July 18th, 2012

Holocaust mankind’s “unparalleled tragedy”, says Áder during three-day official visit in Israel

The Holocaust is the tragedy of mankind without parallel, Hungarian President Janos Ader told a commemoration of Raoul Wallenberg in the Israeli Knesset on Tuesday.

The commemoration was held to mark the 100th birth anniversary of the Swedish diplomat, who saved thousands of Jewish lives in Budapest in 1944.

Wallenberg was “human in an inhumane world”, an example of a single man who changed the course of the world, Ader said at the event.

He said little was known of the secret of Wallenberg’s personality or how he managed to get his way in a violent and crazy world, though, armed with knowledge of his opponents’ way of thinking, he used this knowledge as a weapon against them.

Ader noted that Wallenberg ended up in the prison of the Soviet secret services, which he said showed that totalitarian regimes have no morality.

“For this reason, we must under all circumstances pursue a moral path, because where morality ends, mankind ends. The most important message of morality is respect, mutual respect and honour for each other, for life,” he said.

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin and Swedish parliamentary speaker Per Westerberg both paid tribute to Wallenberg’s memory, saying this served as an example to others.

Earlier on Tuesday, Ader held talks with his Israeli counterpart in Jerusalem and invited Benjamin Netanyahu to personally see how Jewish culture thrives in Hungary.

Ader, who is on a three-day official visit in Israel, which started on Monday, told journalists after the hour-long meeting that sensitive issues in bilateral relations had not been addressed. But the rise of anti-Semitism in several countries in Europe had been discussed, he said, adding that steps against such phenomena must be taken together.

The Hungarian president also visited the Yad Vashem Institute and paid tribute to victims of the Holocaust.

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  • Pa Jar

    Cheap words from a man who worships Nazi murderers. All bullshit and no action, like in the Csatary case.
    To cite Dr. Zuroff: “One of the most effective ways to combat the rising wave of anti-Semitism, racism and right-wing extremism in Hungary is to bring to justice those who were inspired to commit Holocaust crimes by the same ultra-nationalism that is once again rearing its ugly head in your country”.

  • justasking

    ‘The Holocaust is the tragedy of mankind without parallel’

    Are not all ‘Holocausts’ in human history ‘a tragedy of mankind without parallel’? Or, do we reduce everything to numbers; in which case the Ukrainians ‘lead the way and win’??

    How sad is that?

    • ricsi

      Yes Justasking, but only the ‘Holocaust’ gets the capital ‘H’,all other holocausts must use the lower case ‘h’.check any media article and you will see this hypocrisy.

      • Big Fish

        Capital “H” plus don’t forget the TM superscript at the end of the word.

      • …justasking


        Hi Ricsi…

        ‘check any media article and you will see this hypocrisy’

        The question is not that it is happening…but, why people have allowed it to happen?

  • ricsi

    Instead of grovelling in Israhell,this ‘president’ should be visiting the family of murdered Pécsi girl,Bándi Kata,and discussing what he is going to do about escalating gypsy crime.A far more serious issue to the average Hungarian than some ‘holocaust’.
    Yes,in case you did’nt realise, Katas killer is a known gypsy criminal,and he was not acting alone.

    • Kelebian

      You can’t put any blame on Laszlo Pentek, he’s just a victim of Hungarian society full of irresponsible citizens. The death of Kata Bandy was just an accident; and Laszlo has just the bad luck to be born in a country full of parasites who have never showed any responsibility.
      If I take a look Laszlo Pentek’s pictorial profile I see a typical Hungarian loser: showing his middle finger to European civilization, and showing his muscles because he’s too stupid to do anything else. It’s important to have a proper understanding that the systematical murders by Hungarians in the 20th century wars and the murder of Kata bandy are connected – they are not isolated incidents, but a systematic problem in Hungarian society where nobody ever takes the blame for their acts (well, actually Laszlo Pentek kinda did, making him a more responsible person than most Hungarians I know).

  • ricsi

    No blame?? You are of course been sarcastic.
    A typical Hungarian loser?? He is a typical GYPSY low
    life loser-stop blaming society,people can make a life without resorting to theft and murder.

  • olga

    @ Ricsi

    On the subject of \Hungarian Losers\, I immediately thought of you and all your anti-Sem and Anti-Roma bullshit postings and how hung up you were on a certain word being spelled with a capital H or a small h

    While looking for information about the \Statue of Limitations\ and war criminals, I came across a Canadian
    article entitled:

    \Rights Museum: Is it proper that the H*olocaust gets special billing? – Charles Lewis Jan 7, 2011 – 9:11 PM ET | Last Updated: Jan 7, 2011 10:18 PM ET \ (Before the head line there is a huge picture of Stalin and the article is easy to find on the Internet)

    I copied one paragraph, but the article deals with various h.olocausts (note small h) goes into details about THE WORD and explains the Canadian Museum that will open in 2013 to honour all genocide victims. The article also makes reference to the H*itler vs. Stalin atrocities.

