November 27th, 2012

Leader of Budapest art hall resigns over government interference

Gábor Gulyás, who was appointed to run the Műcsarnok contemporary art gallery last year, has resigned over a cabinet decision to grant consultation rights on artistic issues to the Hungarian Artistic Academy (MMA) from January 1.

The government decided last Wednesday to transfer ownership of the Műcsarnok and the Pesti Vigadó to the MMA.

The MMA is a conservative group founded in 1992 by associates of the late architect Imre Makovecz.

MMA leader György Fekete, 80, recently attacked the Műcsarnok, calling the show “What Is It to be Hungarian?” outrageous and describing the exhibition as “belonging to the category of national blasphemy”.

“As the change in the order of operation of the Műcsarnok does not enable me to continue my work independently, it is my moral duty to resign,” Gulyás said in a statement.

The culture state secretariat expressed regret at Gulyás’s decision and praised his work.

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  • Paul

    And some other government interference:

    Klubradio “suspended” (finished) its broadcasts in Esztergom & Tatabanya today, 11-27-2012.

  • ViktorOrban

    There’s no place for art in this country, unless it celebrates the glory of Hungary.
    Concerning Klubradio: the signatures on the licenses were missing, so it’s absolutely normal that this postcommie station is banned from the airwaves.

    • Post-Commie

      But Hungary has only exposed gas lines. No glory.

  • MagyarViking

    To have “a conservative group founded in 1992”, with a 80 year old leader, to run a “contemporary art gallery” sounds like a Real Joke…

    I suppose we will see a lot of re-runs of the 20-30s art

    Hey wait, did we not see that in the Fidesz Constitution?

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