June 6th, 2012

President sends two laws back to House for review; Justice Minister welcomes move

President Janos Ader has sent two laws back to parliament for review citing formal and procedural deficiencies, the president’s office told MTI on Tuesday.

One of the two laws passed last week was the amendment to the law on appropriation, which the president said parliament passed violating house rules.

The other vetoed law, the one on regulating ownership of sports facilities, was found to have so many incongruences and formal legal problems that it must be taken through debate in the house again, the office said in a statement.

Ader asked lawmakers to remedy the problems, the statement added.

Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics told public radio on Wednesday that he welcomed President Janos Ader’s decision to send back several laws to parliament for reconsideration, a step, he said, which reinforced the rule of law in Hungary.

In an interview to MR1 Kossuth Radio, Navracsics referred to Ader’s move to send back the law on expropriations and one on properties for the use of sports activity, which the president said were seriously incoherent and would require a complete reappraisal.

On the topic of the recent reorganisation of the prime minister’s office, Navracsics said coordination between the government and lawmakers would end up stronger. He said Viktor Orban, the premier, wanted to firm up the role of the PM’s office in policy delivery as the 2014 elections approach.

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  • Democrat

    “Justice Minister Tibor Navracsics told public radio on Wednesday that he welcomed President Janos Ader’s decision” What an idiot this man is. Instead of praising him he should be admitting the shame on the Government that they have once again broken the rules. One wonders what they got away with under Mr S.

  • Aloof

    Sounds like the man is responsibly doing his job to me. He’s a big step up from Schmitt.

    • Vidra

      My yellow dahlia would have been a step up from Schmitt. Fair play to Ader, though.

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