December 21st, 2012

Strike seen likely at state-run media as protests over sackings continue

A strike could develop in the state-run media by early January, as the Media Services and Asset Manager MTVA has failed to reach agreement with the central employee council on details of staff dismissals.

In-house trade unions have formed a strike committee and are preparing to strike.

MTVA had begun a third wave of dismissals last Friday, having announced in November that it wants to dismiss an additional 250 staff members, a figure it later reduced to 210. So far 1,000 staff members have been fired in two major waves.

The strike committee will hold its first official meeting on December 28.

MTVA security guards made their fourth attempt in six weeks early Thursday morning to remove demonstrators protesting what they term news manipulation at the state-run media, outside MTVA’s production facility on Kunigunda utca in the Third District.

Protesters staying in a trailer prevented guards from pulling down a tent, TV trade union leader Balázs Navarro Nagy told reporters. The demonstrators called police, who detained about 30 security guards, he said.

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  • MagyarViking

    “The demonstrators called police, who detained about 30 security guards”

    Only happens in Hungary….

    • MagyarViking

      If this is true and these Security Guards did it on instructions from MTVA, then:
      a) The MTVA CEO should be charged
      b) The MTVA Management should be forced to resign, including the Representatives of the Owners, if they were aware of this, obvious, illegal act
      c) Then the Representatives for the Owners and the Management are appointed on political grounds, the responsible Politicians must either distance them from their appointees and do the Honourably Thing, or take the blame collectively and be showed out the window

      • ViktorOrban

        People, stop the commotion. Nothing is going on here, so please just wait for the fairytale to happen. I phoned with György today, and he told me it’s just a matter of weeks or months before all Hungarians will be billionaires so soon we’ll have a national Hummer race organized on Lake Balaton (let’s wait until the lake is completely frozen anyhow, so we don’t look like freaky idiots in the foreign press).

  • Horthy has 100% Jewish wife

    Horthy married with Magdolna Purgly
    in Arad in 1901. The Purgly family (Originally: Wodianer family) was of
    Jewish origin. The Purgly family babtized and converted to Calvinism in
    the late 19th century.[4] They had four children: Magdolna (1902),
    Paula (1903), István (1904) and Miklós (1907). BOOK: Raphael Patai:The Jews of
    Hungary: History, Culture, Psychology (page: 378)

    Horthy was not antisemite, he has 100% jewish wife, therefore
    theoretically their childred had the right to go to Israel state after
    the war according to the most stricter israeli immigration laws too!

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