July 8th, 2012

Gay pride parade held in Budapest under heavy security

This year’s Gay Pride parade ended near Parliament shortly after 6 pm local time on Saturday.

Organiser Szilvia Nagy told MTI that “there had never been so many participants” as this year. She added that they felt secure thanks to the police’s professional attitude to the event.

Budapest Police spokeswoman Katalin Fanni Horvath told MTI that “the marching event ended peacefully, without a need for police intervention”. She added, however, that police action was under way “in connection with another event”.

MTI’s on-site correspondent saw police detaining a man who was wearing a scarf with a swastika on it at the corner of Kossuth Square, after which a grapple began, with counter-demonstrators throwing tomatoes at the officers.

The counter-protest was attended by Gyorgy Gyula Zagyva, a deputy of the radical nationalist Jobbik party, who told police officers he was there as a private person.

The march had started amid heavy police presence in Budapest’s City Park on Saturday afternoon.

Participants gathered for the event in a police-enclosed area and warmed up to the march with speeches and music.

Sophie in’t Veld, vice-president of the LGBT group of the European Parliament, addressed participants and said that while up to half a million people attended Amsterdam’s pride march each year and the event was a popular celebration for the city, Budapest’s streets had to be cordoned off for the march. The MEP expressed hope that Budapest’s leaders would come to realise the importance of promoting Budapest as a tolerant city.

Ulrike Lunacek, Austrian member of the Green/Liberal group of the EP, said in her address that not only gays, bisexuals or transgender people were discriminated against and insisted that the fight must continue until equal chances are ensured to all groups of society.

The marchers walked across the city along Andrassy Boulevard, all side streets of which had been cordoned off by the police.

Participants included several deputies of the opposition Socialist and LMP parties.

US Ambassador to Hungary Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis and several staff members of the embassy attended the event to express support for the LGBT community.

In a statement issued after the march, the embassy noted that US President Barack Obama had declared June Pride Month in an effort to call public attention to the gay community’s contribution to achivements of the nation.

The statement also referred to the US embassy’s signing an earlier declaration together with 15 other foreign representations in Budapest, voicing support for the LGBT community’s EuroGames held in the city last week and for the week-long Pride Festival now under way – the climax of which has traditionally been the parade on Saturday afternoon.

From 2007 to 2009, extremists attempted to disturb the parade and attacked participants, the police and foreign visitors. The 2010 Gay Pride parade was free from any major incidents, but last year about 500 counter-demonstrators tried to break the police cordon, pelting bottles at the officers who used tear gas against them.

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  • freedom

    As a nationalist leaning person I have no problem with gay people being gay, but I am fully offended that these people dress the way they do and hold such a parade that in my opinion is offensive to the Hungarian people and mark of our heritage. Such a parade should only be held in Israel and America since that is where the current Homosexual mind-set sprung.

    It is disgusting to see 14 year old boys having to look at grown men wearing pink stockings, bearing their hairy chest, wearing lipstick and a wig to pretend to be something their not. Which is why I am glad the police barred people from getting too close to this kind of event this year.

    No doubt, someone in America and Isreal who are bent on destroying ancient principles and desecrating the Hungarian people is laughing at the gay Frankenstein they have unleashed on our ordinary and peaceful lives.

    • Bowen

      “grown men wearing pink stockings, bearing their hairy chest, wearing lipstick and a wig to pretend to be something their not…”

      Hmm. But you still had a good look at them didn’t you! Good luck with the self-denial!

  • Leto. مؤدّب

    This is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. Let these perverts, or their sponsors (like the US embassy) pay for their security.

    • Bowen

      Unlike the two entirely sensible and pure-of-mind ‘Peach Marches for Orban’s Ego’ this year, which of course, had absolutely no cost to the taxpayer, and absolutely no money was spent to bus in right-wing Polish lunatics or confused geriatrics from the countryside.

      • Leto. مؤدّب

        @rotten postcommie bastard:

        That taxpayers’ money was very well-spent. The 400,000-strong Peace March was a big help to the country when your overlords wanted to get rid of the lawfully elected prime minister of Hungary like they did in Italy and Greece.

        • Bowen

          The amount of money generated by tourism over the last week, with the Gay Pride and Euro Games events, was likely to be huge. You should be thankful of the extra income to the country.

          Instead, you should direct your anger at the sexually frustrated people like yourself, the people who instigate the violence against LGBT Pride Marches. They are the people who cause the security to be necessary, and therefore are responsible for the cost.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            This “extra tourism revenue” myth was never proved, still you, fag-friends keep telling it. However even if it was true then that doesn’t matter either. Chances are real gladiator games (to the death) would generate money, too. And that would be just as unwelcome.

    • Pete H.

      The money spent on security should be charged to the hate groups that threaten the pride marchers. Without the threat from these bigots security costs would be very low. Other pride marches in large cities in North America and parts of Europe do not require the levels of security I witnessed in Budapest last summer. Why? Because they don’t face the danger from the neanderthals who counter-protest the pride marchers.

      The threats are very real. Last summer I was trapped near my apartment by the Oktogon for several hours behind a police barricade with a large group of neonazis and hungarists. I overheard many of them talking about getting the gays and hurting them. They repeatedly charged the barricades trying to break through and get at the marchers whose route had been diverted to avoid the neonazis who had gathered at the Oktogon, a part of the original parade route. These lowlifes spent their time shouting obscenities aimed at the police and the pride marchers. They found it necessary to not only use derogatory terms for homosexuals, but also to use derogatory terms for J*ws aimed the the police. Some of them held posters with a pink triangle and a noose and the words “a new treatment for Gays”. Clearly a provocation to violence.

