September 17th, 2012

Gyurcsány says “no plans” to run for PM in 2014

Head of the small opposition splinter party and former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said he had no plans to run for prime minister in 2014, Slovak news agency TASR reported on Saturday.

“We have best chances to win if we manage to join forces with a wide circle of opposition forces. This joining of forces needs to be spearheaded by a person who is acceptable to all without serious compromises. It is common knowledge that there are differences in opinion between me and some opposition leaders,” Gyurcsany told TASR in Budapest.

“What’s important is that the west-friendly and sober civil politics represented by the Democratic Coalition should be present in this process. I will refuse to get nominated and I will not run for prime minister. If there is a joint candidate, I will support him or her,” Gyurcsany said.

He added that Prime Minister Viktor Orban is gradually losing support and he is resorting to legal means to cement his power.

According to Gyurcsany, a one-week hunger strike he had started on Sunday would contribute to making people realise “the graveness of the situation.”

Gyurcsany’s Democaratic Coalition Party is holding a demonstration in Budapest against the planned pre-registration at the next general elections.

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