    \ All other “mass atrocities” will be put together and housed in a separate zone and will include, among other events, the Rwandan massacres, the Cambodian Killing Fields, and the Holodomor — the planned starvation and execution of at least 3.2 million Ukrainians in the early 1930s under Stalin. \

    BTW, the Ukrainians in Canada do an excellent job at drawing attention to the Holodomor so if you need more people to resent than the minorities in Hungary, you could always expand your horizons

    • Viking

      “the Holodomor — the planned starvation and execution of at least 3.2 million Ukrainians in the early 1930s under Stalin”

      Why do we always forget the Brits starvation campaign in India during WWII?
      Millions people starved to death and outside India it is hardly mentioned

  • Leto. مؤدّب

    “Ukrainians ‘lead the way and win’??”

    No, the Congo massacre, committed by the hand-cutting Belgians, before WWI probably claimed more than 12-14 million lives. The Chinese Communists also killed more than that.

  • Big Fish

    Not to be outdone, Israel is currently perpetrating (directly and indirectly) the one of the largest array of crimes against humanity. Let’s hope that society falls and we can commemorate the tragedies that befallen their innocent victims.

  • ricsi

    Olga,sadly you are beyond hope,brainwashed and naive beyond belief!
    Or is it me?? Of course all jews are honest angels who just love us goyim and there is no such thing as escalating gypsy crime-how silly of me to think otherwise 🙂

    • …justasking


      ‘Olga,sadly you are beyond hope,brainwashed and naive beyond belief!’

      That’s a nasty thing to say to her, and I resent such an attack. We are all a product of our environment.

      How is it the average ‘Joe or Martha’s’ fault, for some having a better PR campaign to promote their own agenda?

  • wolfi

    Wow! Three N*zis helping each other – if you read it three times on the ‘net, it must be true …

  • olga

    @ Ricsi

    You are correct – I am brainwashed by that Canadian education system my neglectful parents subjected me to, not to mention they never the decency to make racist comments while I grew up, so clearly I lack the same background as you were so fortunate to have.

    I maybe also be naive, but not naive enough to buy into your ideas that all J*ews are honest angels nor that crime is not escalating by gypsies in a time of the EU’s economic crisis. (Since no one in this world has ever thought of this, I had to figure it out for myself but there is a correlation between the economic downturn, racism and crime )

    I must say that your altruistic motives standing up for and defending Hungary’s minorities are truly touching so obviously I misjudged you.

  • Smelly Weasel

    The real tragedy is happening now, and it affects most Hungarians. Let’s deal with that first, then we can waste some time on the past.
    Only the Jews have the arrogance and influence to collect money on war crimes, and use it to their advantage.
    Soldiers who died in Siberian prison camps must have enjoyed their stay, so why bother paying reparations or even remembering them?

  • Gypsy Joe

    Let Olga stand on her own two feet.Imho,I think she is one of the most naive posters on this board.I am aware that you two have met personally and chewed the fat ,but if she’s gonna start throwing ad hominems around then she needs to be able to back up what she says.Ricsi lives in Hungary.Olga is an occasional visitor.

    • justasking

      @G*p Joe,

      ‘Let Olga stand on her own two feet’

      She can and does bless her heart…still, has nothing to do with me wanting to throw my 2 cents in around here when I feel like it.

      ‘Ricsi lives in Hungary.Olga is an occasional visitor’

      And that would be relevant on this thread…how?

  • olga

    @ Gypsy Joe

    Talking about ad hominems, how dare you call me “naive” ? :))

    I would say my friendship with JA is “slightly” more than
    “chewing the fat” but that’s another issue; right now I am outraged at your unfair accusation and expect a retraction immediately or will proceed with legal action for defamation just like Oskar Molnar threatened to do God knows how long ago and I shall proceed as quickly as he did considering I have an equally strong case

    Moreover, I will retain Budahazy’s or Gyurcsany’s defense lawyer ; I figured it would be the same person because s/he seems to have a good track record for the “teflon” kinda guys

    • Gypsy Joe

      quote olga
      “On the subject of \Hungarian Losers\, I immediately thought of you and all your anti-Sem and Anti-Roma bullshit ”

      That is ad hominem insult olga.You being naive is a fact.

      “‘Ricsi lives in Hungary.Olga is an occasional visitor’

      And that would be relevant on this thread…how?”

      It is as relevant as you saying “That’s a nasty thing to say to her, and I resent such an attack.”Stating the blindingly obvious is hardly a reason to get so uptight especially when said comments were not directed toward your good self.

      Olga.You need to understand what you are writing.You waffle too much.

      • justasking


        ‘Stating the blindingly obvious is hardly a reason to get so uptight’

        I wasn’t being uptight for God’s sake; I was joking!

        Re-read what I wrote and see if you can find the double meaning.

  • olga

    @ Gypsy Joe

    In my outrage, I got mixed up and I meant to write You should retain that particular lawyer, with the “teflon guys'” success rate

  • olga

    @ Gypsy Joe

    Actually it was not an “ad hominem” because it was based on a valid premise : A. “All Racists are losers” – B. Ricsi is a racist, C. therefore etc.

    Based on the KISS principle, I copied the definition of the word “racist” from the kids’ dictionary on line and Ricsi meets the criteria :

    “1.discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race 2.the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races”

    Of course you could still argue the validity of my premise that ” All racists are losers” right after you discredit another “ad hominem” I consider a premise that A. “All child molesters are perverts” , B. XXX is a child molester, C. therefore…

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