      Not only did I see members of groups such as the Blood and Honor Hungary, Betyársereg (Outlaws’ Army), Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom (64 Counties Youth Movement), but also a parliamentarian from Jobbik (mentioned in this post above) who was instructing the members of Hatvannégy. In addition, the video team from Kuruc was there, notably both the interviewer and camera man were wearing t-shirts honoring Hitler’s SS victories. These are the type of scum that make the expensive security a necessity.

      The real perverts of the human spirit a year ago and yesterday were these noenazis, not the pride marchers who are marching for recognition of their civil rights.

      • Leto. مؤدّب

        Then let these perverts parade in those large cities in North America and parts of Europe where security costs are low.

        • Pete H.

          The Hungarian gay community deserve the right to hold a march in Hungary. And not only are the violent counter-protesters to blame for the costs of securing this march, but so are people like you who tolerate this kind of bigotry.

          • Bowen

            Oh, poor Leto. It must be so hard for you, having to live in the 21st century in the EU. How you must wish it was 1938 again, or that you were living in Minsk.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            First of all, there was probably a lot of foreign, that is non-Hungarian perverts among these these marching fags. Secondly why would they deserve the right to march through the inner city of our capital on taxpayers’ money?

          • Ma Jar

            The Gay Pride parade is good for many municiple economies. The City of Toronto attracts over a million people from the U.S. and from all over Canada. Man, big bucks are made from this Gay Pride Week and people have a blast watching the revelers reveal themselves. So, security is not a problem for all are accomodated. It is not my cup of tea but they have to live now that they are on planet earth.

          • Pete H.

            It is the same right other groups have to march through Budapest.
            And when they had the anti-Euro march you praised above, were there not many foreigners present? The fact is that many more Hungarian gays would march if it were not for the fear they have of being recognized and having to suffer the consequences in a society that still is deeply discriminatory towards them. The hope of the marchers that they will raise awareness of presence of gays in Hungarian society so this discrimination will decline.

            And seriously the level of security would not be required if it were not for violent counter-protesters.

            Hey Leto who is this? And why is this conservative Hungarian relevant to this post? This is a picture of his bust at a Hungarian museum.


          • Leto. مؤدّب

            This level of security would not be required either if these perverts would march in a secluded industrial yard in District XXII. Actually that’s the solution to this problem.

          • Pete H.

            The point of a march is to be seen. If other marchers are allowed prominent parade routes, so should the pride marchers. The security costs of marching down Andrassy Utca would be nominal of not for violent counter-protesters who you seem to support in their bigotry. This nominal cost would more than covered by the additional tax revenue generated by the presence of the marchers.

            Here’s abetter idea, setup a portest area for the counter-demonstrators in a secluded industrial yard in District XXII while the pride marchers march down Andrassy. You can sell your counter-protesters buddies lemonade and make a few extra forints.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            There should be a per capita limit for covering the security costs of a march on Andrássy út. The perverts, or their supporters like you or the US embassy, should pay the extra costs.

          • Pete H.

            Your last suggestion is making violently oppressed minorities pay for their right to protest against their violent repression. As I have said before you have no sense of democratic principles.

            Under you logic the black civl right protester marchers in the 1960’s in the US, who were partly protesting their economic oppression, would have had to pay money they could not afford to protest the fact that they were poor because of oppression.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            No, my suggestion makes aggressively provoking groups pay for their right to provoke normal, healthy society. Don’t compare these exhibitionist sexual perverts to the black civil right protester marchers in the 1960′s in the US, right?

          • Pete H.

            These pride marchers are exactly like the civil rights protestors. They are marching for their civil rights. And I am quite certain if we went back in time and if we debating the civl rights rights movement you would be making derogatory comments about blacks provoking the white communities they were marching though.

            And most of the marchers are hardly aggressively provocative.


            The biggest provocation at last years march were the neonazi’s holding signs of pink triangles with nooses and wearing t-shirts praising the SS, shouting aggressive epithets against ays and j*ws.

            Where are your complaints about these truly aggressive provocateurs?

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            No, they are not. These marchers are exhibitionist perverts whose provocative marches cost a lot of unnecessary expenses to the taxpayers.

            “Where are your complaints about these truly aggressive provocateurs?”

            That they are lame.

          • Pete H.

            The vast majority of protestors are wearing street clothes. The few that are over the top are simply the ones you seem to preferentially notice.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            That’s what the news reports show (of course).

            BTW, would you be so supportive for the march of other perverts like scatophiles, too? 😉

          • Pete H.

            Homosexuality is not a perversion. Homosexual is simply engaging in the same types of acts of sexual intimacy that homosexuals do. It just happens to be with a same sex partner.

            The fact that you equate scatophilia with homosexuality just shows that you are both ignorant and immature in your understanding of human sexuality.

            Most of my male heterosexual friends and I have all engaged in both oral and anal sex with women. No different from homosexual men doing the same with each other. Because of how my brain is wired and how certain hormone receptors are distributed in my brain those acts feel good to me with a women, but not with a man. Because a homosexual male’s brian is wired differently then a heterosexuals and his hormones one receptors are distributed differently it feels good to him with another man.

            There is a strong biological basis for homosexuality. There is no such basis for scatophilia and pedophilia which have their origins in either childhood trauma or serious psychosis.

