July 17th, 2012

President invites Israeli counterpart to Hungary following Jerusalem visit

Hungarian President Janos Ader met Shimon Peres at a working dinner in Jerusalem late on Monday, and invited the Israeli president for an official visit to Hungary.
Ader told Hungarian journalists after the meeting that their conversation had focused on deepening scientific cooperation between the two countries, in which Hungary could benefit from Israel’s experience in areas such as for instance farming and water management.

Peres had visited Hungary before, representing Israel as foreign minister.

Earlier on Monday, the first day of a three-day visit, Ader saw the Wailing Wall, and took a walk on the Via Dolorosa. He also met Bernadette Schwarz, the vice-rector of the Austrian Hospice of the Holy Family.

He afterwards visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a church owned by six denominations, the Roman Catholic, the Greek Catholic, the Armenian, the Coptic, the Syrian and the Ethiopian Church.

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  • ricsi

    Israhells experience in farming and water manasgement? Thats easy ,just steal land,claim it as a previously non-existant country and expell/harass the original natives-welcome to Israhell. 🙂

    • Big Fish

      That’s right Israel made the “deserts bloom” as they proudly advertise……but fail to mention on Palestinian land, using water resources therein. One of the reasons why they don’t want to give up West Bank (and Syrian’s Golan Hgts) – water resources. They’ve selfishly and irresponsibly been sucking it dry.

      Why would Hungary ever want to learn from a nation of thieves.

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