July 30th, 2012

Romanian PM claims “outrage” over Hungarian counterpart’s comments on impeachment referendum

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta expressed “outrage” on Sunday over what he called his Hungarian counterpart’s intervention in the country’s internal politics by telling ethnic kin in Romania to stay away from the polls in a recall referendum.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban encouraged citizens of Romania to make the “right” decision in a referendum to recall the country’s president in remarks at a summer university for Hungarians in Baile Tusnad (Tusnadfurdo), Romania, on Saturday.

“I wish for Romanians, and Hungarians living here too, to take the right decision, such as by not taking one at all,” he said.

Romanians voted on Sunday to recall impeached President Traian Basescu, a referendum that failed due to an inadequate turnout.

Speaking to journalists after casting a ballot in the referendum, Ponta said he felt it was his responsibility as prime minister to warn Orban that he had intervened in Romania’s internal politics.

A count of voters from around 5pm showed turnout was lowest in Harghita and Covasna counties, at 6.85 percent and 12.39 percent, respectively. Both counties have relatively high concentrations of ethnic Hungarians.

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  • Leto. مؤدّب

    President Basescu will stay in office. It’s great news for democracy.

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      Ah, yes, he said special thanks to the Hungarian voters.

  • Seinean

    He’ll remain in office but ther’s not much he can do. There will be an awkward situation in the next 4 month ( if not in the next 2 years).

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      He’ll stay in office until 2014. And he can do quite a lot.

  • get real

    you will not get drunk by drinking water!

    the huns vote is 1 % from the entire thing!

    with that or not is the same!

    next time the huns will vote whatever is in charge!

    nobody takes in serious the huns votes anyway!

  • Zombie Nation

    It would be nice to see a box one could check which indicates “Vote of no confidence” on an electoral poll-card: this way our ‘lack of votes’ can’t be interpreted as ‘apathy’

  • én

    I can’t even believe that he said that!!!
    so he does not want anyone to mingle into magyar affairs but dares having an opinion on other people’s affairs??? a kurva életbe, Isten, áldd meg a magyart!!! And while you are at it, can you also take Leto back to the institution where he belongs?:-) Thank you God:-)

  • get real

    Now remember the Basescu and the liberal party, under RMDSZ ” presure” and chantage he allowed the burila of the that nazi jerk Njiro!

    Ponta stopped that happen and in the local election the Ponta’s party union won the election with a majority!

    if you think that Basescu will give to the Huns the Autonomy you are a dreamer!

    Once he open his mouth about this, next day he is out forever!

  • seinean

    Ímo Hu politicians shoud refrain from giving “indicationrs” to the Hungarians living in Romania how to act politically.. It is patronising : the hu in ro are politically enough mature to know what to do. It is controvertial : it offers the opportunity to react to politicians willing to play a nationalistic tune. I think such a statement was done for the home turf – Orban wants to show that he has influence over Hungary’s borders.

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      Now comes the usual, Rumanian style hate-campaign against Hungarians… USL is trying to make them the scapegoats for their failure in the coup d’eta against President Basescu. Such statements fly around: “Rumania is no longer governed from Bucharest, she’s governed from Budapest”

      Anyway, it’s truly remarkable that a half-sentence uttered at the very end of Orbán’s one hour speech in Tusnádfürdő had such a big impact on Rumania. 😀 RMDSZ is truly embarrassed. 😀 (They called for participation on the referendum but Hungarians massively absented themselves from the referendum.)

  • justasking


    ‘Anyway, it’s truly remarkable that a half-sentence uttered at the very end of Orbán’s one hour speech in Tusnádfürdő had such a big impact on Rumania’

    Maybe because it was inappropriate?

    ‘RMDSZ is truly embarrassed’

    I personally think Orban should be.
    ‘They called for participation on the referendum but Hungarians massively absented themselves from the referendum’

    Romania obviously needs to rethink the relationship they have with their Hungarian minority; and the Hungarian minority their need to rethink their role in Romania.

    Hungary needs to mind their own business, and let the people involved figure it out for themselves. By not doing this, under-minds any kind of statutory resolution for people who have to live with the results.

    Shame on any Government official, who yap, throwing in their 2 cents, not thinking (nor caring it seems) of the backlash the locals with have to deal with.

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      Why would that have been “inappropriate” and why on Earth should Orbán be “embarrassed”? 😀 He said what he thinks the right decision was on the referendum and people seemed to agree, especially in Székelyföld. Is that something to be embarrassed about? 😀

      • ropanjo

        You really must be on a day pass.
        The Prime Minister of a neighbouring nation has no business in the internal
        affairs of another country. It’s that simple: can you not understand that?
        And he was just as wrong as that aged fart, Degaulle when he went to Quebec and yelled, “Vive le Quebec libre”. So, Orban is not alone in making an ass of himself.

        • Magyar

          Transylvania is Hungarian land.
          Hungarian politicians have every business in their land.

          • Lawrence

            Why would Transylvania be Hungarian land, when the majority was always Romanian?

          • justasking


            ‘Why would Transylvania be Hungarian land, when the majority was always Romanian?’

            So…boarders mean nothing to you?

          • justasking


            ‘Transylvania is Hungarian land’

            No, it ceased to be in 1920…and before you go all ape-shit on me, it breaks my heart that this was the end result…but, thats what happens when you come up against ‘those WITH the power’.

            Hungary needs to regroup, refocus, reinvent…and go kick ass.

            We don’t need those annexed lands to do so…we should do it in spite of it. That’s power.

