September 14th, 2012

Jobbik dubs Gyurcsány hunger strike “phoney” and “hypocritical”; trumps it with hot meal handouts

Former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s hunger strike outside Parliament is phoney and hypocritical, Jobbik MP Gergely Farkas said, as Jobbik activists handed out hot soup in the same vicinity on Thursday.

Farkas said 160 portions of hot meals were distributed to those “who really need them”. He criticised Gyurcsány’s act because as a former prime minister “he is one of those responsible for the fact that a large number of people are hungry nowadays not only for a week but from week to week,” he said, adding that the president of the Democratic Coalition would be “the first to reach an agreement” with the IMF leading to further austerity measures, and thus to a deterioration in many people’s social state.

Gábor Lengyel, a leading official for the Jobbik youth section, which organised the hot meal distribution, said that Gyurcsány “is a person concerned about democracy who in 2006 had the eyes of the people shot out and won the elections with lies.”

Democratic Coalition vice-president Csaba Molnár called on supporters not to “be taken in by agents provocateurs.”

Gyurcsány and three others began a hunger strike Sunday evening on Kossuth tér under the title “Seven Days for Free Elections” to protest the government’s planned voter registration prior to 2014 elections.

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  1. Toby says:

    Never mind the simpleton rhetorics of Jobbik, the guys did something constructive for once by feeding the poor.

    Now Vona just needs to heal the sicks, and we have a new Messiah.
    Hallelujah, praise the Magyarország Lamb!!

  2. Leto مؤدّب says:

    It’s been a very good trump. This time, well done Jobbik! 🙂

    Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

    • Aloof says:

      Well sure, Kover took the 132,000 HUF and gave some of it to a couple of Jobbos to buy some cruddy pizza and CBA soup to throw to the pigeons. How much did Jobbo have to pay Kover for their counter-demonstration BTW, oh sorry humnanitarian gesture? I bet the tourists were amused.

  3. El dud-o-wich says:

    Did i say that
    I find the person who calls himself Leto such a great guy.
    I totally admire his brilliant analyses and im so very happy that a person with such clear understanding of everything is here to help the rest of us get a better picture of how things really are.
    And he speaks latin too, wiiild… and arabic, whoaaa…. and nobody’s better at linking to bits and pieces all over creation justifying his arguments…
    … when I grow up I wanna be just like him.

  4. MagyarViking says:

    I think it was on Wednesday when some black-suit dressed guys did a similar stunt and came with their Subway-sandwiches and tried to eat them extremely close to the demonstrators
    They were chased away by the mostly retired supporters

    I supposed this time the counter-protesters held their ground against the Granny-army

    But it is a good point how much “Jobbik” will have to pay to Köver for this demo, then under Fidesz to demonstrate outside the Parliament cost money

    * The Fidesz-controlled Hungarian State News Agency MTI lies to us using tax payers money*

    • ricsi says:

      Dumb viking,it was a charitable food distribution,not a demonstration-though of course we aimed it at highlighting the hypocrisy of a corrupt multi millionaire who can play a no eating game for one week whilst many thousands find it a reality in their life.

      • Aloof says:

        Cut the BS Ricsi. If they wanted to be charitable Kossuth Ter isn’t exactly the right place. Why didn’t they go to homeless shelters or MANY other places where the abject poverty of Hungary and Budapest can be witnessed on a daily basis. They would have been better off just walking down any of Budapest’s koruts or post up at metro stations if they wanted to distribute food. The only reason they, in collusion with Fidesz, were there was to counter Gyurcsany BEING there.

        Why don’t they distribute food in gypsy villages as a gesture to find common ground? Yeah thought so…

      • Viking says:

        ricsi says:
        September 14, 2012 at 1:11 pm

        it was a charitable food distribution,not a demonstration-though of course we aimed it at highlighting the hypocrisy of a corrupt multi millionaire

        So, it was a political demonstration, where you handed out some (2nd grade?) food, hence “Jobbik” should pay

        Your logic is closely connected to ‘maygar’, beware Mr 8863 does not down-grade you to the same level as the food you served

        * The Fidesz-controlled Hungarian State News Agency MTI lies to us using tax payers money*

  5. Janos says:

    Charity begins at home. What a complete and utter bag of bullshit. If I was Gyurscany Ferenc I would have been fearing for my life considering the amount of damage done to this country during his tenure. Hungarians accept everything and do nothing. After all, didn’t some dumbass, soldier/katona sign away half the country to meet the frogs/French demands at Trianon? Erdely is Hungary. I’m a bloody foreigner:and even I know that!

