September 11th, 2012

Quotable: Gabriella Selmeczi on Gyurcsány’s hunger strike

“Four middle-aged men bunking together in a tent in downtown Budapest – that doesn’t sound very exciting.”

Fidesz spokeswoman Gabriella Selmeczi commenting on Monday on former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány and three fellow Democratic Coalition party members going on a week-long hunger strike outside Parliament to protest against the government's plan to introduce voter registration from the next general elections in 2014. []
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  • Leto مؤدّب

    No, it doesn’t sound exciting indeed. Unless you’re a fag, of course.
    Given the fact that Gyurcsány loves to stroll on “gay parades”, to attend to audiences of gay bars, etc., chances are Gyurcsány is excited about this ‘bunking together’.

    Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

    • MagyarViking

      Yes, and all Hungarian soldiers are gay…
      Or Brave Hungarian soldiers are always accommodated into hotels?

  • David

    It appears to have gone right over that bimbos head. Since when is politics a meat market? Also, amazing how leto changed this story to his favourite subject again. Must jerk off at the thought of it all.

  • Ano Nimm

    Leto, you’re a queer too !!

    • Leto ﻣﺆﺩﺏ

      I am only gay for the Allmighty Leader, nobody else, N-O-B-O-D-Y else!

      It is a little secret just between me and The Leader, our little secret indeed. 😀 😀

      Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

    • Leto مؤدّب

      Let me illustrate your “logic”:
      You don’t like smelling sh*t? You’re a scatophile!!

      Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

  • Bodis

    No wonder this Selmeczi looks like a sour bitch. That’s what you happen when you f#ck people for a living, and the only people who bang you have dicks so small that doctors had to invent a prefix like “XXXS-mini-micro”.

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