November 26th, 2012

LMP fails to elect new parliamentary group leader as split in party continues

Lawmakers failed to elect a new parliamentary group leader for the small opposition LMP party on Friday.

Former group leader Andras Schiffer was nominated but rejected in a vote of 7 in favour, 8 against.

The seven LMP lawmakers vowed to continue talks on Monday, Benedek Javor, the outgoing group leader, told the press after the meeting.

Asked if there was a chance for a split in the party’s parliamentary group, Javor said “I genuinely hope this will not happen”.

The platform ‘Dialogue for Hungary’ was formed within the party on Monday, with Javor as one of its founders. The platform gathers those who would back the Together 2014 electoral movement led by former prime minister Gordon Bajnai with the aim of “changing the Orban regime.”

At a weekend congress, LMP delegates voted 84:77 against the party joining Together 2014, which includes the Milla and Solidarity movements, as well as Bajnai’s Patriotism and Progress Association. Javor and two of his deputies, Timea Szabo and Gergely Karacsony, resigned from their party posts following the vote.

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