    • Viking says:

      Janos says:
      September 14, 2012 at 1:28 pm

      If I was Gyurscany Ferenc I would have been fearing for my life considering the amount of damage done to this country during his tenure

      It is my surprise that we have not seen any, at least attempt, to violence or hard intimidation, then that was the normal around Gyurcsány a couple of years ago
      Maybe the Hungarians have understood they have gone from the ashes into the fire?

      * The Fidesz-controlled Hungarian State News Agency MTI lies to us using tax payers money*

    • justasking, says:


      ‘After all, didn’t some dumbass, soldier/katona sign away half the country to meet the frogs/French demands at Trianon?….I’m a bloody foreigner’

      Who knows shit about Hungarian history.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have a dirty mouth “justasking”. Can’t you write without cursing? No, you can’t because you almost always toss in a bad word or two, or three or as many as you deem essential. Shame!

    • Cnut says:

      Which damage are you talking about, János?

      • Leto مؤدّب says:

        Oh, here goes a gyurcsányist who still thinks Gyurcsány served Hungary’s interests. 😀

        Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

        • Frankly Franklin says:

          Asking for specifics: Leto calls you a name. Buahaha. What, Leto? Have you no better answer than to declare someone asking for specifics some kind of “-ist,” or is the record of “damage” just too abstract? Come on, show us specifically how Gyurcsány damaged the country. Give us some clue as to how much better things are under that fat piece of shit who is in there now.

          Oh, and Janos… no man in his right mind is actually afraid of Hungarians. You people just keep sucking up the shit and spooning it back out to yourselves. The actions in the street in 2006 just led to you slipping the chains on and pining for the better days when your landlord had to give you permission to marry.

          You want to impress me? Actually do something about your current situation and cease the macho posturing. The world sees your childish “strong-man” (schizoid, fat little thug) cult of personality oligarchy for what it is: the just desserts of a country whose soul is bankrupt because the people have been thoroughly beaten, unto unabashed cowardice.

          Prove me wrong. Bitch.

          • Leto مؤدّب says:

            Rotten postcommie bastards like you, or this Cnut, don’t need to be answered since you yourself know very well how this rotten postcommie bastard Gyurcsány ruined the country
            However, for others information, this graph should tell the story in a nutshell, at least as far as the economy is concerned. (Let’s ignore the moral and other aspects of this disaster period.)
            (The last two years are missing, the figure ended up at 82% in 2010!)

            1998-2002: First Orbán-government (Fidesz,KDNP,FKGP,MDF)
            2002-2004: Medgyessy-government (MSZP,SZDSZ)
            2004-2010: Gyurcsány-governments (MSZP,SZDSZ)


            Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

          • Cnut says:

            I don’t doubt the chart Leto. But as you can remember, every time MSZP tried to cut the debt, Fidesz held rallies around the country against “austerity”. Fidesz organised referendums against the attempts to introduce incredibly minor fees in the health care system. You are right that MSZP should have cut the debt. But Orbán wouldn’t let them.

            I’m not a Gyurcsány fan, it’s just that in comparison with Orbán he seems like a political genius, an incredibly capable administrator, and a much more responsible and ethical leader. In comparison.

          • Leto مؤدّب says:

            Yeah, Orbán is responsible for this, too. He forced your buddies to ruin the economy and to steal so much. 😀 😀 😀

            Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

          • Leto مؤدّب says:

            Ah, BTW, that referendum, which was the killer blow to MSZP-SZDSZ 🙂 , was in 2008 when the debt was 73%

            Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

  6. olga says:

    @ Janos

    re: “Erdely is Hungary. I’m a bloody foreigner:and even I know that! ”

    How refreshing to read your opinions when you are sober. Please watch your health and do not turn into Slota .

  7. Magyar says:

    This is not the first time Jobbik gave out food for free, shows how nice and charitable they are, they have big hearts.

