and wife were frightened.Simply that.
    During the six years i experienced personally a growing
    anti-semitic,anti-israel ,anti jewish atmosphere which
    manifested itself in letters,telephone calls and sms of the kind :”dirt jew go back to ausschwitz” and similar.
    I was present 2 years ago during a pessach seder in budapests 6th district when a stone flew thru the window
    and i was present when pig feet were placed in the
    “shoes at the banks of the Danube”.
    I had to answer questions from academics if it is true
    that israelis are building villages for jews near Budapest
    because situation is bad” to shimon peres famous slip:
    Israels are buying Manhattan,Budapest and poland.
    The question i had to answer : Ok ,so you jews are buying
    all these places but what comes now ?Do you occupy us?
    These questions came from educated people.I was flabbergasted.
    But worse of all : If one sees all the foreigner phobia,anti-roma and anti-jewish sentiments where is the
    prime Minister Victor Orban with clear cut statements of condemnation and a clear action plan to fight this.
    In germany they are clear cut.Hungary has still to come to grips with their historical responsibilities and in fact Hungary has to find its own identity and face its
    responsibilties. To blame always the others for each and eveything going wrong in Hungary is a recipe for disaster.
    Hungary had already its share of disasters.

    • justasking,

      Well, then it’s a good thing you have a country to go to for you to feel/be safe….it’s just pity, the Palestinians could say the same.

    • Leto

      “and i was present when pig feet were placed in the
      “shoes at the banks of the Danube”.”

      Oh..So you didn’t actually touch those pig feet yourself but you supervised their placement. Nice.

  • justasking,

    sorry, should read ***it’s just a pity….

  • judas

    i try this approach to try to get the discussion on a higher level:
    i made the observation that ,when it comes to the cause of human sufferings,liberals tend to believe in exterior
    causes(if you are poor it is because you are oppressed by society) whereas the typical conservative tends to blame
    internal factors (if you are poor it is because you are lazy).Thus the typical liberal recommends as remedy exterior social intervention:redistribute wealth,change social institutions so that they produces fairer outcomes,evenly slice the economic pie,aim for equality among all,etc.The typical conservative recommends interior
    solutions:instill family values,demand that individuals
    assume more responsibilties for themselves,tighten up slack moral standards(often by embracing traditional religious values,encourage work ethic,reward achievement etc.
    Both approaches are addressing only parts of the human
    consciousness matrix and thus are only part solutions.

    The traditional conservative ideology is rooted in a conventional,mythic-membership,sociocentric wave of development its values tend to be grounded in a mythic religious orientation (bible or thora for example).It usually emphasises family values and patriotismn.It is sociocentric and often etnocentric with tendency to patriachy and militarismn. This type of thinking dominated
    cultural consciousness from about 1000BC until the enlightenment in the west whereupon a fundamentally new average mode of consciousness emerged (postconvential,worldcentric,rational-egoic) bringing with it a new mode of political ideology : liberalismn.
    Liberealismn understood itself first and foremost as reaction to mythic-ethnocentric structures.
    Universal rights would fight slavery,democracy would fight monarchy,the autonomeous ego would fight herd mentality and science would fight myth.
    Now,had liberalismn been just that,it would have won the day(advance from ethnocentric to worldcentric thinking)
    But liberelasimn arose in a kind of”flatland”-only matter is real-scienticfic materialismn. The scientific achievements of the last centuries are mindboggling,steam engine,atomic bomb,genetics,robotics,nanotech etc.
    But what is missing is the necessary spiritual development of people alongside these tech achievements.
    (today it is possible that people on a lower level of consciousness get a nuclear bomb (which they could not devlop by themselves) or nanotechnolgy “gray goo” or a genetically engineered white plague and using it.
    What is needed is a new thinking in all aspects of human
    existence .An integrated aprroach to education,medicine,science,religion,ecology ,business and
    politics. There are first attemps to create such integrated systems.
    let us see if some of you are able to lift their consciousness to a higher level (the ones already there
    are being excused:):)

  • judas

    olga hi,
    sorry i forgot: The quote was made by Zsuzsanna Ardo.

    I think she knows a bit about Hungarians…:)

    Even though i agree with you …at least 70%

  • olga

    @ Judas

    I just read about your experience in Hungary and all I can say are the usual empty words – I feel awful for your family especially your kids who had a lesson in evil which no child should have.

