January 4th, 2013

Jobbik to hold demo against “Gypsy terror” after countryside stabbing

The radical nationalist Jobbik party is planning a demonstration in Szigethalom, a village south of Budapest, in response to a stabbing that happened in the town on New Year’s Eve.

Adam Mirkoczki, a Jobbik spokesman, told a press conference on Friday that the stabbing was a “typical and vile example of Gypsy terror”. He said Jobbik would hold the demonstration to show that “Hungarian society is not afraid and Jobbik will act against Gypsy crime”.

Mirkoczki said Fidesz’s three-strikes laws for stricter punishments had obviously been ineffective, as homocides had risen by 20 percent in 2012 from the previous year. He said Jobbik would draw up “an even more radical law enforcement concept” and propose setting up a special crime unit on “Gypsy crime”.

Two men were stabbed at a club in Szigethalom on New Year’s Eve. One of them is a 19-year-old man, a top junior wrestler at the local sports club Sziget SC, the other a 17-year-old boxer, signed with the Budapest club MTK. The wrestler is in critical condition, while the boxer suffered injuries requiring hospital treatment.

One of the suspected attackers, a 17-year-old man, has been arrested while another suspect is still at large. MTK said there were 30 people involved in the fight preceding the stabbing at the club, while Jobbik said there were 40 “attackers”.

The sports club MTK released a statement condemning what they called the use of “hateful and racist views” in connection with the tragedy of a young sportsman. Tamas Deutsch, MTK’s chairman, told MTI in a statement that it is shameful to “speak the voice of Gypsy hate instead of that of sympathy” in connection with the injuries.

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  • Rag Narok

    Good, gypsies are total scum. They’re thieving, murdering, raping, low IQ invaders and ruin areas they infest.

  • guardian

    Deport them back to India where they belong.

    • wolfi

      Didn’t Hungarians with their “Mongolian Blue Spot” come from East Asia ? So why not deport them also …

      Then we Austrians would have the “Lebensraum” that we need – maybe leave a few slaves to work in agriculture (like in KuK times).

      • szebbjovot

        Last time you Krauts tried that


        PS. Gypsies did not build or defend Hungary, they simply parasited it, and contributed nothing until the recent times.

        • Paul

          Zsolt Bayer:

          “a significant portion of the Gypsies are unfit for coexistence. Not fit to live among human beings. These people are animals and behave like animals. … If he finds resistance, he kills. He voids where and when it occurs to him. … He wants what he sees. If he doesn’t get it, he takes it and he kills…. From his animal skull only inarticulate sounds come out and the only thing he understands is brute force… There shouldn’t be animals. No way. This must be solved, immediately and in any way.”

          Hey Magyar…..from your disgusting point of view, why don’t you vote Fidesz. Bayer is much more extreme as Gábor Vona ever was.

          • szebbjovot

            Because Bayer is not the head of Fidesz, you moron?

      • Norbert Lukacsi

        Wolfi, at least 30-50% of Hungarians are Schwab in some way or another, so we can’t go back to Mongolia.

        • szebbjovot

          There is no “back to Mongolia” because we never came from Mongolia!

      • Jingoist

        Dude, check yourself. If my Austrian bro’s hear you talk like that on the street, they’ll have a boot party on your stupid head. We are united and will check our own people for being fools.

  • szebbjovot

    I agree with both of you, but you might have touched a few nerves with those comments. Once they finish wiping their crocodile tears at the gypsy that got arrested (not at the people who got stabbed), prepare to face their postcommie wrath.

    • patriot

      There are gypsies in Hungary,??? I can’t believe it.I thought Hungary has 100% Horthy Miklos descendents !!!

  • szebbjovot

    Jobbik spokesman Adam Mirkóczki said that the New Year’s Eve gypsy attack in a Szigethalom wasn’t just an attempted murder, but in fact, it was a lynching attempt, the most despicable form of gypsy crime.

    Mirkóczki announced that Jobbik organizes a demonstration in Szigethalom in the near future against gypsy crime in order to show that Hungarian society can’t be intimidated.

    According to the Jobbik politician, the police action on New Year’s Eve was outrageous because one of the victims was stabbed while police was already on the scene harassing the victims. Police needed a “lengthy persuasion to call for backup,” said Mirkóczki.

    It is telling that from the 40 attackers police arrested only one individual.

    Mirkóczki remarked that these sorts of incidents are quite common, but in most cases the victims don’t bring charges against the perpetrators due to threats. The Szigethalom incident is very similar to the Marian Cozma murder case when gypsy criminals stabbed to death a handball player in a disco fight in 2009.

    In the New Year’s Eve nightclub fight in Szigethalom gypsy criminals stabbed two athletes, a 19 year old wrestler and a 17 year old boxer in an unprovoked attack. The wrestler still in critical condition, the 17-year old boxer is already recovering from life threatening injuries. Police arrested 17 year old Jónás János on the scene and charged with attempted murder; the other perpetrator who is suspected of taking part in the attack is still at large.

    Mirkóczki stressed that this is what happens when rights come before duties, which is the case with the Roma. He added that in 2012 the murder rate grew by 20 percent comparing to the previous year, which shows that the government’s action plan “three strikes and you’re out” is not working.

    The Jobbik politicians said, “yes, there is racism in Hungary, but it is against Hungarians.” Therefore, Jobbik prepares a new, even more radical and more stringent law enforcement approach by calling for the formation of a specialized police force dealing only with gypsy criminals. Jobbik also introduces a draft resolution in parliament calling for the creation of an ad hoc parliamentary committee to investigate gypsy-Hungarian relations.


  • Pannonia Roman Fold

    Gypsy terror? Oh please, even gypsies are more human than hungarians, besides that, most hungarian nationalists are of Roma origins, like this one, so I can’t see any difference between Gypsies and Jobbik fans: http://blog.nouadreapta.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/tricou_ungaria_marre1.jpg.pagespeed.ce.LtMKol9Ahp.jpg

    • szebbjovot

      picture from “nouadreapta.org” a far right Roma-nian gypsy orgonisation, bashing Hungarians? who would have thought it

    • Jingoist

      I would be happy to educate you personaly you little worm. I can’t believe you are actually wearing that shirt. Does the term, “lying hypocrite,” mean anything to you?

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