  8. Rev. Billy Munday says:

    Good to see people feeding the needy; there is still hope for mankind when people respond in such a positive way. God bless all you good people.

  9. Janos says:

    @ j.acking – As a revisionist and a Canadian with a very big mouth and a distorted view on life in general: with all the answers. Usually the wrong ones! Let us be edified upon the Trianon fiasco from the horse’s mouth. I.E. You!! Bela Kun, Horthy, and his white horse, Red Arrows, Rumania which didn’t really exist, the nazis invaded Hugary, the invisble Rumanians occupation of Budapest etc etc.
    Hungary got battered in both the first and second world wars and paid the ultimate price. The first world war saw it loose a large chunk of its land and in the second, by choosing to support the Nazis it got the commies instead. They’re still here in the hearts and minds of many and that is why the country can’t progress.

    • JA aka justasking says:


      You have a very basic view of Hungarian history, and Hungarian’s in general.

      Can you see that as a foreigner as well?

  10. Janos says:

    Sorry “Arrow Cross”…no breakfast… tea,toast, and marmalade now..

  11. olga says:

    @ Janos

    I see you are back to that liver destroying “tea” again

    You have to excuse JA but she comes from those same revisionists where the other Hungarian revisionists came from regarding Trianon , ie President Wilson and Churchill

  12. DoubleH63 says:


    “revisionists…regarding Trianon , ie President Wilson and Churchill”

    Too much coffee again?

  13. DoubleH63 says:


    Post script: Of course my comment does not mean that this Janos is not a fucking idiot.

  14. JanosA says:

    It is interesting to note the ad hominem comments and complete avoidance of the main issues surrounding Trianon. I note the shampoo and set duo is alive and well. Hungarians have my complete respect. I work and socialize with them everyday. This is my final comment on the subject. The Treaty signed at Trianon was a hastily drawn up document engineered by the French. Hungarian representatives signed and endorsed the shambolic set of demands including, ceding 70% of its former territories – with no firm claims for plebiscites on self determination etc. Leadership? It has never existed. That’s why the poet, Petofi Sandor, is still held in such high esteem! (Gyurscany and Orban?) Horthy tried to shuffle a difficult pack but, ultimately, lost. Never mind there’s always Ogre, and Jacking, to save the day from ten thousand miles away?!
    And the nazi wideboy, HotHead might be able to muck in as well!

    • Magyar says:

      Romanians wanted to annex Hungary up to the river Tisza, Serbs wanted Southern Hungary, including the city of Pécs.
      Czechs wanted Northern Hungary.

      If Trianon was not signed, we would have lost even more territories.

      Also, if Trianon never happened, Hungary would have lost territories either way.

      That son of a bitch, Franz Ferdinand, wanted United States of Greater Austria.


      This is what it would have looked like

      • JA aka justasking says:


        ‘Czechs wanted Northern Hungary’

        Not at first, when the Czech delegates spoke at the Paris Peace Conference, they never even made an honorable mention about their Slovak cousins…they were setting the stage for their own cause.

        The Czech-land they were referring too, was never in the Kingdom of Hungary’s borders.

  15. DoubleH63 says:


    “with no firm claims for plebiscites on self determination”

    Like I said, you are an idiot.

  16. olga says:

    @ Double and Janos A

    Double – I’ve known about the Wilson and Churchill comments for ages, can’t remember my first source but I tried to find it on the Internet and while the article references the Hungarian_American Federation, that’s not the link I got it from

    “SOURCE C.

    At the time President Wilson said: “The proposal to dismember Hungary is absurd” and later Sir Winston Churchill said: “Ancient poets and theologians could not imagine such suffering, which Trianon bought to the innocent.”

    I googled ” Treaty + Trianon + Wolsopn + Churchill and what came up was “Treaty+of+Trianon+DBQ ”

    Maps and other comments included, very visual

    JanpsA – by using the words/ phrase “shampoo and set duo” and “Ogre” leads me to believe you write with your dinosaur outfit on and you have been around this website under various other names

    Your last sentence meets with my approval so I shall sign off on it despite the fact it may also be considered ad hominem :))

  17. JD says:

    Who needs any other source of doom, gloom and despair when you have Hungary.

    Isn’t it great how Hungarian politics is just one pathetic farce after another.

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