June 12th, 2012

Letter to the Economist

You might have chosen the wrong version of your article on Hungary (Sickness on the Danube, 9th June 2012, Budapest). We would like to offer you the right article based on solid data and hard facts. Hungary is one of the looming success stories of the emerging new European Rim called Central-Europe.

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  • This is pretty clever – not at all whiny; as one wag just mentioned to me, maybe this is a sign the government is getting something for all that expensive PR help. On the other hand, do “success stories” really “loom”?

    • sheesh

      yet another giveaway… cf Matolcsy and the Hungarian “fairy tale”

    • Vándorló

      Obviously they are not paying their consultants enough. Pretty much all the text contained therein is garbled Hunglish. Painful to read.

      • Koermendi

        Ach, it’s not THAT bad. And, as Ed’A writes, it IS clever.

    • Cicero

      This is NOT any worse than the inane, biased anti-Hungarian propaganda that you keep spewing out on this joke of a globalist corporate-media “news” website…

  • Bowen

    Hmmm. Quite. Only bad things ‘loom’, especially bad and threatening things lurking in the shadows.

    And how can Central Europe be a ‘European Rim’? It’s not on the outer edge of anything (the clue’s in ‘central’).

    • Cicero

      Wow…such a great display of erudition and knowledge there, from a pompous fifth-rate pseudointellectual!

      And please remind us once more, o great Anglo intellect – exactly which languages are YOU able to read, write or speak other than your native one?

      Come on, jerk – we’re waiting…

    • Cicero

      Oh wow – SUCH a great display of erudition and knowledge, from the in-house fifth-rate pompous pseudointellectual of “Politics.hu” (LOL what a pretentious name for a bullshit corporate-media website with a barely-disguised agenda!).

      And please remind us again, o great Anglo intellect – exactly which languages other than your native one are YOU able to read, write or speak in at even rudimentary level?

  • Paul

    Not the slightest idea why the original great article was deleted in no time though. A devastating review of Fidesz rule. A lousy answer without any substance to follow it up. As usual…in denial.

    • Cicero

      You’re a shit-eater, with a great ability to turn truth into shit!

  • Donian

    A bit of a partisan and selective response, me thinks. Should have been reviewed by a native speaker too.

    • Leto

      And do you think The Economist article is objective and comprehensive?

      • Bowen

        Probably a lot more than you are, Leto, or the MTI-written ‘news’ sources you look at.

        • Leto مؤدّب

          I didn’t doubt even for a split second that you would opine this The Economist article is the epitome of objectiveness, balanced views and factuality. 😀

          • Koermendi

            The ECONOMIST has a reputation to spoil if its advice leads its readers to lose money. I think of the ECONOMIST, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and the FINANCIAL TIMES as therefore likely much less biassed than might be any other news sources. All of them have a large incentive to Get Things Correct, with “correct”defined not ideologically but cash-in-hand-ically.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            This was a rather stupid argument. 😀
            Who do you think would sue, say, The Economist in 2015: “I read this opinion article on Hungary here and this is why I didn’t buy Hungarian bonds in 2012 when in fact that would have been an excellent investment. I claim 100 million USD in damages” 😀

            Face it, these journals are like other papers: they often represent particular interests, too. Including the “cash” bit.

      • Donian

        Well, Leto, I expressed no view on that. I implied that the reply didn’t address the criticisms raised and instead provided a blue-sky story.

  • TomTom

    We want Hungary to be as great as has ever been. We must retake our territory which the Great Powers have lost from us. We need blood and revenge. We will eliminate all the minorities from our Great Country. After it, we will take all the money from the foreign-owned companies because they are stealing our country. Finally, we will close the borders. If we disconnect all the relations from the outsiders (especially with the EU, we can produce an incredible economic development and our homeland will be the happiest country in the world because nobody will be unemployed.

    • Cicero

      Ha ha ha, very funny indeed! Why don’t you get the hell out of Hungary if it’s so bad, you worthless parasite? Oh yeah, that’s right – you’ve gotta suck as much blood as you can first!

  • Koermendi

    Well, Leto, the argument may have been stupid, but I never claimed to be clever!

    And of course perhaps you are correct — no one will fault THE ECONOMIST and its homologues for having been wrong.

    They might, however, have an interest in presenting information without a political “slant”. MIGHT, not “do”.

    When I choose my sources of information… I prefer financial-community journals / newspapers over factional journals / newspapers.

    But that’s just me!

    • Cicero

      Only a total fool would honestly consider Western capitalist mouthpieces like The Economist, WSJ, Financial Times etc. to be “objective”, “unslanted” or “non-ideological”. They are the masters of subverting truth, in line with the interests of the finance/corporate oligarchy which funds them (and of which they themselves are a part).

  • Andy

    What percentage of all European Rim jobs is Orban responsible for? Half? 75%?

    • Fleto

      66.6% and rising.

    • Cicero

      Hungarian Gorillaz make you suck dick, then swallow. But I guess you already knew that, “Andy”-boy…

  • Bob

    These “looming success stories of the emerging new European Rim” remind me of one of my favorite Orban jokes:

    Q: What did the doctor say to the midget?
    A: You’ll just have to be a little patient!

    • Cicero

      Hail the Hungarian Gorillaz, you pathetic sockpuppet!

  • Barney Bublé

    > employment rate among the population aged 15-64 years since the change of government, from Q2 2010 to the end of 2011 for which period comparative data are
    available, increased by 1.2 percentage points.

    Well, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.
    I doubt this statistic would look so rosy, if it factored in the people who have left the country looking for a job elsewhere.

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