December 19th, 2012

Rebel Fidesz MP Ángyán fined for defying party on vote favoring “big-moneyed groups”

The Fidesz caucus will impose a fine on MP József Ángyán for voting against an amendment to the Basic Law related to the land bill, despite a compulsory voting instruction issued by caucus leader Antal Rogán on Monday.

Ángyán defended his moves in an interview with news website HVG. What he meant to achieve with his proposal is for legal regulations on family farming, rather than integrated production organisation, to become a cardinal law – but only two Fidesz caucus members supported this, while the others rejected it “in a grand coalition with the Socialists,” he claimed.

“It is rumoured that the state will assign integration duties per region in concessions to big-moneyed groups” suspected to be in the background, who lease the majority of state land and receive a large part of agrarian subsidies, he said.

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  • stanlee98

    “compulsory voting instruction”

    This should be very illegal. It’s already most unethical, ignore the
    wishes of your constituents in, and blindly follow the great dictator.

    • MagyarViking

      It is a normal thing in European Parliaments with Party Factions
      If you are in for a dime, you are in for the dollar
      That is why you have the Party Whip and that is why you have Party Programmes
      Again, the US-experience may differ, but who cares?

      • Vidra

        It’s very common in the UK for MPs (especially Conservatives) to defy the whips. It might not be so in Hungary but, with a two-thirds majority, for Fidesz to punish one of their own looks spiteful and mean-spirited.

        Unless, of course, the voices in Orbán’s head tell him that even his own party cannot be trusted anymore.

      • nimh

        No, it’s not a “normal thing”. Of course party leaders always exert pressure on their Members of Parliament to vote the party line – and if you vote against it too many times, maybe you won’t get that plum assignment or committee position you were eyeing. But dissenting votes are regularly cast nevertheless. And an MP being formally *fined* for casting a dissenting vote is extremely unusual – I have never heard of such a thing in any Western country.

        • MagyarViking

          I agree that being fined is not a “normal thing”

          My comment was more about “compulsory voting instruction”, which is a rather strange thing to have, when you have a rather secure 2/3rd majority…

  • szebbjovot

    Is József Ángyán the only non postcommie in Fidesz? I think so!

  • Daniel

    Compulsory voting instruction is despicable and should have never seen the light of day in Hungary, or any modern democracy for that matter. Folks, we either have liberty, or we don’t. Fining someone because their vote is based on principle and not party politics can be described as flirting with tyranny in my book.

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