August 13th, 2012

Jobbik keen to cooperate with Fidesz to get rid of Socialists, says Vona

Radical nationalist Jobbik would be happy to cooperate with ruling Fidesz in order to get rid of the Socialists, Jobbik leader Gabor Vona told an event organised by the Transylvanian Hungarian Youth organisation in Borzont on Saturday.

The main problem with the Socialists (MSZP) is that their policies go against the interests of the Hungarian nation, Vona said.

“MSZP represents a risk to the nation in parliament,” he said.

However, he added that regarding many strategic issues, Fidesz is not unlike the Socialists. If the Socialists replace Fidesz in parliament “they will pursue the same servile policy with the European Union and neighbouring countries as Fidesz and they will pursue the same Roma policies as Fidesz,” he said.

In certain respects, the Fidesz government has fared worse than the Bajnai and the Gyurcsany governments and failed to bring about a change in the economy, Vona said.

“Today we have to fight for getting the chance to get even more indebted, which is absurd,” Vona said referring to ongoing talks with the IMF and the EU on financial assistance.

The event was also attended by Fidesz lawmakers Zoltan Koszegi and Ilona Ekes.

The Transylvanian Hungarian Youth Camp has been organised for the eighth time in Borzont, a village in Szekler land which has a large ethnic Hungarian community in central Romania.

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  • Vidra

    Political party says exactly what you’d expect them to say shocker! Move along folks, nothing to see here, get your cucumbers while they are in season….

  • Magyar

    Can’t argue with anything Vona said.

  • Democrat

    The really telling matter here will be what FIDESZ say in response to this. Will they say that an alliance with an extreme party is out of the question? Will they say that running a country is not about “getting rid” of the opposition? Will they, hell.

    BTW, Gabor, which of the MSZP policies goes “against the interests of the Hungarian nation”? Borrowing money from the Chinese? cosying up to the Russians? nationalising peoples’ pension funds? Borrowing from the IMF? Removing the obligation to provide social services from the constitution? Gagging the press? Setting up exclusive schools for their cronies?

    MSZP are no saints but your FIDESZ mates are taking this country back to communism at breathtaking speed.

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