November 8th, 2012

Jobbik hearts Barack, and other awkward Obama re-election news from Hungary

Before Barack Obama’s re-election Tuesday, numerous stories made the rounds revealing that US president was much more popular than his opponent among people outside America. To further underscore how big the landslide among non-American non-voters was, it turns out that among Barack’s backers was Jobbik!

Late yesterday, Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy group leader of the far-right Hungarian nationalist party, issued a statement said that Jobbik welcomed Obama’s re-election with “relief” because his program was much closer to their program than the “neo-liberal” schemes of Mitt Romney. But perhaps just to show he was being even-handed, Gyöngyösi conceded that Obama, like any US president, wouldn’t really be able to escape the clutches of the Zionist lobby.

Meanwhile, for most of the day the government was largely silent on Obama’s re-election, save for a rather bland but still sort of awkward set of comments made on the radio by Ferenc Kumin, who is in charge of international press relations for the other “Big O” in these parts (Prime Minister Viktor Orbán).

Kumin said that while on paper the politics of the Republican Party were closer to those of a center-right European government like Hungary’s, in reality they weren’t really in total alignment. He did not, however, just come out and say the obvious, which is that nationalists from different countries never really get along because the whole point of nationalism isn’t getting along with other nationalists.

He also pointed out that the election’s result means the “colors” of the administration won’t change, without stopping to realize that this is probably not the best choice of words when you are a white guy talking about the re-election of a black guy. But he then went on to note that a widely-expected change at the top in the US State Department could be important for Hungary without pointing out that it is currently held by a girl, or that it’s sort of interesting that it’s held by a girl and that her job is being a “secretary.”

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  1. spectator says:

    Is anybody sober nowadays in Hungary..?

    • Viking says:

      No, we are *all* celebrating ‘The Victory of The Peach’…it is as good excuse as any to drink…

      * The Fidesz-controlled Hungarian State News Agency MTI lies to us using tax payers money

  2. Magyar says:

    I was also glad that Romney didn’t win.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who really cares what others think of the U.S. Things are the way they are and the way they will be regardless of one (won) party over the other. It is a two party system, always was and always will be save for a few minor attempts at third party introductions eg. William Jennings Bryant. In the end the vast majority of Americans unite and pull together for the common good, a traite not understood nor practiced in Hungary! This spirit, this life giving force makes the U.S.A. unique!

    • Leto مؤدّب says:

      Yes, it’s so great and unique that Americans could always choose between cheeseburger or hamburger and they will always be able to choose if they want cheeseburger or hamburger. 🙂

      Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

  4. Jobbik = gilisztaagyúak says:

    “Jobbik welcomed Obama’s re-election with “relief” because his program was much closer to their program than the “neo-liberal” schemes of Mitt Romney.”

  5. Lex says:

    Hát ezek betegek, ilyet ir a barikád hogy “Ron Paul (republikánus, libertáriánus étrtékekkel) kongresszusi képviselő jobbikosű” (mellesleg nem az mert a jobbiknak sincs semmi gőze arról hogy mi a libertáriánus értékrendszer központja) de erre meg ekkora ökörséget tesznek hogy ennek a globalista Soros-Goldman Sachs pénzelte bábunak, Obamának örülnek, na nem mintha Romney nem az lenne…na itt tart a Jobbik intellektuálisan, de az arrogáns beszólogatás az megy arra van ész csak kifinomultság nincs

  6. Anonymous says:

    Viktor Orban is praising the Bajnai government’s economic policy at a press conference with Angela Merkell on July 21, 2010 – after the 5th minute in Hungarian with German translation.


    • Leto مؤدّب says:

      He tried to depict a positive picture of Hungary in Berlin, that’s all. The only positive fact he could find was the expense reduction. Obviously he didn’t want to speak about the almost seven percent GDP decrease which the blinking goose-thief produced in 2009.

      Ceterum censeo MSZP delendum est.

      • Viking says:

        Leto مؤدّب says:
        November 9, 2012 at 9:53 am

        He tried to depict a positive picture of Hungary in Berlin, that’s all

        Maybe the PimpMaster Whorban should learn a bit or two from the ex-PM Bajnai?

        I recommend Whorban to pop over to:
        to start his studies, because that is the place where we will see how to get out of this situation a few years later

        * The Fidesz-controlled Hungarian State News Agency MTI lies to us using tax payers money

  7. spectator says:

    “..Maybe the PimpMaster Whorban should learn a bit or two from the ex-PM Bajnai?”

    – And now, Viktor, you hold the fork in your right hand…, very good! Now, we try the knife…left hand… be careful!

    Next time we will learn how to use the toilet paper too…

    Well, all of beginnings feels hard, as they say, but hey, it worth it, he may even pass like someone from Europe, – for the superficial observer, at least.

  8. Farkas László says:

    Romney stood for making your money any which way you can and as quickly as you can, which included buying American companies and letting American workers go, shipping the jobs to China. Whatever sells, whatever makes money (short of dealing dope like Columbian drug “lord” Pablo Escobar) is OK for this man and his fellow travelers, and they even insist that American law empower and reflect this.

    This is not exactly the sort of right wing we have in Hungary. No wonder our right distrusts their “right”! Our right is nationalistic. Their right doesn’t care about economic nationalism, only profits for the top people, however obtained, even if it means the destruction of jobs and factories in their home US.

    Jobbik is not likely to see economic priorities in the way that Romney and other American plutocrats of his ilk see things. But then we don’t have the American historical experience of mega millionaires funding and dominating almost all politics and process. Hungarian millionaires are of a recent, post communist vintage. They will need several generations of uninterrupted entrenchment and “practice” to achieve the shameless venality that seems to be second nature to America’s economic and corporate elites.

  9. Magyar says:

    @Farkas László

    I would not really call the Republicans “right wing”.

    They are right wing relative to the Demokrats, but as far as them being right wing:

    “Currently the party’s platform generally reflects American conservatism in the U.S. political spectrum. American conservatism of the Republican Party is not wholly based upon rejection of the political ideology of liberalism, as many principles of American conservatism are based upon classical liberalism. Rather, the Republican Party’s conservatism is largely based upon its support of classical principles against the modern liberalism of the Democratic Party that is considered American liberalism in contemporary American political discourse”

  10. Farkas László says:

    Kedves Magyar,

    The semantics of this can get very confusing, especially for a European reader trying to make sense of the American political dynamic.

    We can call the US Republicans a “right” in the sense that they are offended by the expression “left” (and refuse to identify with it), and reject whatever that implies. The US Republicans are essentially a “corporatist” party. They are a classic “right” in the sense that they champion the rights of owners and investors over workers. They are not economic nationalists in the Jobbik mold, as they don’t particularly care which country their investment opportunities come from. They are annoyed by any law that restricts their freedom as owners and investors. The whole world is their oyster; the whole world is their sweatshop. Anybody who thinks otherwise is to them “left”.

    • Magyar says:

      Personally, I think the whole “Left-Right” thing should be abandoned, and replaced with globalist-nationalist (which makes more sense these days).

      • Farkas László says:

        Hi again Magyar,

        Adding further to the word confusion is that in economics, “neo liberal” (i.e. advocating unlimited free trade and unlimited international capital movement and investment) is espoused mostly by those who consider the word “liberal” to be a perjorative in politics. You are always going to have the vocabulary of polarisation in politics.

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