December 17th, 2012

Bajnai says plans to run for Parliament; in car accident in Budapest

Former prime minister Gordon Bajnai plans to run as a candidate for MP at the next elections, he said in an interview with the Borsod county weekly, Vasárnapi Észak.

Bajnai, a founder of the Patriotism and Progress Association movement, said it can only be announced next summer at the earliest who the movement’s candidate for prime minister will be. It should be whomever stands the best chance of freeing the country of this harmful regime and can govern well, he said.

Bajnai wrecked his car Sunday afternoon, the tabloid Blikk reported yesterday. The car skidded in a bend of slippery road on Kútvölgyi út in the 12th District and smashed against a parked car. Neither Bajnai nor anyone else was injured. Bajnai was driving his own Skoda Superb, called police and asked them to submit him to a breathalyser test. He tested negative for any alcohol and waited on the premises until police found the owner of the damaged jeep.

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  • ViktorOrban

    People, let this be a warning… Do not vote for Bajnai – he’ll steal your wife, wreck your car and smoke cigars made of 20,000 HUF bills!!

    • wolfi

      A Skoda Superb – how ugly and unpatriotic!

      Aren’t there any Hungarian cars for him ? Isn’t it enough that most of these guys have Slovak licence plates ?

      • ViktorOrban

        Soon Bajnai can buy a B-Class Mercedes, 140% Made in Hungary (not just the car, wheels, plastic cup holders, alarm and GPS are locally made, but also the spoiler, LED smiley face, fluffy dices and the Forget Trianon bumper sticker).

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