July 9th, 2012

Hungarian government in ambitious bid to normalize relations with… Hugh Grant

The Hungarian government’s public relations office has put together an English-language “information package” for Hugh Grant, following the British thespian’s criticism of its media policies. Speaking at a recent forum in Brussels on media pluralism, Grant cited Hungary as an example about the dangers of state control over the media. But according to Ferenc Kumin, the government’s recently-appointed chief international communications officer, Grant’s knowledge about Hungary is “pretty patchy,” so his group is planning to provide him with detailed information on how the Hungarian press really works. That is, once they find out where to send the package; apparently they can’t find Grant’s address.

No word on what Kumin plans to put into his “information package” for Grant, but we assume it won’t include this.

Meanwhile, Christian Democrat István Pálffy, deputy chair of Parliament’s cultural and press committee, had some harsh words for the actor. Grant is “stuck in one of his roles and still believes that he is that British prime minister from the movie Love Actually,” said Pálffy, who for many years played a drunken news anchorman on Hungarian public television.

UPDATE: They found his address!

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  • Paul

    Ferenc Kumin, the government’s recently-appointed chief international communications officer, Grant’s knowledge about Hungary is “pretty patchy,” ….yeh….funny, Monty Python revisited.
    Fidesz understanding of democracy and freedom of speech is “ugly patchy!”…the sheer Fidesz arrogance is stunning everyone in the EU though.
    Quote: “Press officers for the alarmingly rightwing Hungarian government were touring London last week. No one they met knew whether to bellow with rage or laugh them to scorn.”

    And how much does this stupidity cost the Hungarian people?

  • Ma Jar

    Not what is said but who says it, eh what?

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      Yeah, that’s the only thing why this made news. I’m not sure though the government is right when they bother about this Grant.

      • Snap

        Rumor on the street is that they have traced Grant and that they’ll break his kneecaps. No man messes with the Orbanman, gotcha?!

  • Feher Gyorgy

    I think this case should become an absolute priority for our government. We all know that actors like to gossip a lot and before you know people like Bruce Willis will pick up these rumors and make their next movie somewhere else.

  • Robert

    I heard that Chuck Norris has quite a patchy picture about Hungary as well!

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