September 14th, 2012

Jobbik, Roma advocacy group reach out in bid to narrow differencies in Devecser public forum

The radical nationalist Jobbik party and the Roma advocacy group Macifesz have asked the mayor of Devecser to allow them to clarify the circumstances of the conflict which developed in that south-west Hungarian town in a public forum, Jobbik’s Veszprem county chief Gabor Ferenczi told MTI on Friday.

Ferenczi said he had met Macifesz leader Janos Kozak in the village of Noszlop on Friday to “confront and narrow the gap between” their views on the co-existence of Roma and non-Roma.

On August 5 Jobbik and several far-right groups held a demonstration in Devecser, demanding the re-introduction of capital punishment in Hungarian law. Press reports said the march passed through streets inhabited by Roma and two people were injured during altercations.

Ferenczi and Kozak analysed the events, the reasons and the current situation in the town.

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