June 18th, 2012

Analysis: Crisis-weary Hungarians lose faith in government

The deepening economic crisis is taking its toll on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government — two years after a landslide election victory his party’s support is crumbling and three-quarters of voters believe the country is on the wrong track.

Growing disillusionment can be felt across the central European nation, whose economy is sliding into recession again after a sharp downturn in 2009, with the rising living standards that Orban promised when his party won power failing to materialize.

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  • Andy

    Surely, Reuters means “three-quarters of post-commie bastards believe the country is on the wrong track.”

  • Paul

    Which is a lot isn’t it?

  • Man in the Box

    Hungary is a country with no future.
    A country with retarded,self-centered, corrupted people, produces retarded, corrupted, self centered politicians, garbage-in, garbage-out.

    HAPPILY I AM ABOUT TO MOVE OUT OF THIS SHITHOLE.by the time I am having mojitos on a beach, Hungarians will be begging on their knees (the way it should be) for a a bailout or foreign invesors to come and solve their problems.

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      Get lost from here at last, sh**head.

      • FriendOfHungary

        Wash your mouth, cLETOris!!

      • Leopold

        @ Leto : Get back in your shithole and choke on your own fascist spit!

        • Leto. مؤدّب


          Get back in your rat hole and choke on your payot!

    • justasking


      ‘bailout or foreign invesors to come and solve their problems.

      Will that be before or after, the EU spontaneously com-busts??

    • amazed

      Dear Man in the Box,

      I am sorry you felt so confined, that box must be so worrying, but I’m so glad that you are now happy.

      Pray tell me as an astute foreign investor and/or dispenser of bail-outs, what made you choose to invest/dispense your millions in Hungary in the first place? And, why did you not choose to invest/dispense in your beloved home country? No doubt with your many talents you have made a killing here.

      Before leaving though, think about leaving in style. How about an ocean-going yacht? (Do you need a broker?). It would take you to that far away beach and you could have your mojitos on board.

  • Anti-globalist

    Just another pro-globalist main stream media source lying and bashing Hungary again. By reading this website for the last year, I have seen New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg etc all spreading misconceptions, half truths and blatant lies about Hungary. Connect the dots and you will see the larger picture…

    • sheesh

      Yeah, totally agree, just read Magyar Nemzet, Magyar Hírlap and Barikád if you want to know the truth.

      • Fidesz Brigad

        Please note that there are big dots, medium dots, little dots and micro dots. To experience the Hungarian fairy tale, you really need to focus on the micro dots. If you start to connect all the dots, you will just get a mess.

  • Friend Of Hungary

    I have connected the dots and realized that the bunch of Fidesz freaks are 1) completely out of their mind 2) driving this country to bankruptcy 3) lying even more than the socialists ever dared to do (and they gladly admitted that they lied day and night).
    From an anti-globalist point of view I have of course to applaud Fidesz’ efforts to stop hate against gypsi3s, j3ws and foreigners. Orban truly deserves a statue – right next to Horthy’s statue.

  • Observation

    So it seems that Viktor has over played his hand. Hungarians weary of the nearly constant whining and complaining and bickering and quarreling and propagandizing. I guess it just gets old to a large number of people which doesn’t include Viktor.

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