November 29th, 2012

Government to spend billions on new “Friends of Hungary” foundation in US

The Hungarian government has mandated the creation of a new, US-based foundation called “Friends of Hungary” that will be tasked with strengthening national identity and cohesion among those in the Hungarian diaspora.

According to a resolution published in yesterday’s edition of the official government gazette (Magyar Közlöny), Economy Minister György Matolcsy will make available $15 million – roughly HUF 3.2 billion at the current exchange rate – to launch the foundation, which will be owned by the office of the Prime Minister.

The complete resolution, part of which is pictured above, can be found on page 89 of this PDF version of the Wednesday gazette.

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  • Aloof

    LMFAO! Save your money. Americans think that “the old country” and especially in 2012 is a joke, a laughingstock. As long as Fidesz and Jobbik are around there is no chance at influencing us in a positive way. Anti-semites, anti-gypsy, anti-minority, racist fascist little trolls running around in little garda uniforms isn’t going to win any American hearts. Hungary is an arrogant anti democratic country run by a lying fascist egomaniacal messianic whack job… and we know it. Orban and Matolcsy are absolute jokes over here.
    Enjoy your isolation and bankruptcy because all of that is coming your way… Have a Happy and Horthy day!

    • Leto

      “Americans think ”

      I doubt each and every American is so moronic like you are.

  • Bowen

    I’ve got an idea. How about having a Hungarian government which wasn’t continually proving itself embarrassingly incompetent, and bringing national shame to Hungary? This would go a long way to ‘strengthening national identity and cohesion’ among the Hungarian diaspora everywhere (not just in the US).

    And I’ll let you have that idea for free.

    • Laci

      Should spend that money to better educate the people there about what the world outside of the country of Hungary is like. Also just replace all the incompetent morons that run local government organisations and local government so called nonprofit business too. They do more damage to tourism with they idiotic rules / user contracts and miserable staff ,never mind as EU member country, can not read Magyar or English complaint letters or communicate any other languages but Hungarian. So we can be friends as long as we speak Hungarian and don’t mind being ripped off our money?. Thank you but I rather spend my money elsewhere.No government there will be different it must be something to do with the drinking water, even the EU realized that and forcing them to install purification plants by the end of the year…

  • MagyarViking

    So another pro-Fidesz organisation paid by Hungarian Tax Payers (who not all are Hungarians)

    This will fix some well-paid sinecure for the party-loayilists

  • Elsbeth

    This may be where the monies that used to support smaller cultural institutions are going. What a waste–actually criminal! Probably many other things have had funding cuts too, but I don’t know about them.

  • meh

    Good luck. I am proud of my Hungarian ancestry but this government is despicable. They aren’t fooling anyone and I won’t go back to Hungary until Orban is gone.

    • Leto

      I hope you’ll never ever come back. 😀

      • Aloof

        Well that’s about the 500th Hungarian you’ve said that to puppet. What in the hell makes you think that YOU are representative of what a Hungarian is? Because you’ve won an election? LMAO!

        Orban and Matolcsy have Hungary on the highway to hell, they lie and flip flop every friggin’ day and NOBODY knows from day to day what will happen next in the Fidesz poker game/joy ride all the while being arrogant and ignorant corrupt unsophisticated mafia like cretins. There has always been corruption in Hungary but now it’s an actual Fidesz policy and institutionalized!

  • Alex

    Friends…that reminds me:
    The Tax Returns of The Bilderberg Group

  • I will never be the friend and I will use all my ways to deter others to befriend the Pro-Evangelical brainwashed Zionist Government of Hungary.

  • Hopeful

    Interesting Canada is not included as a friend of Hungary! How sad…..

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