June 29th, 2012

Former Jobbik deputy chairman and MEP admits Jewish ancestry

A leader of Hungary’s anti-Semitic Jobbik party confessed to having Jewish origins, but Jewish leaders reacted to his statement dismissively.

“I learned not long ago that I had parents of Jewish origins,” Csanad Szegedi, a member of the European parliament and regional leader of Jobbik, said in an interview with the daily Barikad.

Members of Jobbik have used anti-Semitic rhetoric repeatedly in the past.

“Knowing who is a pure-race Hungarian is not what counts. The important thing is the way one behaves as a Hungarian,” he is quoted as saying.

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  • Viking

    “Knowing who is a pure-race Hungarian is not what counts. The important thing is the way one behaves as a Hungarian,”

    So even this ‘half-j*ew’ Csanad Szegedi, disagrees with ‘geza’:
    * Being an Hungarian, like Csanad Szegedi, Vona, ‘leto’, Liszt and Petöfi is a ‘make-up believe-thingie’, not a blood-thing

  • Cnut

    Look Géza, it isn’t a conspiracy – the Jews run everything – even Jobbik.

    • puppet master

      you’re god damned right we do, now go make a sammich and stop screwin around on the internet!!!

  • sheesh

    To quote a popular Hungarian saying: “The ice cream has just licked back.”

  • Sled

    This crap drives me crazy. “Jewish” refers to your religion not your ancestry. Anyone can become Jewish just like anyone can become say a citizen of Hungary….
    If your ancestry does not include anyone of Hungarian descent you will never be Hungarian…
    See the difference?

    • Swarm

      jew is a race, as well as a religion. Being biologically jewish doesn’t mean on necessarily follows the jewish religion, and following the jewish religion doesn’t always make one biologically jewish, but usually, the two go hand-in-hand. It’s clear in the case of Csanad Szegedi that he’s speaking in biological terms, hence the usage of the term “Jewish origins”, and later his statement “Knowing who is a pure-race Hungarian is not what counts… “.

      Funny enough, jews admit that there is a biological jewish race [1], yet they cry “anti-semitism!”, “Nazism!” and play the holocaust ™ trump card if one us gentiles says the same thing.

      DNA links prove Jews are a ‘race,’ says genetics experthttp://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/dna-links-prove-jews-are-a-race-says-genetics-expert-1.428664

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      “Anyone can become Jewish”

      That’s not true-

      “anyone can become say a citizen of Hungary”

      That’s true.

      “If your ancestry does not include anyone of Hungarian descent you will never be Hungarian”

      That’s not true again.

      Uh, you’re a damn confused person.

  • Blobby

    He must hate himself now?

  • Géza

    I can not trust even Jobbik anymore…..Okay guys you had your fun…. 🙂

    “Knowing who is a pure-race Hungarian is not what counts. The important thing is the way one behaves as a Hungarian,”

    If Csanád Szegedi would have that opinion before he found out his grandmother, from his mothers side, is jewish, I would have respected his view! But to have this opinion after you found out (and never before) his grandmother wasn’t etnical hungarian, is weak shot and nobody can take it serious.

    By the way, through his father he is etnic hungarian.. so at least I can sleep better knowing that ..

  • trollingforcolumbine

    you’re g*d damned right we do, now go make a sammich and stop screwin around on the internet!!!


  • Viking

    Well, this made big
    1st page on the online-version on the Swedish biggest printed newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, with this not so small article linked:

    which is a rewrite of Le Monde’s article:

  • ErnestPayne

    Delightful. I wonder what other organisations the “secret jewish conspiracy” has infiltrated.

  • Géza

    I have to make one thing clear about Jobbik. I don’t support them for more then one reason.

    But one of the most important ones is, that they (Vona) dwell with Islam and show they don’t know much about what Islam really is and what the goal of Islam is. There is no such thing as a moderate Islam.

    Islam is a political force that uses religion to moitivate it’s followers.

    Islam hate christendom and especially for who Jesus is in the Gospels.
    This is something Vona and his friends don’t understand at all or they don’t care and they are just blind for the danger.

    The people from moslim countries where Jobbik is in contact with, have their own agenda and will make use of Jobbik as they used the western liberals and socialist.
    One of the rules in Islam is, to deceive the unbeliever to get complete control at the end.

    I am not against the jewish people at all. I am against zionism (like many jewish people are against it) and liberalism, multi-culturalism, political correctness, to name a few.

    I am a nationalist, but I don’t believe in the “turanian religion” that Jobbik spreads.

    Just our independed sovereign hungarian state where (etnic hungarians and its historical minorities) can live with their own culture and make their own future, without being dictated by foreign powers. As I wish this for all people around the globe.

    I think the (in majority) homogeneous nation state is the best solution for a peacefull society.
    It has everything to do with human nature and not with racism in the real meaning of the word.

    • Curious George

      I have to make one thing clear about Jobbik,..
      Géza says: June 29, 2012 at 8:21 pm
      I have to make one thing clear about Geza. He’s fucking clueless most things in life. I come from a country which disproves everything he has written here about Islam, and almost everything else (& I’m not a Muslim).
      So long as there are neanderthals like him in Hungary, there will always be a place for people like me. Thanks Geza.

      • Leto. مؤدّب

        “there will always be a place for people like me”

        Nobody expects that black car.

