October 31st, 2012

Government clarifies terms of bill offering immigration incentives to foreign investors

A new bill submitted by three Fidesz MPs does not offer citizenship, as stated on Monday, but only a residence permit to non-EU citizens, if they buy €250,000 of Hungarian bonds, Fidesz caucus leader Antal Rogán told a Tuesday press conference.

Fidesz MP Mihály Babák, who filed the bill with Rogán, had said on Monday that those who bought €250,000 worth of state bonds and held them for five years would be granted Hungarian citizenship.

Rogán confirmed that the possibility had been raised by Chinese nationals, not officials, who had complained about the difficulties of obtaining a visa to enter Hungary.

Rogán, chairman of Parliament’s Chinese-Hungarian friendship chapter, said they cited examples of similar practices in Switzerland, European countries and the US.

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  • Aloof

    LMFAO! True Fidesz form, float something out there to see if it will float and when the backlash starts backpedal, deny and lie while always keeping the always trusty “we were misunderstood” card for the big ones.

    What a pathetic, amateurish, disgraceful and slimy bunch of losers and country bumpkins this bunch is.

    • Adolf Rothschild

      I think you mixed up Fidesz with MSZP…Millions of EUR have been stolen by MSZP related American and Israeli citizens which all ended up on secretive Tel Aviv accounts…go and google this topic…

      • Viking

        So why has Fidesz not investigated this and gotten the money back?

        * The Fidesz-controlled Hungarian State News Agency MTI lies to us using tax payers money

  • Anonymous

    What kind of crazy idea is this??? Selling citizenship!!

    why should Hungary listen to the chinese and sell hungarian citizenship to non europians.

    It is a crzay idea in the first place to sell citizenship to people who pay a lot of money for it! It is a insult to us hungarians!

    Why should we allow many chinese to move in our country? No chinese mass immigration into Hungary or other non Europians!!

    Also no residence permit to rich non-EU citizens! There are other ways to raise money. A stupid, shortsighted plan!

    • Curious George

      There are other ways to raise money

      @Geza – what other ways? Please tell us. I’m sure OV would also like to know.

    • Vidra

      Calm down and don’t choke on your beer! They would just get resident’s permits, not citizenship, and at that price it won’t be ‘mass immigration,’ nor will it raise trillions of forint in revenue for the government.

      Chinese (and I’m sure other nationalities too) are having problems getting resident’s permits. Options are to recruit/train more civil servants so they can help such nationalities fill in all the forms and assemble the mass of certificates (far too expensive and encouraging Hungarians to learn other languages will dilute our mystical national identity), to continue turning a blind eye to the ‘little envelope’ way of getting things done or this one – a big envelope to the Hungarian government.

      • Viking

        …and after 5 years these Chinese can buy Hungarian farmland:

        “Fidesz MP Mihály Babák, who filed the bill with Rogán, had said on Monday that those who bought €250,000 worth of state bonds and held them for five years would be granted Hungarian citizenship”

        Do you think my new neighbours would regard their new farmer an Hungarian?

        So what happened to this call to protect Hungarian Land?

        * The Fidesz-controlled Hungarian State News Agency MTI lies to us using tax payers money

  • Anonymous

    “Fidesz MP Mihály Babák………. would be granted Hungarian citizenship.” So he lied when he said that. Why must FIDESZ people lie so much? They make so much noise about others’ lies.

    • Andreas (HKUST)

      Are you from Tel Aviv or Brooklyn?

  • NWO

    The first FIDESZ idea that I completely support. Raise money and bring into the country what Hungary needs more than anything-wealthy foreigners ( hopefully in child bearing years) who might invigorate Hungary’s society and economy a lot more than us locals are doing.

    • Andreas (HKUST)

      Agreed…”Get Rich Enjoy it” Hungarian Society needs reshuffle. I do not understand why are Hungarians always Rebelling against Everything…You don’t like Capitalism, You don’t like Monarchy, You don’t like Communism…what the hell do you like? Always just Revolution and you are getting smaller and fewer…the last village in China has more population than Hungary

  • Andreas (HKUST)

    Best Idea…USA/UK has been doing this for centuries I have no idea why are Hungarians against being finally rich and wealthy

  • Magyar

    Why is Fidesz not doing anything about Biszku?

    Where is Orbán the great anti-communist?

  • Ricsi

    magyar, why not doing….some honest work for a change? Are you making a living by womiting dirt nonstop? Can’t you work? Or you don’t need?

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