    The following is off topic but the article was published yesterday and if you search for it in google, it ought to be of interest to many people on this website because of the following topics and people : Conservatives, Liberals, Obama, Romny I*srael, J*ews, Muslims, Mike Huckabee , Karl Rowe, James Carville, Donna Brazile, H*olocaust ; all the \goodies\ and buzz words that have been of interest around here found in one article.

    I am also copying 2 paragraphs out of context because they both came as a surprise to me – who knew? ( I think JA will now join the Liberals.)

    National Post
    Matt Gurney: Harper’s principled support of I*srael continues paying off
    May 30, 2012 – 11:26 AM ET | Last Updated: May 30, 2012 1:50 PM ET

    \ And as an American politician, what astonished me was that for the first time, the I*sraelis I spoke to considered the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, a much better friend and ally to them than the American president.”

    \ Muslim voters far outnumber J*ews in Canada, and are much more likely to vote for the Liberals or NDP ( fyi note: NDP is Left of the Left) than they are Conservatives, no doubt for many of the reasons that J*ewish Canadians are likely to support the Tories.\

    Back to : \The legendary Hungarian IQ is efficiently repressed by their lamentable EQ. – Zsuzsanna Ardó \

    It’s a disgusting comment because there is no excuse for racism,insults and generalizing regardless of the target and/or the circumstances and serves no purpose other than perpetuating hate and resentment which according to you are not of short supply

  • judas

    olga hi,

    i read the article (matt Gurney).
    I am not well informed about jewish voting in canada.
    But only so much:
    1) The jewish vote outside israel differs often from
    israeli views for many reasons.
    2) Huckabees impressions of israel are somehow very far
    away from reality in Israel (concerning iran for example and other issues.He may have talked to politicians
    of a certain camp who pumped him up with certain
    “anxieties” allegedly prevailing in israels society.
    The majority of israelis listen to the comments of the
    specialists like( former mossad chief,former military intelligence chief,former and current chief of staff,former air-force commander etc) who all warn politicians not to engage into military adventures with respect to iran. Econnomic pressure on iran,cyber-war and other methods plus iranian opposition do the job much more efficient.
    3)Obama for me and a lot of israelis is a great Us president ,he may have become though a bit early president.He is far ahead in his thinking and visions of
    the vast conservative(evangelical and jewish)vote and his
    problems to tackle the economical situation will cost him votes as well as his stand on same sex marriages.
    He is however a vision guy and a risk taker and this counts and is lacking in a lot of countries including israel.

    Concerning Z.Ardo statement: I will be honest with you.
    I found in my 6 years in Hungary a lot of evidence of
    the essence of this sentence. This is my personal opnion
    and it may be painted by events,but then again i came to ungary with an absolute open minded perception. I left with Ardo’s statement.I wished it would have been different.

  • olga

    @ Judas

    re: “I am not well informed about jewish voting in canada.”

    Count me in – never gave it a thought any more than I concerned myself with how Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hidus etc vote nor do I obsess about what’s going on in I*srael , but I thought the article was interesting because it actually mentioned how J*ews and Muslims voted in our very “PC country”

    Like many other people on this website, I have a lot of sympathy for the Palestinians’ living conditions in I*srael but I hardly blame that on J*ews in general, I blame it on the I*sraeli gov’t.

    Moreover, I wonder if the same people who are so concerned with the problems in far away places, remain strangely silent on the current news about the mass murder and torture of children in Syria – I realize that one is an internal matter but for the dedicated “Human Rights Activist” on this website, that ought not matter.

    Interesting that: “Russia said the United Nations Security Council should not consider new measures to resolve the crisis in Syria and signaled it would block any effort to authorize military intervention in its Middle Eastern ally. ” – That would be the same Russia that JOBBIK aligns itself with these days. How nice.

    On another note. Keeping the idiom “walk a mile in my shoes” in mind, I would hope that if I went through what you went through, I would still rise above Ardo’s statement but thankfully I will never know for sure.

  • olga

    @ Judas

    I answered you and it may show up one day – I forgot the “star * ) when writing the “J” word :))

    You used it without the star so I assume your posting got held up as well. Or is it a giant conspiracy and it only applies to postings from Canada? :))

  • ˇOn the contrary, the factsˇ

    Anti-racism: punish the body for the reaction to illness. Totally makes sense.