            The Biology of Homosexuality (Oxford Series in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology) [Hardcover]
            Jacques Balthazart PhD

            “In this fascinating book, Jacques Balthazart presents a simple description of the biological mechanisms that are involved in the determination of sexual orientation in animals and also presumably in humans. Using scientific studies published over the last few decades, he argues that sexual orientation, both homosexual and heterosexual, is under the control of embryonic endocrine and genetic phenomena in which there is little room for individual choice. The author begins with animal studies of the hormonal and neural mechanisms that control the so-called instinctive behaviors and analyzes how this animal work may potentially apply to humans. The book does not focus exclusively on homosexuality, however. Instead, the book acts as a broader guide to the biological basis of sexual orientation, and also discusses important gender differences that may influence sexual orientation. While firmly grounded in the scientific literature, this text is developed for a broader audience and will be of interest to psychologists, researchers, students, and anyone interested in the biological factors that determine our sexuality.”

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            Homosexuality is a perversion, it’s one of the paraphilias (despite being removed from this list for political reasons)


            Glad I could help you.

          • Curious George

            @Leto – Way to go, man – wiki to the rescue (with some self-interpretation)! I’m just curious what you would do if your child turned out to be gay. Sometime back, someone listed in my will, admitted to being gay.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            Yet another desperate attempt to turn this clearly political question into a personal one. 😀

          • justasking

            @Pete H,

            ‘Most of my male heterosexual friends and I have all engaged in…’

            Do you know what ‘discreet’ means…or what ‘too much information’ stands for? I didn’t think so.

            I’m all for using personal information as an example for making a point around here on this site, (Lord knows I do it all the time)throwing out provocative posts/statements for effect; but, hey…show some class.

          • Leto. مؤدّب


            “show some class”

            He’d think you talk about school (that’s the better case!) or he’d dismiss this reactionary, fascistoid talk.. 😀

  • Santino

    “It is not my cup of tea but they have to live now that they are on planet earth.”

    How magnanimous of you.

    The truth is many older Hungarians (and eastern Europeans in general) are backwards people. This is through little or no fault of there own. Geography and history have conspired against them. This ‘backwardsness’ combined with the current economic hardships felt by many of societies poorest and also the perceived changing demographics, manifests itself in many ways and extreme nationalist feeling is one of these manifestations.

    Good luck to any person/organisation working towards making these backwards societies more tolerant.

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      The truth is many older (and younger) Hungarians (and eastern Europeans in general) you call backwards people are the “forwards” one and the ones who promote these backwards things like these fag parades are the “backwards” ones.

      • Pete H.

        Here’s small list of the successful homosexuals who have, unlike you, led a successful and productive life.

