July 19th, 2012

Jobbik deputy group head lashes out at Nazi-hunters in wake of war crimes suspect capture

The deputy head of Jobbik’s parliamentary group lashed out yesterday at what he called an “outrageous” attempt by foreign Nazi-hunters to discredit Hungary in the name of “imaginary and artificially-stoked” anti-Semitism.

Márton Gyöngyösi, who is also deputy chair of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, made his comments in the wake of the arrest of 97-year-old László Csizsik-Csatáry, who was detained following a campaign by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Gyöngyösi sarcastically said that “no summer can pass” without the Wiesenthal Center discovering the “most wanted” Nazi criminal living in Hungary, and struck back at a spokesman for the French foreign ministry who had called for Csatáry’s arrest, pointing to Hungary’s better record at prosecuting war crimes following World War II. [hvg.hu]

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  • Igazi Magyar

    The murder of Hungarians is a crime. It looks like Csatáry is guilty of murdering Hungarians. Shame on Jobbik for defending a murder of our citizens.

    • ricsi

      He did’nt murder Hungarians,he possibly was responsible for deporting jews from Kassa/Kosice as police chief,what happened to them after that is of course not allowed to be debated anymore-such is free speech 🙂

      • …justasking


        ‘He did’nt murder Hungarians,he possibly was responsible for deporting j*ws from Kassa/Kosice as police chief,what happened to them after…’

        Seriously? Give your head a shake…even if he didn’t ‘do the deed’ directly, he was still aiding and abetting.

        I really don’t think he deserves you defending him; people who willingly participate in harming a fellow human being…to me is evil.

        If people want to hate someone/something fine…just don’t act on it.

        • spectator

          “people who willingly participate in harming a fellow human being…to me is evil”

          Thanks Ma!

          • …justasking


            ‘Thanks Ma!’

            You are such goof…you know that?! 🙂

          • spectator

            – Of course!
            Born for the very reason 🙂

    • …justasking

      @ igaz,

      ‘The murder of Hungarians is a crime’

      Ya don’t say?

  • ricsi

    Whoops ‘comment awaiting moderation’ because I used the forbidden j.. word 🙂 Okay here it goes again in PC friendly format- He did’nt murder Hungarians,acting as Police chief in Kassa/Koscice he possibly ordered the deportation of the chosen ones,what happened to them afterwards is no longer a possible subject of debate due to “freedom of speech” 🙂
    (George Orwell,1984,truth is lies,lies are truth)

    • Viking

      ricsi says:
      July 19, 2012 at 7:50 pm

      He did’nt murder Hungarians,acting as Police chief in Kassa/Koscice he possibly ordered the deportation of the chosen ones

      So what ‘ricsi’ is trying to say is that Csatáry played a prominent role in the deportation of thousands of Jews in World War II

      If Csatáry actually pulled the trigger or not, is not important. What is important to be implicated in a WWII war crime investigation is that you “played a prominent role in the deportation of thousands of” civilians

      Nice to see that ‘ricsi’ agree on that, but ‘ricsi’ seem to have missed the point that many of these civilians were at that time just Hungarian citizens, then Hungary had ‘gotten back’ that area with some help of that Good Ol’ Friend of ‘ricsi’, Mr A Hilter

  • Paul

    @ Risciiiii

    By 99 percent within the EU….you are considered to be part of the Lunatic fringe. How does that feel?

  • spectator

    ricsi darling, are you really such idiot as you present yourself, or your comment has passed through a blender first?

    “…he possibly ordered the deportation of the chosen ones..”
    -to their certain death, while maintaining “law and order” with a whip.

    You certainly wouldn’t even think, that he may even thought that the people been packed tight into freight carriages actually going to their holiday, do you?
    He was – if he became an officer, chief even – quite capable to read and think, so he certainly was fully aware of the fate of that fifteen thousand people.

    From here I leave it to your conscience and moral sense – if any – to decide, just how right- or wrong was/is doing so.

    To help you along, try to imagine, how would it feel, if suddenly your kind would turn to the “chosen one” to be slaughtered.

    Have a pleasant evening!

  • ricsi

    Deported to unknown future which we are no longer allowed to freely debate-that is my point! And did he personally KILL anyone as suggested by the first comment here ??

    • Albion

      You really have lost the plot havnt you.

  • spectator

    “which we are no longer allowed to freely debate-that is my point!”

    – I have difficulties to comprehend this part. Are you implying, that the end of that journey – they unknown future – what actually happened is something, hat may- or may not happened the way as is historically documented?
    If this is the case, why is your point stressing the question whether or not he “personally KILL”ed someone, because then it wouldn’t be question, would it?

    In my point of view sending thousands to those camps is wrong, sin, if you may even be a religious kind.

    One more thing:
    I’ve learned, – actually from Sophocles’ Antigone – that the law which unjust and immoral must be ignored and turned against whatever the consequences might be, and I live by this principle. While this is utterly personal, I dare say, that the “I acted upon a command” excuse never accepted as an answer.

    By me, and some other free spirits with moral principles, that is.

    Thank you for your answer, btw.

    • ricsi

      Too busy right now so a quick response will have to do,sorry.
      Firstly there is a reason why people did what they did against jxws,and have done in over 70 countries in the past,look into it and learn.
      Secondly,as police chief he could hardly have done other than follow instructions,however unethical-a soldier knows in his heart it is unethical to shoot and kill but they also follow orders.
      Thirdly-my main point-we are not allowed to discuss what really happened upon reaching the camps anymore,thus I can’t provide evidence or facts to defend myself.
      I am not defending sending people to camps etc… merely asking why people felt it necessary in those times,events do not happen without a reason-find the reason and you just might realise why some people do what they felt they had to do,morals and ethics are easy to throw around 70 years later.
      (longer reply than I intended :)) Enjoy your weekend btw.