          • Curious George

            @JA – well said. Hungary doesnt need Transylvania in order to succeed. It is more important to organize what you have right now than wait indefinitely for what may or may never happen.

          • Magyar

            Lawrence that is BS.

            1495 Hungarians:55,2% (with Szekelys) Romanians:22% Germans:22%

            1500 Hungarians (including Szekelys):60% Romanians: 24% Germans: 16%

            1595 Hungarians:52,2% Romanians:28.4% Germans:18,8%


  • get real

    loto said:
    “Anyway, it’s truly remarkable that a half-sentence uttered at the very end of Orbán’s one hour speech in Tusnádfürdő had such a big impact on Rumania”

    That was a big help to get rid of Basescu!

    You will see tomorrow when they will post the results!

    if the Maghyars here want to have a voice then they have to go with the flow!

    In 1000 years Hungary ,will not have any influence on their destiny !!

    If they convince the Romanian people that they are loyal citizens then they will earn the respect and consideration!

    Until than no way to give them more that they have right now!

    if they don’t like here they are free to leave!

    Nobody will drag them back!

    • Leto. مؤدّب

      “You will see tomorrow when they will post the results!”

      Oh, do you think they’ll forge the results till tomorrow? 🙂 If they do then Rumania will be in a huge mess.
      No, Ponta and his postcommies are not so stupid. They’ll try to find another way to get rid of President Basescu. They’ll play with fire though.

      • Leto. مؤدّب

        “The row over Basescu has already paralysed policy-making and stoked concerns about the future of Romania’s five billion euro IMF-led aid deal.

        Ponta’s efforts to unseat the president have brought a stern dressing-down from the European Union, which accused him of undermining the rule of law and intimidating judges.

        In the wake of the referendum, Ponta has said that he is not seeking further confrontation with Basescu.

        However, there is a feeling amongst some analysts that the political feuding is far from over.”


  • get real

    Finally are some “okos” there who can handle the reality!

    Focus on your land and leave ours for us!

    szep jovot!


    • Leto. مؤدّب

      We couldn’t care less about the Regat. However it goes without saying we’ll continue to “focus” on Erdély.

  • get real

    You can “focus” as long you want!

    Transylvania is not negotiable!!! Transylvania is Romanian land. period!

    74% of its inhabitants are Romanian! The Huns are on the rest!


  • Paul

    Get real….you could be a fantastic stand-up comedian act…if youm were not so boring. Viva…eh….what?…say it again please….hardly anyone did read it yet. …Viva?????????….Just copy and paste.

    • trollolah

      get real is trying to write “viva transhumance”, but sadly, he cannot spell very well.

  • Paul

    if youm were …oops…if you were not so boring.

  • get real

    I know, 74% majority is boring but that’s the reality!

  • We will Need a ….better: PARTY ! Jobbik!

    To “get real..” : Don’t worry pal, we got hell from you down in history, now the hell is about on U horizon ! U fought for this. You’re one neighbor from hell, but…BUT surrounded by the north by your own creation! A nightmare and you work on us hard.. soon, as u know, you’ll get back where all you ‘friendly neighbors’ belong ! You look up how and where did your herd got here from and what Nation let you settle in, but beggars shouldn’t be choosy…! And you bit the hand that “fed you”/let you in. You’re “nation” is hanging by a tread, that “tread” is the ‘trianon gengsters’ mercy ! Your neighbour from your south witnessed and saw what you did to your welcoming neighbours ! You piranha : Goes around, comes around. Sleep well…:o)

  • get real

    whatever, 74% that matter!

    Sleep well:)


    • Zed

      The problem with Hungarians is that they don’t believe in history, stats or rankings. Except when it’s the Olympics, because then there’s finally some numbers that do not make them go hide in the corner of shame.

      • We will Need a ….better: PARTY ! Jobbik!

        Look who’s here, mad-Zed, the #1 ‘historian-idiot, the champ, a sparkling-gem of rumania ! Where the hell did U came from you angry Jurrasic goat-pusher ?! Nothing personal, but please inform us, can you enlighten us, that what the f%+**k you talking about, you goon? Next time when something you read off of, don’t use the cave wall and if you step out of the cave, into the dark night smtg. will surprize you, something shiny will be up there don’t get angry again, that’s the moon you jackass, don’ t trow rocks at it. Idiot ! WoW mad-Zed, you’re BRILLIANT !

    • We will Need a ….better: PARTY ! Jobbik!

      Why don’t you just ‘get real’ and 74 % jump off a bridge, but this time make it a 100 % Jackpot, retard-moron…

  • get real

    Still, 74% is more than 15%(including the Magyar gipsies)!
    I keep you informed about the % so don’t worry about!


  • Anonymous

    Cum Dumnezeu sa generezi tu discutii rezonabile si constructive cand nu faci decat sa strigi ( nu sa vorbesti) de funie in casa spanzuratului ?

    Dar tu nu esti pe aici decat ca sa tragi suturi in dosul altora si sa starnesti dihonie. Macar nu mai pretinde ca esti altceva.

  • get real

    Anonimous, what language is that!

    I speak only Hungarian and English!

    • Magyar

      I think its Gypsy language (Romani)

      • Anonymous

        And I think you’re an ass. Now what ?

  • get real

    Magyar, if Hungarian is gipsy language then I speak gipsy!

    Anonymous, if you think I am aN ass, then i invite you to kiss it entirely!


    • Trollolah

      At last, we learn truth about get real…he is Romani and his faux Latin language was created in middle of 1800’s!

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