        1. Tim Cook
        CEO, Apple, 51

        2. Ellen Degeneres
        Spokesperson/Talk-Show Host/Producer, 54

        3. Peter Thiel
        Venture Capitalist/Hedge Fund Manager, 44

        4. Ryan Murphy
        Writer/Director/Producer, 46

        5. Rachel Maddow
        TV Host/Political Commentator, 39

        6. Anderson Cooper
        Journalist/News Anchor/Talk-Show Host, 44

        7. Rich Ross
        Former Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios, 49

        8. Barry Diller
        Chairman, IAC, 70

        9. Shepard Smith
        News Anchor, 48

        10. Andy Cohen
        TV Personality/Impresario, 44

        11. Neil Patrick Harris
        Actor, 38

        12. Tammy Baldwin
        U.S. Representative, Wisconsin, 50

        David Cicilline
        U.S. Representative, Rhode Island, 50

        Jared Polis
        U.S. Representative, Colorado, 36

        13. Scott Rudin
        Film and Theater Producer, 53

        14. Marc Jacobs
        Fashion Designer, 49

        15. Harvey Levin
        TV Producer/TMZ Founder, 61

        16. Matt Drudge
        Blogger, 45

        17. Chris Hughes
        Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, The New Republic, 28

        18. Anthony Romero
        Executive Director, ACLU, 46

        19. David Geffen
        Media Mogul, 69

        20. Chad Griffin
        Incoming President, HRC, 38

        21. Barney Frank
        U.S. Representative, Masschusetts, 72

        22. Jann Wenner
        Publishing Magnate, 66

        23. Tim Gill
        Software Pioneer/Philanthropist, 58

        24. Christine Quinn
        New York City Council Speaker, 45

        25. Suze Orman
        Financial adviser/Talk-show host, 60

        26. Tom Ford
        Fashion Designer/Film Director, 50

        27. Ken Melhman
        Businessman, 45

        28. Andrew Sullivan
        Journalist/Blogger, 48

        29. Annise Parker
        Mayor of Houston

        30. Bryan Lourd & Kevin Huvane
        Managing Partners, CAA, 52 & 53

        31. Martha Nelson
        Editorial Director, Time Inc., 59

        32. Chuck Wolfe
        CEO, The Victory Fund, 50

        33. Mary Kay Henry
        International President, SEIU, 53

        34. Joe Solmonese
        Political Consultant, 47

        35. Jeremy Bernard
        White House Social Secretary, 50

        36. Nick Denton
        CEO, Gawker Media, 45

        37. Alan Ball
        Screenwriter/Producer/Director, 54

        38. Richard Berke
        Assistant Managing Editor, The New York Times, 53

        39. Perez Hilton
        Blogger/TV personality, 34

        40. Jess Cagle
        Managing Editor, Entertainment Weekly, 46

        Ariel Foxman
        Managing Editor, InStyle, 38

        Adam Moss
        Editor-in-chief, New York, 54

        41. Jenna Lyons
        President and Executive Creative Director, J. Crew, 44

        42. Adam Rose
        CoPresident, Rose Associates, Inc., 52

        43. Greg Berlanti
        TV Producer/Writer, 39

        44. Bryan Singer
        Director/Producer, 46

        45. Megan Smith
        Google Executive

        46. Simon Halls & Stephen Huvane
        Founders, Slate PR, 48, 51

        47. Jane Lynch

        48. Dan Savage
        Editor/Activist/TV Personality, 47

        49. Robert Hanson
        CEO, American Eagle Outfitters, 49

        50. Evan Wolfson
        Founder and President, Freedom to Marry, 55

        You ability to communicate on this forum using your computer is due to the ideas of a gay.

        Nothing backward about any of these people.

        Homosexuality is and has always been a normal part of the human condition.

        Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Sir Francis Bacon, Alexander von Humboldt, Alan Turing, etc., etc., etc,

        By recognizing is as such we allow the 10% of humanity who are gay to have the chance to reach their full potential without having to deal with the burden of bigotry.

        Successful and productive homosexuals are all around us. In Hungary they remain largely closeted because of fear of bigots like you.

        Not perverts but simply people whose sexual preference is different from your and mine. Why does that scare you?

        • Leto. مؤدّب

          So what? Did these perverts also march down on Andrássy út and the Hungarian taxpayers paid a lot for their protection so that they can do this?

          “Homosexuality is and has always been a normal part of the human condition. ”

          Surely not. That’s only the views of your kind. But never mind, this topic isn’t about this.

          • Bowen

            Pete H.

            I know you mean well. But I’m afraid listing all these notable names will simply confuse Leto. It’s a bit like telling a medieval peasant that the world is in fact not flat. At best, all you’ll achieve is to make them angry and have rocks thrown at you.

          • Pete H.

            Glad to see you went on the record as calling all these people who are far far far more successful then you could ever dram of being “perverts” You are such a sad little pathetic man.

            History’s judgement

            Lenoardo’s was a great man

            Leto’s judgment

            Leonardo was a pervert.

            History’s judgment

            Who’s Leto?

            Leto’s judgment.

            I’m not sure who I am, but I sure get all worked up about gays.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            What does their being successful have to do with their being pervert or not?

            Stay on-topic and don’t divert. The topic is that Budapest either should banish these provocative marches by these sexual perverts somewhere else from Andrássy úr or make them, and their sponsors, pay for the significantly increased security costs.

          • Pete H.

            Bowen, as always my interactions with Leto are not aimed at Leto, but to other readers who may be on the fence about issues and may be mislead by the nonsense he spouts. I have no illusions whatsoever that Leto can be persuaded to let go of any of his bigotry.

            One of the truths about bigotry is that it declines when people are exposed to people they formally had prejudices against. Working amount openly gay coworkers make it less likely that you will be homophobic. Having black neighbors and coworkers makes it less likely that you will be racist. Being aware that homosexuality is common in successful people can make a lot of people rethink their assumptions that homosexuality is about the nonsense that people like Leto spout on this forum.

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            Hm, actually this is about the very same reason why I care to respond to the pro-fag bigotry H. Pete spews here (and his other “left-lib” dogmas). I’m fully aware there’s no meaningful reasoning with these types.

          • Pete H.

            “Pro-fag bigoty”. Great how you use a derogatory term to describe gays to claim reverse bigotry. You are a real winner!

            Besides being an obviously Orwellian phrase, what exactly is “pro-fag bigotry”?

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            “what exactly is “pro-fag bigotry”?”

            What your posts demonstrate here quite well.

          • Pete H.

            I see, so tolerance and understanding of someone’s sexuality and expressing that in a public forum is a type of bigotry.

            ” Projection/Flipping. This one is frustrating for the viewer who is trying to actually follow the argument. It involves taking whatever underhanded tactic you’re using and then accusing your opponent of doing it to you first. We see this frequently in the immigration discussion, where anti-racists are accused of racism, or in the climate change debate, where those who argue for human causes of the phenomenon are accused of not having science or facts on their side. It’s often called upon when the media host finds themselves on the ropes in the debate.”

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            The bigotry lies in your promotion of this particular sexual perversion for political reasons.

          • Pete H.

            Not political, it is personal. I have several homosexual friends in both the US and Hungary. I also have many smart and capable students who are gay. They are real and wonderful people you are disparaging. Your hatred comes from a place of fear and misunderstanding.

            And you clearly do not even know what the term bigot means.

            More pictures of the wonderful real people Leto hates out sheer ignorance.


          • Leto. مؤدّب

            “Not political, it is personal.”

            Well, then at least it’s just the opposite as with me.

            I clearly know what the term bigot means. Your posts are quite good examples.

        • Ma Jar

          Queers are found among seagulls and many other animals and is not confined to the human condition. God created all and He does not make mistakes. So, do we debate God?

        • hamhock

          Masons using their power and influence to try to spread homosexual “values”

  • Bowen

    Leto, and others like you, I’m afraid these gay perverts are obviously preying on your mind and causing you distress.

    I’m afraid there’s only one solution. Simply retire to a private area (e.g. your bedroom). Take a box of tissues with you and make sure you lock the door. Close your eyes and visualise those dirty, perverted men with no shirts on and tight little shorts, and dirty, sweaty, muscly, big bodies in the hot Budapest sunshine. Imagine them dancing in their hot little shorts.

