November 27th, 2012

Soros to address Council of Europe conference on hate speech in Budapest

The Council of Europe will hold a conference on ways to fight hate speech in Budapest, to be opened by Minister of Human Resources Zoltan Balog and CoE Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland.

The two-day conference starting on Tuesday will also be addressed by Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros who founded the Open Society Foundation.

The conference will debate the possibilities of online regulations and the development of an environment that promotes tolerance and the protection of basic rights.

The event will also include training for online activists about the best methods of handling hate speech.

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  • Laszlo

    Mr.Soros is a international criminal & everybody who is associated with him

    • MagyarViking

      …I think you forgot to inform InterPol about that…

      • ViktorOrban

        Soros is my hero. I wish he did that trick with the Pound Sterling once again, just to see the face of Cameron.

        • Flyover099

          Is that the same trick he performed in SE Asia some decade or so ago? He’s such a magician – unfortunately for him he can’t hide from a riotous crowd.

    • Vidra

      For the benefit of those at the back who weren’t paying attention, is he really a criminal, on what grounds and will he be arrested when he sets foot on Hungarian soil? Will you be demonstrating against him or just grumbling during your break at the call center?

    • Flyover099

      Is holocaust Saint Eli Wiesel making an appearance? I suspect not, as it is quite $costly$ to have him present.

  • stanlee98

    “training for online activists about the best methods of handling hate speech.”

    The best method would be to get on with the game, stop whining all the time, and don’t make such a big deal of different opinions. “Hate speech” has its roots in observation, if a group talks and acts like they own the world, people may don’t like that. They have every right to vent their frustration.

    • Vidra

      No they don’t. The simplest example of “hate speech” is on the football terraces, where there’s no attempt to have a dialogue with the opponents; the aim is simply to spoil their game. If a group (right or left) talks and act like they own the world, they are simply guilty of stupidity. Maybe that’s why domestic violence is so widespread in Hungary; if you don’t like what your wife, girlfriend or kids are saying, just give them a good slapping every now and then. And then say, when the police come “but honest officer, I was just venting my frustration”.

      • Unnepnap Unnep

        According to interpol statistic, the domestic violence in “enlightened” Britain France and USA is widespread too, even more than in Hungary. Check mate.

    • MagyarViking

      “whining all the time”

      Trianon anyone?

  • Géza

    if George Soros is present then it is clear what this conference is all about!

    Thought police, attack on free speech (everything that is opposition against left wing liberal thinking and their agenda), anti-hate laws (just anti-Hungarian’/Hungary laws), pro gay, pro abortion, pro feminism, pro everything that is immoral and destroys traditional society and is against human nature.

    Everything to end Hungary as a independed nationstate and the destruction of the hungarians as a etnic and culture group! Like they (Soros and friends are doing with the nations and etnic groups of Western Europe, the USA and Canada ect for decades now)

    • Norman Lamont jnr

      Soros is a ruthless and unethical toad that has made illegal money conspiring with his like-minded cronies on Wall Street in attacking currencies under pressure whilst in receipt of information of a “confidential” and “protected” nature obtained by stealth. He is a convicted criminal in France and was booted out of Hungary several years ago for stitching up the OTP-communist brotherhood. The cynical old fart (Soros) should remain in his wheelchair counting his gray hairs and ill-gotten gains.

  • Flyover099

    Soros is simply concerned that, as world awakens to what he and others have perpetrated in the wonderful world of finance, they will need some sort of protection against a society seeking vigilante justice. With history as our guide, his efforts will have been in vain.

  • Georgeorwell

    As for this message group, you are a bunch of the most amazing haters I have ever read. I trust that once you find a real life your hate will diminish. If not it will be a sorry world for my children and grandchildren ….and by the way yours as well.

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