January 23rd, 2013

Tour operators and Tesco face uncertain future over Budapest bus licenses

The city of Budapest cancelled the operating licences of the four sightseeing bus companies in the capital from January 1 and extended them until March 30, due to an amendment of the law on national assets.

The new regulation states that the operation of bus lines must be a monopoly of local governments.

However, the Budapest Transport Centre has not extended its permits for the use of bus stops, said Gábor Dittel of hauler association NiT Hungary representing the companies.

Dittel suggested that these services be reclassified from the category of transport to tourism to solve the problem.

The law also casts into doubt the operation of Tesco and Aquaréna buses, as they operate according to a timetable.

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  • Democrat

    What is wrong with this country? Seems to be something in the water that makes people act quite so stupidly.

    • ViktorOrban

      Stop your slander – water is the N°1 asset in Hungary, pure liquid gold!

      • wolfi

        Maybe Fool’s Gold ?

        Well Hungarian water contains a lot of “stone” aka vízkö – also a lot of rust from the old ducts …
        We have to clean our filters regularly.
        In some neighbouring villages there was even more – poison from the Aluminium works which caused deadly colon cancer in quite a few people …

  • Aloof

    “bus lines must be a monopoly of local governments.” They’re tourist buses for christsakes. Agree with Democrat, how dumb is this BS?

    • Vidra

      Even Germany has outsourced a lot of local bus services to private companies because they can provide them at lower cost and often more reliably. But then Hungary has so much money that it doesn’t need to worry about cost-efficiency and Budapesters don’t mind waiting half an hour in the snow for the bus that never came.

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