    You may find your hands drifting downwards and making strange movements. Don’t worry about this. This will help you.

    Repeat this procedure every night, and you’ll be fine. Your anger and frustration will soon disappear.

    Good luck. I hope things get better for you.

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      @rotten postcommie bastard:

      And now you think you were witty. Blah.

      • Bowen

        Did you try it, Leto?

        Don’t worry if the anger is still there. It takes a couple of tries.

  • wolfi

    Poor leto!

    He has to fight here alone against the gay invasion – where are the other loonies and haters like Géza, Ricsi and so on to help him ?

    • Bowen

      Hmm. Wolfi. I think Leto might secretly enjoy the thought of a ‘gay invasion’.

  • Zsolt

    How many gays here……………………………….

    • spectator

      “How many gays here……..”

      – And the rest were out there yesterday on both side of the cordon.
      Don’t be mistaken, those poor black-clad morons in reality desperately wanted to participate, but their political stance and their Leto-like narrow-mindedness hindered them to be able to take the step and be honest.

      But the most important is, they were there, with the totally Zagyva Görgy Gyula on the peak, who – as we all learned – last year already publicly expressed his desire to meet with some journalist in a washroom…

      Long live the “All Hungarian Parade”!

  • KY

    Just you and me, Zoli baby.

  • Pete H.

    It’s OK Zolika, don’t work. Google is going to work on making sure you can marry your same sex partner where ever you live.

    Google Announces Worldwide ‘Legalize Love’ Campaign Plan In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage


  • Pride and Joy

    A few ideas for next year’s parade:



  • DoubleH63

    Pete H. “These pride marchers are exactly like the civil rights protestors.”

    Tell me my ‘Aryan’ ‘ Catholic’ friend, can you get stupider than this?

    • justasking


      ‘can you get stupider than this?’

      Is this a trick question?

    • Pete H.

      Well my opinion is in agreement with that of a Pulitzer Prize winner. I am more than happy to be in the company of that kind of “stupid”.


  • DoubleH63

    Pete H. “I have several homosexual friends in both the US and Hungary.”

    Do they all work for ‘Amerikai Népszava’ (USA) and Népszava (Hungary)?

  • DoubleH63

    Bowen “Repeat this procedure every night, and you’ll be fine.”

    Personal experience, little ‘gyurcsányista’?

  • justasking


    ‘The topic is that Budapest either should banish these provocative marches by these sexual perverts somewhere else from Andrássy úr’

    I personally, do not agree, that ‘these forms’ of parades should be allowed. By ‘these forms’, I mean ANY group, who, by deliberate intent, try to impose their views, opinions and way of life onto others. As I said before…’forcing tolerance, breeds intolerance’.

    You don’t have to ‘accept’ this innate sexual preference; but, you do need to ‘acknowledge’ it’s existence. These individuals are deserving of the same rights and opportunities as any heterosexual…especially, if your taxed the same, contribute to society them same.

    Some heterosexual couples can’t have kids ‘the old fashioned way’ either. Does not make them less than….

    ‘make them, and their sponsors, pay for the significantly increased security costs’

    I agree with you on this one…I should not, as a taxpayer, have to fund a self interests groups agenda.

    • Leto. مؤدّب


      “I personally, do not agree, that ‘these forms’ of parades should be allowed.”

      Yes, that’s the best thing indeed. Belgrad has banned them and Budapest should follow suit.

      “you do need to ‘acknowledge’ it’s existence. These individuals are deserving of the same rights and opportunities as any heterosexual”

      Certainly. Though it’s not their right to raid words and, say, to call their registered partnership “marriage”.

      • So what do we do about the Catholics marching around with the Holy Hand? Odds are that more than a few of them are doing the thing that supposedly makes Jesus puke.

        • Leto. مؤدّب

          You won’t say the participants of the Holy Hand procession obscenely dress and obscenely behave in the street, will you?
          Do they require heavy and expensive police protection like these perverts do?

        • judgement day

          Hungary is Christian not gay… matter a fact Europe is Christian, now the chosen ones with have broken down our tradtion and culture with crypto deception. Democracy is a international lie to keep people ignorant.

        • Anonymous

          Name one Hungarian here who acts like a Christian!

          • judgement day

            Not quantity that matters, quality, there are many examples amongst Hungarians, Kadar period had some success in ruining our faith with propaganda by the atheist monkies.. propaganda continues in mainstream media… Our history has many saints who we can use as role models..

          • Curious George

            I woud love to pour the drink over your head and smear mangaliaca lard on your whimpy head.
            judgement day says: July 10, 2012 at 3:41 pm

            Which Hungarian saint did you use as a role model for this?
            And the statement above read Name one Hungarian here who acts like a Christian. Definitely not you! Neither Hungarian, nor Christian. Quality, my ass!

          • judgement day

            Geoergy porgy… Yo misunderstand turn the other cheek, like all your kind, you have tried to ride dignity and respect for way too long, time has come to expose that you have no validity to lecture Hungarians on how to behave. Don’t get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading ignorance?

          • Curious George

            @JD – Actually, I think you must have misunderstood, because you didn’t answer my question. Which Hungarian saint do you model your behavior on?
            Relax , no insult taken 😉 Jeez, you’re being sensitive today. In reality, my ‘job’ is devoted to expanding one’s horizons with imparting new information, experiences & possible avenues, at least among those I interact with. So, basically reducing ignorance. Disappointed?

