May 30th, 2012

Fidesz MP increases pressure on government over controversial land tenders

Fidesz MP József Ángyán is asking the government to stop land hire tenders immediately and review the already closed ones after completing a report on the issue.

Ángyán, a member of Parliament’s agricultural committee, examined disputed tenders for the lease of arable state land in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county.
He ascertained who ordered the withdrawal of the first tender for land in the Bükk National Park, a tender on which an agreement had been reached with local farmers.

At the second tender, three bidders received 50% of the land, each getting the use of 400-500 hectares.

Ángyán pointed out that 150 of the 380 points in the evaluations of business plans were based on subjective criteria, creating an opportunity for tailor-made decisions.

In one case, almost identical business plans were valued at 120 and 60 points, where the loser is a local farmer and the winner was not previously engaged in agriculture. As the business plans are almost identical, a crime may have been committed, Ángyán added.

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  • ricsi

    An honest Fidesz MP daring to go up against VO and his cronies? Wonders never cease. Go for it Mr.Ángyán,though I think your future with Zsidesz will be severely curtailed.

    • Aloof

      With you on this one Ricsci. The Felcsut Land Lease Scandal is the most blatantly in your face openly public corruption scandal around. It’s a scam between OV and his pals that pays off handsomely for all involved. Farmers have nothing to do with it. The Angyan Plan was for all Hungarians and in the public interest. This is just greedy crony corruption at its worst.

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