January 28th, 2013

LMP splits over cooperation with Together 2014; caucus may remain intact

Members of Politics Can Be Different (LMP)’s “Dialogue for Hungary” platform announced on Sunday their decision to leave the opposition party and form a new organization.

Benedek Javor, a member of Dialogue and LMP’s former parliamentary group leader, said the eight MPs leaving LMP would keep their parliamentary mandates. They will coordinate with the remaining seven LMP lawmakers in order to keep the parliamentary group operational on some level, Javor said.

He said they were forming a new party in order to represent the values important to them and develop a strategy for ousting the government in 2014.

“It is time to let go of each other’s hand,” he said, adding that the situation in which two irreconcilable strategies, two groups dissenting on government change, cancelled each other out should be ended.

On Saturday, LMP congress delegates voted to keep a November resolution in place which rejected cooperation with the electoral movement Together 2014 headed by Gordon Bajnai.

Andras Schiffer, the LMP group leader, said the move would not lead to a party split. Less than 10 percent of the party’s membership has indicated a desire to leave the party, he said.

LMP will hold talks with leaving party members in order to create decent circumstances for the exit, Schiffer said.

Gergely Karacsony, one of the leaving MPs, said a vast majority of about one hundred participants in a Sunday informal meeting supported their decision to depart from LMP. The new party will be “a leftist green party” with sensitivity to social issues and eco-political values, he said.

About half of LMP representatives in Budapest municipal council and an estimated 40 percent of politicians in provincial chapters are ready to join the new party, Agnes Somfai, one of the municipal representatives, told MTI.

Timea Szabo, another one of the eight leaving deputies, said there would be talks early next week on how to cooperate with the remaining LMP group.

She said the name of the party has yet to be decided, but the first steps to form it would be taken within two to three weeks.

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  • pantanifan

    Unfortunately this story makes you wonder whether politics can actually be different…

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