  • judas


    i have no problems using the word jew and i wonder why
    this needs a star .(Stars we wore enough 🙂

    Concerning the palestian issue: I have stated on several occasions that the vast majority (left and right) longs for a solution and for most (including politicians) the
    2 state solution has been worked out on papers including
    (refugees issue,borders,status of jerusalem,water issues,
    security arrangements,work related issues,social insurance
    etc etc.)

    The issue today is not what will happen and how will the
    end agreement will look like. The issue is today is a typical middle-east issue:

    a) Israels current government does not see the urgency
    to move in the midst of the “huge” changes ocuuring
    in the ME( egypt,libyia,Tunesia,Syria,iraq and soon saudi ariabia,quatar,bahrain,jordan ,lebanon and most probably Iran.The palestians are currently in nobodys
    eye-sight.There are those who say that is exactly the right time to come to an agreement with palestians (i agree with this) and those who say wrong time and in addition “No partner” (does abu mazen speak for all palestians including gaza or only west bank?Currently
    hamas is a kind of second palestinian entity and does not recognize Abu Mazen. In the midst of the ME changes the support for Hamas (syria ,iran and weapons from Libyia via egypt and the sinai peninsula into Gaza is fading and it seems too that Abu mazen is waiting to see what happens there to regain control over gaza and then start
    Talking to Israel.) All in All a very complicated,fuid and explosive situation . So politicians in these situations play “wait and see”.
    By the way if one goes today to Ramallah for example (i did so) you will be surprised to see how businesses are thriving,night -life is extremely hot(kind of Beirut and much more liveley than jerusalem for example)
    Gaza strip on the other hand is in deep trouble and this may bring a swing away from hamss too.)

    So in short : I read all the quick responses like: “What do you do to the poor palestians” etc. I advise everybody
    to get a bit more infos on real siruation and yes i would
    see like to see the same people write about syria,iraq,
    afghanistan,sudan,jemen ,libyia etc were hundreds of people die very day over a long period (syria alone nearly
    10000 people until today ) I guess those countries need
    a jewish leadership in order to attract attention in this


  • DoubleH63

    @30 pieces of silver

    “i have no problems using the word je8w and i wonder why
    this needs a star”

    Fuck, you are even privileged in this one! For us mortals, using that word without tricks sends our comments into moderation zone automatically.

    “I guess those countries need a je*ish leadership”

    Shit! Not enough that you colonized Palestine, buying up Manhattan, Poland, Hungary; now you want all those other countries too? Nothing is ever enough for you, eh?

    • , justasking


      ‘Not enough that you colonized Palestine’

      Hey, apparently they have a ‘booming nightlife’…one that rivals the ones in Beirut. If that’s the case, how bad can it really be? 😀

  • DoubleH63


    “I am pretty sure you are J..wish and you live in Hungary”

    Good God! The resident bobbysoxer of the site strikes again.
    Didn’t your crystal ball get the hint from his post: “to arrest the culprits” on the other thread that he is very far away from Hungary and has no clue of the daily happenings?
    (Then your newest friend whines a bit more about OV not coming out to condemn the “paint job” on the chosen ones memorial.)
    [Notice that he was not whining about the same thing when the ‘metszett’ D. P. poured red paint all over the Horthy statue.]
    [Also notice that Martonyi Foreign Minister/ex-commie agent had to make a statement on behalf of the Foreign Ministry as soon as those pigfeets were hung on the Wallenberg statue but no problem with the red paint on the Horthy statue.]
    Eh, I am just too tired to list the rest of the shit this ’Nationalist’ government does for the tribe and against Hungary and Hungarians.

  • DoubleH63


    Unfortunately you found me in a bad mood again, after reading the Magyar Nemzet (government supporting paper) headline: Van aki nem akar ünnepelni /There are those who don’t want to celebrate.
    Most, mi a picsát kellene ünnepelni Június 4-én? / Now, what a fuck should we celebrate on June 4th?

  • Leto

    The official name is “a nemzeti összetartozás napja”. / “the day of our national unity”

    Hungary remembers, together with ethnic Hungarians living in the annexed territories, the huge tragedy our nation suffered 92 years ago on this day but this day is not meant to be yet another mourning day like October the 6th is. The idea is to try to put a positive twist on this awfully sad occasion by celebrating at least that borders spiritually cannot partion the nation.
    You know the half glass is either half empty or half full. You choose. I prefer it this way.