  • wolfi

    Orbán’s rabid kuty aka leto wrote “Belgrad has them” …

    Yes the company you keep – tells a lot about you …

    @justasking and others (who I believed to be relatively normal until now):


    lists all the cities where these parades are allowed …

    • justasking


      ‘(who I believed to be relatively normal until now)’

      So, you say that I am ‘abnormal’, because I don’t support a parade that I deem unnecessary; but, I do support Laws that would place Heterosexual and Homosexual people on a level playing field?

  • wolfi

    Sorry my post was incomplete:

    Yes the authorities banned the parade in Belgrade in 2011 but in 2012 people will try again in October – and Europe will look at what’s going to happen.


    This hat directed to gays (and j*ws and other minorities is still a very good indicator of a society’s freedom and state of mind) …

  • wolfi

    Out of 65 comments 23 were by leto – must be a new record, especially by someone who \has no interest\ in gays at all …

    Sad, but still funny anyway!

    • Bowen

      I think Leto doth protest too much.

  • wolfi

    Thanks to Pete H., now here is the link to “gaygle”:

    It would be nice if all homophobes here would start boycotting google …

    Now if they also stopped using wiki and commenting on pol.hu – that would be even better …

  • olga

    @ JA

    re: “, try to impose their views, opinions and way of life onto others”

    What on earth are you talking about? – no one is trying to “impose a way of life” on anyone.

    Toronto not only welcomes the gay parade (part of Pride Week) but we also have a Caribana Parade coming up soon, and it’s described on wiki as: “Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival, formerly known as Caribana, is a festival of Caribbean culture and traditions held each summer in Toronto, It is a Caribbean Carnival event, that has been billed as North America’s largest street festival, frequented by over 1.3 million visitors each year for the festival’s final parade and an overall attendance of 2 million.” –

    I don’t like crowds so I have never been to either a Pride Parade nor Caribana but I am pretty sure if I did go, I would not turn into a Lesbian nor would my skin turn a different colour

    You and Leto should just stay home when the Gay Parade comes to your cities and let others enjoy themselves which is what my gay and heterosexual friends do who have no interest in parades

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      “You and Leto should just stay home ”

      The tax I pay still is absolutely unnecessarily spent on the heavy police presence the protection of these sexual perverts. Besides streets doesn’t belong to perverts. Sex life is a private business, to be done behind close doors. The same argument goes for a hypotetical march of heterosexual porn stars or prostitutes.

      • justasking


        They’re not ‘perverts’, simply because they happen to have a sexual preference you can’t seem to get your head around.

        • Leto. مؤدّب


          I consider them perverts (and I’m not alone with this opinion). However this is a side issue.
          The point is what you wrote in your excellent posts at “July 9, 2012 at 4:57 pm” and “July 9, 2012 at 6:47 am”.
          I absolutely agree to those remarks.

          • justasking


            ‘I consider them…’

            Hey, you’re entitled to your opinion…I just think it’s a bit extreme.

            ‘I absolutely agree to those remarks’

            Oh, okay, so then we agree. Gays should be able to enjoy the exact same Laws of equality in everything, that we do…correct?

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            Yeah, mostly. That surely doesn’t mean they’ve got right to call the legal framework provided to them (“registered partnership”) as “marriage”. More importantly child adoption regulations cannot be same as for normal people. For the sake of children, such a thing should allowed only in very exceptional cases.

          • justasking


            ‘got right to call the legal framework provided to them (“registered partnership”) as “marriage”.’

            Okay, I agree with you here…they can call it a Union. This would mean, that a ‘Union’ between 2 people, would have the exact same rights etc, as 2 people who have entered into a ‘Marriage’.

            ‘More importantly child adoption regulations cannot be same as for normal people’

            Okay, stay with me here…’normal’ to you, is not necessarily ‘normal’ to others. Don’t focus on what goes on in peoples bedrooms, just what people are legally and morally entitled too.

            ‘For the sake of children, such a thing should allowed only in very exceptional cases’

            If it would get kids out of orphanages/foster care and into loving homes…what does it matter who a person prefers to have intercourse with?

    • justasking


      ‘Toronto not only welcomes the gay parade (part of Pride Week) but we also have a Caribana Parade coming up soon, and it’s described on wiki as: “Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival’

      Could you please tell me…1) what ‘culture and traditions’ the Gay Parade promotes? 2) Who is the corporate sponsor of Pride Week…and should they be funding additional security during the parade event?

      The intent of having Gay Parades, is to promote ‘acceptance and tolerance’ correct? It’s been an annual event in TO for what…25-30 years? So, what’s up with them still not having total equality?

      Is this parade and/or any-other type of event designed to promote this lifestyle, helping or hindering their cause?

      • Ma Jar

        These parades are allowed because they make money for the city!

        • justasking

          @Ma Jar,

          ‘These parades are allowed because they make money for the city!’

          Oh! So you mean it’s NOT to promote tolerance? But…but…only a money grab to tap into this market?

          How offensive!

          • Ma Jar

            Offense, shmafence, money makes the world go round, the world go round, the wo……..

      • Pete H.

        Deeply seated bigotry takes a long time to combat. Pride marches started in 1997 in Budapest. It was not until 2003 that they were met with violence led by György Budaházy.

        In the US they have been held for a lot longer. Tolerance in the US continues to grow. Pride parades are a small part of that. The idea to keep the issue front and center in the publics and politicians minds until gays and straights are on equal footing regarding civil rights.