        • Curious George

          I’m not nobody. With the right urambatyam, you can make that black car disappear. 😉

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            Will make absolutely sure this won’t happen in this particular case. Remember it’s not the computer software anymore I wrote but it’s me is doing the dispatching for those cars.
            And I’m relentless (unlike a computer program which might have mercy on you)

          • Curious George

            ..it’s not the computer software anymore I wrote but it’s me is doing the dispatching for those cars.

            What cars? I made them disappear, remember? Geez, you’re slow today.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            Nope, you’re the slow one since I’m sending them at a much faster rate than your voodoo magic can possibly work.

    • Ploe

      Such a pity that modern Hungarians worship King István, but have forgotten the words he wrote to his son: “Because guests who come from other countries and regions, bring different languages and cultures and good examples and weapons with them, and that beautifies the country (….). A country that only knows one language and one culture, is weak en vulnerable.

  • Proud Zsido

    \’The important thing is the way one behaves as a Hungarian,’ he is quoted as saying.\

    So when is Jobbik going to start behaving like decent Hungarians?

  • Stan Sikorski

    A few (thousands) of us aware Whites new this “news” over 6 months ago.

    • Puskas

      You new this news or you simply guessed this guess?!

  • I love Hungary

    One could also say “It doesn’t matter if you are Jewish, if you behave like a NAZI, then you’ll endure the same fate”.

  • Ma Jar

    Good he is partly Jewish because he’ll be working for a better Hungary!

  • Californicus

    “The important thing is the way one behaves as a Hungarian”

    I have to ask, does that include behaving like an anti-Semitic jerk?

  • Grimm

    ummmm…….. No such thing as “jewish” ancestry in a direct sense. Jewish is a religion, HEBREW is the bloodline, and Zionist is the political affiliation. He may have had ancestors who prescribed the jewish faith, but to call that Jewish Ancestry is basing your genes on what people THOUGHT and BELIEVED, not the actual blood or genes.

    • bob

      Hebrew [ˈhiːbruː]
      1. (Linguistics / Languages) the ancient language of the Hebrews, revived as the official language of Israel. It belongs to the Canaanitic branch of the Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages
      2. (Historical Terms) a member of an ancient Semitic people claiming descent from Abraham; an Israelite
      3. Archaic or offensive a Jew
      1. (Social Science / Peoples) (Linguistics / Languages) of or relating to the Hebrews or their language
      2. Archaic or offensive Jewish

    • Géza

      true, most people who profess the jewish faith or political religion of zionism are not hebrews genetically in the first place. Those are mostly converted Eastern Europians.

  • procastinator

    “The important thing is the way one behaves as a Hungarian”

    Amazing how the song changes , when you find out you are what you despise . I wonder how long he will last in Jobbik

  • Anonymous

    My feelings about Csanad is that he is Hungarian. He is at least 75% ethnic-Hungarian, 25% Jewish. At that percentage a person who appears and acts Hungarian should be considered Hungarian if they feel in their hearts that they’re Hungarian and can prove that they’re at least 75% ethnic-Hungarian.

    Csanad may be part Jewish, but he has remained loyal to his Hungarian roots. To me that is more important, because there exist a small number of full blooded Hungarian who’re more of an obstacle to the existence of the Hungarian people then people like Szegedi.

  • judgement day

    XXIV. Nor Jew or Ismaelite, can hold a public position (job). The Nobles of the Chamber, those working with monies, tax collectors and toll-keepers may only be Hungarian noblemen.

  • Hello

    Not really. Your parents could be immigrants and you were born and grew up in Hungary and feel Hungarian. Maybe you even managed to get Hungarian citizenship. All those things make you Hungarian too.

  • Hello

    The above was in response to Sled’s claim “If your ancestry does not include anyone of Hungarian descent you will never be Hungarian… See the difference?” above, but for some reason it didn’t come out like that.

  • Big Fish

    Some of the world’s worst anti-semites are jewish.

    • Freedom

      Truth betold.

      Jews are the worst anti-semites. How can they not be when they’re promoting the neverending belief that they’re victims of anti-semitism, or when they treat Arabs bad, or the fact many Jews oppose Israel more then anyone else.

      Jews like to bring attention away to this fact. Creating fabricated enemies like portraying Jobbik who has actually never had a policy regarding Jews as Anti-semitic is meant to get attention away from Jews who’re anti-jewish. If Jews didn’t have a continued external enemy Jews would be backstabbing eachother for money and such things, which is why the Jewish eleite needs to find a new enemy

  • andy

    Ha,ha,ha .. magyar politicias are even bigger morons then ours – in Slovakia. So the biggetst nazi Jobbik Szegedi is half Jews :):):):) And what about Gábor Zázrivec (aka Vona) which is pure slavic – slovak surname? That jobbik is just bunch of morons…

  • ricsi

    Even Hitlers German armed forces had over 100,000 members with part jew background (some very high ranking)-they put Germany first just as Szegedi pits Hungary first and they were never persecuted by the NSDAP.
    As for this bullshit about a ‘secret muslim agenda’,here I agree with Curious (!!),the real agenda is created by those bleeding heart euro-liberals with full jew support.

  • judas

    XI see a lot of confusion going around .what is judaismn?
    Who is jewish?can you become jewish?
    What is zionidmn?etc.



    • ricsi

      A sad arse writing with bad spelling in capitals-you are one sicko lost juden boy judas.

  • judas

    thanks ricsi ,you make my point.
    yes jude,sick no, lost no and spelling: ok ,i admit
    not top notch,but then why you move from issue to spelling? Nothing of value to say i guess.Stay that way!

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