  • Happygolucky

    What a privilege to be sent to a camp and protected by guards, these people should look at who were the ones who wanted these camps, just a little research will expose that the sionists were behind the deportation… Comon kids don’t be so naive….while our Hungarian youth had to fight against the red Bolshevik murderers…

  • get real

    they should look for the war criminals who did the massacres
    in Romania also,after the Vienna dictate!

    Hungary is full of criminal that are hiding under the actual gov. umbrella!


    • Magyar

      What criminals are you talking about?
      Partisans in Ip and Treznea opened fire on Hungarians, so they had to fight back.

  • Viking

    During WWII and its aftermath there was a lot of what we today call ethnic cleansing. It did happen and probably all nations, with the probable exception of today’s Germany, are still defending at least some of their atrocities as ‘self-defence’
    On this site we see a lot of that, of course mostly defending the Hungarian WWII-record, especially in a pro-Nazi light, hidden behind a anti-Soviet mask, claiming WWII-Hungary was fighting for Freedom

    Europe has learnt and that is why we have International Courts for the break-up of Yugoslavia, with all its ethnic cleansing. Trials that are opposed by the nationalists, when ‘their’ people gets investigated
    The aftermath of this break-up is not ideal, but it seem to be better than how it still is after WWII, where Serbs, Slovaks and Romanians killed Hungarians and Hungarians killed Serbs, Slovaks and Romanians
    Still today you have nationalists in all countries who wants to forget what their parents did, just remember what was done to their parents

    It is the task of every generation, to learn from their parents mistake and make it better, not worse and in that process it is more important to acknowledge our own parents mistake, than to find errors made by other’s parents

  • Magyar

    There were no criminals, partisans in Ip and Treznea opened fire on Hungarians, so they fought back.

  • get real

    you idiot, women and kids are not partisans!

    All those massacres were done by the barbar huns after the gift of the Vienna dictate!

    The Ip massacre took place in the early hours of 14 September 1940, in Ip, Sălaj, a village in Northern Transylvania when the Hungarian Army, apparently supported by a local vigilante group, killed 158 Romanian civilians.

    The Treznea massacre occurred in the village of Treznea, Sălaj in north-western Transylvania on 9 September 1940, during the handing over of Northern Transylvania from Romania to Hungary after the Second Vienna Award.

    On that day, some Hungarian troops made a 4 km detour from the Zalău–Cluj-Napoca route of the Hungarian Army and started firing at will on locals of all ages, killing many of them and partially destroying the Orthodox church. The official Hungarian sources of the time recorded that 87 Romanians and 6 Jews were killed, including the local Orthodox priest and the Romanian local teacher with his wife, while some Romanian sources give as many as 263 locals that were killed

    So imbecile maghyar, you should apologize for those massacres instead of questioning them!

    This is why, God, took from you what you don’t deserved,

    and gave to those who are the real owners!

    This is why your neighbors are hating you and don’t want to deal with you!


    • Anonymous

      How about an apology from you, little Romanian boy? You should apologize for Maniu Garda massacres in Szecklerland in 1944! You should also apologize for the ethnic cleansing by war criminal Avram Iancu!

  • get real

    So, after the massacres I described done by the bandit huns
    and the szekely imbeciles, how you want those people to be treated?

    It is too bad that Maniu did not finished the job!

    Today would not have to argue over this subject!

    Avram Iancu fight to liberate his homeland from bandit occupiers!!


    • Magyar

      I am sure the imbecile Vlach gypsies in Ip and Treznea deserved everything we did to them. Too bad it was just a few villages.

  • get real

    You just made my point!!

    A bandit nation like Huns should not exist!

    You was born to be a loser and you will die like a loser!

    The history just proved that!


    • Tordai

      “bandit nation”??? Ask anybody in the West Europe, which is the thieves nation! They will all answer ROUMANIE, and many have personal experience with criminals from your country! The criminals have the Romanian Passport, which means they are Romanian Citizens!

      Your comments only bring shame to your people & nation, and show how hateful & chauvinist the bad Romanians are!

  • get real

    tordai bacsi,

    the thieves steal the bandits kill! that’s the difference!

    Between two of those I guess the bandits are the worst!

    you are a criminal nation that did crimes among your neighbors not only Romanians but others too, Serb, Croats,
    Slovaks, Ukraine!!

    My reaction is coming from your revisionism and arrogance
    on how you consider the other Nations!


  • judas

    Hitler did not kill jews personally either….so does this mean he is not guilty????

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      Ariel Sharon didn’t kill Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila Massacre personally either… so does this mean he is not guilty????


      • Leto. مؤدّب

        BTW, “the most prolific official executioner in recorded world history” was a Stalinist: -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasili_Blokhin

        • wolfi

          Very relevant – are you jealous?

          That’s why Orbán’s rabid kutya repeats his mantra: … must be destroyed …

          • Leto. مؤدّب

            @unwelcome alcoholic foreign idiot:

            FYI, “Ceterum censeo MSZP delenda est” is not a mantra. It’s a paraphrase of Cato’s words he ended his speeches with. And it’s a top priority todo item.

          • wolfi

            “uttered frequently and persistently almost to the point of absurdity ”

            I’d leave out the “almost” …

            You’re the funniest fascist I’ve read up to now – just go on on your way to hell …

            Oh, sorry, forgot you claim to be an atheist working for the Holy Crown …

          • justasking


            ‘Very relevant – are you jealous?’

            Why didn’t you attack judas, the way you did Leto, for the same type of irrelevant post?!?

  • Imre
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