    • Aloof

      Trianon was indeed an injustice but the way Hungary goes about trying to perhaps revisit fixing that injustice prevents the likelihood of that ever happening.
      So accept this will be a perptual annual sad occasion until Hungary gets smarter, more diplomatic and clever. Acting like arrogant and provocative assholes about it sure isn’t going to fix it.

      I saw Mr. Moustache on TV last night a couple of times. He sure isn’t the answer.

  • olga

    @ Double

    It is devastating to learn that you are in a bad mood and under the circumstances , igazan nincs semmi reason to celebrate anything on this day, June the 4th. I strongly believe that the least your JOBBIK buddies could do is organize a unformed rally for you with the lovely KM singing to you instead of a dummy dressed as a MG

    Back to the Horthy statue – Peter Daniel was a lone nut case and once again I am quoting Vidra, a “publicity whore”. Horthy was one man and an important historical figure during a very dark period and today he has his admirers as well as his detractors; people are entitled to their opinion but poring paint over his statue should result in criminal charges and the appropriate sentence for vandalism.

    As far as : “Unknown individuals painted anti-Semitic slurs and threats on a landmark Jewish memorial on the banks of the Danube in Budapest’s District XIII ” is concerned. How cowardly to be anonymous and trying to get away with a crime, unlike that jerk lawyer who was willing to be charged and be held accountable. That monument was not about one person but about millions of J*ews including children who could be alive today but were innocently slaughtered because of their race. Probably carries the same charge of “vandalism” but this act incited present hatred against a group of people while the other should only have resulted in finding the culprit a despicable individual

    Oh shit,those bobby sox I am wearing cut off my circulation a bit so it took a fem minutes for the blood to get to my brain and remember something from approximately a year ago:

    It was you who had a very “creative interpretation” for a post written by the mentally deranged bitch Elle, who was willing to get rid of a monument in Karcag honouring fallen Hungarian solders with their names engraved on the front because they also had a few J*ewish victims names on the back.

  • olga

    @ Leto

    re: “Hungary remembers, together with ethnic Hungarians living in the annexed territories, the huge tragedy our nation suffered 92 years ago on this day”

    No Hungarian could argue with your assessment of Trianon and I am glad the FIDESZ government is highlighting the injustices against ethic Hungarians in their former lands. Besides a day of remembering, what they need is an improvement in their daily lives and not be treated like 2nd class citizens nor worry about their kids being at risk from skinheads.

    The countries that are highlighted on this website for making these people’s lives a misery are Romania and Slovakia and sadly, these countries’ governments have the power to enact legislation for improvement as well as cause more difficulties for them ie: citizenship and language rights

    You cannot deny that Nyiro’s birthplace is now Romania and whether he is a Saint or a Sinner, he was buried in Spain for approx. 60 years and without getting permission from the Romanian gov’t, there were plans to rebury his remains there.

    Would you not agree that in this particular case, it was not a wise move to get Romania’s back up over someone’s ashes when all the focus and skillful negotiations should be centered on the improving the daily lives of the living?

    • Leto


      The reburial was planned for more than a year… in agreement with Basescu’s government. One couldn’t foresee the sudden change in Rumanian politics, that is the rise of the chauvinistic (and postcommie) Social Democratic Party in April.
      It would be very unwise to yield to them in such issues.

      • seinean

        Leto:”The reburial was planned for more than a year… in agreement with Basescu’s government”

        Can you provide a source for this info ? Because I have serious doubts that it is true. In fact – if that would be true – it would be all over the pro governmental TVs and newspapers in Romania.

        “the rise of the chauvinistic (and postcommie) Social Democratic Party…”

        The PSD is postcommie but cannot be qualified as “chauvinistic”. It is proned to play tha nationalistic card but much less than FIDESZ- that’s for sure.

  • olga

    @ Leto

    re: “It would be very unwise to yield to them in such issues.” Couple of questions:

    1. How do you see this story ending positively for Hungary?

    2. Not that it really matters at this point but did Nyiro make it known that he would like to be buried in his birthplace knowing that sadly it was no longer part of Hungary?

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