January 3rd, 2013

Fidesz setting up task force to monitor decreed cuts in utility prices

The ruling Fidesz party will set up a working group to monitor whether the government-decreed 10 percent cuts in retail gas, electricity and district heating prices are implemented by utility companies, parliamentary group leader Antal Rogan told a news conference on Wednesday.

Should the group find any service provider “tricking” customers, its leader, Fidesz MP Szilard Nemeth, will be entitled to initiate an amendment of the related rules, he said.

Janos Lazar, the head of the Prime Ministers’ Office who announced the cuts on December 6, said the reduction was expected to result in annual household savings in the region of 100,000 forints (EUR 350).

The opposition Socialists welcomed the government’s decision but said that it would only slightly ease the bread-and-butter worries of Hungarian families.

Deputy parliamentary leader Istvan Jozsa called the measure belated and unjust as it relieved low-income consumers of a much lesser burden than high-income households.

The radical nationalist Jobbik said that the cuts would be totally counter-balanced by inflation.

Hungarians still pay 30 to 40 percent more for public utilities than justified, MP Daniel Z Karpat said, laying the blame on ill-conceived privatisation and giant foreign companies that had generated hundreds of billion forints in extra profit.

The small green LMP blamed Prime Minister Viktor Orban for having rejected energy-efficiency investment projects, which the party considers the best tool for reducing public utilities costs.

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  • MagyarViking

    Should the group find any service provider “tricking” customers, its leader, Fidesz MP Szilard Nemeth, will be entitled to initiate an amendment of the related rules, he said

    Hungary, Europe’s answer to Venezuela with its PimpMaster Hugo Whorban

  • Democrat

    “annual household savings in the region of 100,000 forints”…of course MTI print this garbage without a single question. The saving suggests an average monthly spend of HUF80,000. Costs are high but the average surely is not above HUF50,000 so Lazar has probably inflated the savings by more than 50%. But he gets away with the lies again.

    BTW……the richest (those who are not fiddling their meters, of course) will make the biggest savings. Natural justice here in Orbanistan.

    • Vidra

      And the energy companies will recover as much of their losses as possible by increasing their commercial and industrial prices, which will of course be passed on to consumers as higher prices in the stores and for services. Are the people really so stupid not to see through Fidesz’ lies?

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