        The money is not made by the organizers but rather by Hungarian tourist businesses.

  • David

    Advice for Leto and Pete H. Get a room.

  • true democracy

    Keep these exhibitionist perverts in the western world.If people
    want to celebrate with these freaks, join them in Toronto or Amsterdam!

    • Paul

      @ true silliness
      We will…aslong as you promise to keep your pervert ideas away from us.

  • Focus on the bigger picture

    It does not matter how many sides this problem takes. If acceptance and tolerance does not come naturally, the problem will just fester. Let me give you a simple example. In the ’90s I used to work with a group of engineers in GSA, Government Services Administration in Wash, DC. We would frequently have lunch in the upstairs cafeteria where I observed that, even though most of the people there were engineers, the orientals would all congregate and sit at a table, then the whites, the African-Americans and so on. These intelligent and logically minded professionals were not racists or discriminatory – it was simply a preference to be with your own kind. With that, the more you must force a subject to be brought into the limelight, to be recognized and or to be accepted, the more you will have extremism. Nature and it’s genepool will take care of this problem as well – one way or the other. Worry more about how Hungary will survive the next 50 years with a depleting population of it’s cultural heritage. Look at our grandchildren and act for their future betterment.
    A helyzet szar, de nem remenytelen.

    • Curious George

      Tolerance and change does not come naturally to those who are inherently biased. You need to confront the bull by the horns, and address the problem. Those problems can be addressed, but only by those who know how to, and that knowledge pool is small, and possibly non-existent in Hungary. That doesn’t mean the expertise can’t be imported.
      Trying to rationalize human racial behavior using an anecdotal example from Washington DC, possibly the most racially polarized city in the US, is dumb. Hungary needs to look at places where integration & accommodation of differing views have succeeded. Ignoring the problems, or pretending that they cannot be solved will ensure that your grandchildren go back to being the serfs to those who can solve those issues. Maybe this is your view of preserving cultural heritage. Sad, considering your background.

  • olga

    @ JA

    re: “1) what ‘culture and traditions’ the Gay Parade promotes? 2) Who is the corporate sponsor of Pride Week…and should they be funding additional security during the parade event?”

    It promotes Canadian culture of tolerance and yes, it has been going on for 32 years ,thus it is now a “tradition” in our city

    There is huge corporate sponsorship and although I can only think of a few of them, the complete list should be on the Internet : Google, TD Canada Trust, Pizza Pizza, Rogers Communications, Labatt Brewery along with a few gov’t organizations (not to worry, probably Provincial Gov’t money so your tax dollars are safe for redneck activities like moose hunting or whatever you do out there)

    I don’t know if the taxpayers or the sponsors cover the cost of security but when we go next year, we can ask :))

    I heard on the news that $140 million was pumped into the city’s economy so people who couldn’t care less about gay issues are also supportive of the event.

    • justasking


      ‘It promotes Canadian culture of tolerance and yes, it has been going on for 32 years ,thus it is now a “tradition” in our city’

      Yeah, but that’s not exactly a gay ‘cultures and traditions’ now is it?

      ‘so your tax dollars are safe for redneck activities like moose hunting or whatever you do out there’

      Our ‘redneck’ activities include, voting in the only Muslim mayor in North America. Remind me again, you sophisticated Liberal you, who you all voted in as Mayor?

      PS: Moose season’s not until the fall…

      ‘I don’t know if the taxpayers or the sponsors cover the cost of security but when we go next year, we can ask’

      Oh, I’m sorry…I won’ be able to make it…I’ll be busy feeding my cat. Next time, okay?!

      ‘I heard on the news that $140 million was pumped into the city’s economy so people who couldn’t care less about gay issues’

      Which of course is the point of Pride Week and Gay Parades…to create an environment where people ‘couldn’t care less about gay issues’. Nice!

  • spectator

    “Do they require heavy and expensive police protection like these perverts do?”

    Leto, “these perverts” do require protection only, because a bunch of illiterate fundamentalist decided to attack them, not the other way around.
    Leave them alone and in peace, you’ll see, that they don’t need any protection.
    In civilized places they don’t have to be defended – Budapest obviously different.

    Just for you – and your similarly enlightened soul-mates:
    homosexuality isn’t something what you have any effect over – either you are, or you aren’t.
    Is not a question of choice, you see.
    If you wouldn’t be so ignorant, you may happened to stumble upon this information a lot earlier, by the way.

    Another question entirely – in my opinion anyway – just how the individual handle his/her homosexuality.
    Again, in my opinion it should be handled as sexuality in general, as opposed to political manifestations.

    But, than again the prerequisite of this that the country of residence where the person living, fully provide what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights requires of the member states.

    I know, that you familiar with it, but there are others too, so this just a little reminder:
    Article 1
    All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

    Article 2
    Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

    Article 3
    Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      I’m pretty bored with that your lot keeps connecting human rights and “being civilized” with these “Gay Pride” marches. It’s sophistry and an absolutely fallacious argument.

      • spectator

        “It’s sophistry and an absolutely fallacious argument.”

        – And your answer was…?

        Leto, you like it or you don’t, it is about of all of the above.

        When the equal rights couldn’t even be questioned, nobody in their right mind would think about parading, let alone trying to beat up the ones who they don’t share values.

        Personally I don’t like either of them.
        However, I insist that every person must have their Human Rights respected – whether I like what they do or I don’t.

        Hurting another person isn’t part of the Human Rights as you certainly know, here ends my tolerance.

        Otherwise hard to imagine that religious people wouldn’t love another creation of God just as themselves, and they still think, that they are right….

      • Pete H.


        • spectator

          Thanks Pete, – good to have a wider perspective – even if the issue isn’t something what I dealing with on a daily basis, alas I have my principles.

  • Leto Must Be Gay

    Leto must be gay. Only an obtuse, insensitive, ignorant, closeted Hungarian man would spout so much anti-homosexual rhetoric. To go on and on like this, there’s only one explanation: Just accept it Leto. It’s okay to be gay. Come to think of it, this explains all of Leto’s rants on this site. I used to think he was just on the Fidesz nut job payroll… or maybe retarded. Turns out, he just won’t admit he’s gay.

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      You don’t fancy eating sh*t? Then you must be a closet scatophile. Just accept it. Though it’s not okay to be a scatophile.

  • freedom

    I believe the best way to counter the Gay Pride Parade is that a Straight Pride parade be held next to this rally. This way people can see the difference between the two groups and their maturity.

    What I have seen at gay pride parades before is a level of immaturity and engrossing touching that should make anyone question whether these gay things should have a right to parade themselves around when if they were any other group of people would be charged with a number of city violations – including: grown men touching and flirting of people younger then 18, indecent exposure, littering, disturbing the public, etc. Having been caught in one of these gay pride parades before I think that these gay people seem to have more rights then any other group. It was like watching a bunch of mentally handicapped men who haven’t grownup parade by.

    A straight pride parade – with families, music, food, and decent fun should be started every year at the same time the Gay parade is and nearly in the same location so people in Budapest can have a choice to be in what environment they deem good for their soul, families, and city. This will also counter the money problems for municipalities that some people above keep streaming on about.

    • Cnut

      Yes, I’m sure a straight pride parade would be very tasteful and decent in Budapest, the world capital of porn production.

      • justasking


        ‘Yes, I’m sure a straight pride parade would be very tasteful and decent in Budapest, the world capital of porn production.’

        Are you sure about that?

        Top Video Porn Producers Country Major Producers

        1. United States Vivid Entertainment, H*stler, Pl*yboy, Wicked Pictures, R*d Light D*strict
        2. Brazil Frenesi Films, Pau Brazil, MarcoStudio
        3. The Netherlands Er*stream, Midhold Media, Your Choice, S*venteen
        4. Spain Private Media Group, Woodman Entertainment
        5. Japan S*ft on Demand, M*odyz
        6. Russia Beate Uhse, SP-Company, Dolphin Entertainment
        7. Germany Trimax, SG-Video, GGG, VideoRama, Zip Production
        8. United Kingdom Hot Rod Productions, JoyBear Pictures, Blue J*ice TV, R*de Britannia, Fr*sh SX
        9. Canada Wild Rose Productions, Er*model Group, Dugmor
        10. Australia Pistol Media

        Other Notables

        Sweden Maxs Video
        Italy Adamo Entertainment
        Denmark Color Cl*max Corporation
        France Euro Ch*c, Eil du C*chon, Ragtime, Video Marc Dorce, JTC Video, C*lmax, Cadinot
        Switzerland Gordi Films, Ikarus
        Belgium GM Videos
        Romania Floyd-Agency
        Portugal Natural Video
        I*rael S*x Style
        Serbia Hexor
        Czech-Republic Lupus Pictures, Bel Ami

        • Cnut

          I’ll retract “the” and replace it with “a” : a world capital of porn production.

          Obviously, my point still stands and is understandable.


          • justasking


            ‘I’ll retract “the” and replace it with “a” : a world capital of porn production’

            Why not replace the ‘a’, with ‘in my opinion’ which would be more accurate?

            ‘Obviously, my point still stands and is understandable’

            How can it be, when it’s not supported?

            Now, what is ‘understandable’, is you wanting to slander Hungary…in that case your ‘point’ was made.

            Own your comment

    • Ma Jar

      Let the gays have their parade but to counter it is to boycott it. People should not look at these misfits.

  • Andrew

    Hungary makes Turkey look absolutely tolerant and modern, e.g. gay events, public figures etc. whom are attacked neither verbally nor physically. If you want see homo erotica the Magyar Garda in their uniforms look very “happy”.

  • true democracy

    We should as never tolerate this indecent and
    sick behavior. These perverts want more than tolerence, they want to polute our whole society.Give them an centimeter they want a kilometer.

    For instance in Canada. Toronto’s gay parade many
    participants parade nude right downtown. Which other segment in society could get away with that kind of behavior? Now they have gay “marriage”
    and these so called couples can adopt children.In our schools they have in their curicullem to teach our children as young as kindergarden about this perverted lifestyle.

    Canadians being polically correct are going down the slippery slope which will lead to destruction..
    So Hungary continue to resist this sick social experiment.Your very future depends on it!

  • Paul

    Article 21
    1. Any discrimination based on any ground such as sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic
    features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority,
    property, birth, disability, age or……..sexual orientation shall be prohibited.

    So…we can forget about 30 percent of the comments of this thread…they are illegal.

    • …justasking


      ‘So…we can forget about 30 percent of the comments of this thread…they are illegal’

      Well, if that’s the case, go make yourself useful and file a complaint…or make a citizens arrest.

  • Ma Jar

    The connotation of gay has changed and so has the meaning of marriage. The “good book” calls it a sin, yet not only do we have gay clergy we also have gay bishops. What is next, perhaps a gay bishop of Rome?

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