February 7th, 2013

Romania threatens expulsion of Hungarian ambassador as conflict over Székelyföld escalates dramatically

Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean has accused Hungarian Ambassador Oszkar Fuzes of contravening diplomatic norms. He may be expelled from Romania unless he “stays within the scope of his authority,” he said.

Speaking on Romanian television on Wednesday night, Corlatean condemned the ambassador for voicing support for autonomy for Szekler Land.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Romanian government sharply rejected remarks by Hungarian State Secretary Zsolt Nemeth, who had called on Romania to drop a ban on the use of Szekler symbols and put an end to “symbolic aggression”.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry summoned Fuzes, who had made his remarks in a television interview. A subsequent statement called Nemeth’s “intervention” unacceptable.

In response, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry said “it is up to Romania” to resolve the issue.

Romanian PM: No “lessons”

Earlier on Wednesday, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said his country will not tolerate “lessons” from anyone on how to apply its laws. Ponta was speaking in reaction to Zsolt Nemeth, state secretary at the Hungarian foreign ministry, calling on Romania to stop a ban on the use of Szekler flags on office buildings.

Ponta said Romania was applying the highest European standards in the representation of minorities and in local autonomy.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry said in a statement sent to MTI that Nemeth’s statement was unacceptable and was in contrast with the strategic partnership that existed between Hungary and Romania, as well as with the spirit of good neighbourly relations.

Bogdan Aurescu, the foreign affairs state secretary, said in the statement that Romania would not accept such “regrettable interventions” that violate Romania’s constitutional and legal framework.

Nemeth on Tuesday called on Hungarian local councils to show support to Romania’s Hungarian-populated Szekler Land over the flag issue and said he firmly expected Romania to stop this “symbolic aggression.”

Government commissioners in Covasna (Kovaszna) and Harghita (Hargita) counties in central Romania have banned the hoisting of the Szekler flag on office buildings.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday afternoon that the solution concerning the issue of the ban on minority symbols was “in the hands” of Romania. The ethnic community has the right to use its symbols and Hungary therefore supports the use of the Szekler flag, the ministry said in a statement.

The Hungarian position was presented by Hungary’s ambassador to Romania in Bucharest’s Foreign Ministry where Oszkar Fuzes stressed that it was in line with previous practices as well as with Romanian and EU laws.

Speaking on Wednesday evening Nemeth suggested the Romanian prime minister could have “misunderstood something” before he said that Romania would not tolerate “lessons” from anyone in connection with the issue of the Szekler flag’s use.

“What laws do not ban is permitted in Europe. There is no law banning the Szekler flag’s use in Romania. In this context European norms, and the norms of a state governed by laws, must be ensured, irrespective of what the premier of Romania may or may not tolerate,” Nemeth said in Gyula in south-eastern Hungary.

He said the Szekler people in Romania had the right to use their own flag and expressed hope that the Romanian government would understand, and allow, that. He repeatedly voiced Hungary’s support for the Szekler people and its position that the issue had to be resolved by Romania.

Hungarian FM backs up ambassador

Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi said on Thursday that nothing the Hungarian ambassador to Romania had said concerning the issue of autonomy for Szekler Land “deviates from the position of the Hungarian government.”

Responding to a question at an unrelated conference on the economy, Martonyi said that Hungary had maintained a clear stance concerning endeavours to ensure autonomy for Szekler Land for the last 22 years. If a community claims some form of autonomy in a democratic way, majority society must consider that claim, he said.

Concerning Romania’s banning the Szekler flag from public buildings, Martonyi said that Hungary would act as a partner in resolving the situation.

“No doubt, Romania is in a position to take steps; legal proceedings initiated in connection with displaying the flag in Romania should be dropped,” he said.

Martonyi also said he would have talks by phone with his Romanian counterpart Titus Corlatean in the afternoon.

He said the situation must be handled calmly rather than amid the atmosphere in which the Romanian media was dealing with the matter.

The minister said it was very important that, “we did not start the flag-fighting.” In the past few months it has been indicated to Romania that the good relations which have been developing well, and the strategic partnership between the two countries, could be endangered, he said. Whereas a reply had often been given that there was nothing to worry about, the Romanian measures taken over the issue of the Szekler flag, “belong in the category of negative gestures”. He said a community’s right to display a symbol was today a “European minimum”.

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  • Aloof

    Speaking on Wednesday evening Nemeth suggested the Romanian prime minister could have “misunderstood something” …

    Absolutely classic Hungarian! Just more typical Magyar arrogance and futility. I hope the Romanians bounce Fuzes out of there.
    Trianon and Paris 1947 are here to stay kiddies no matter how much Magyars dream of changing it. And it sure as hell has NO chance of changing if Hungary stays in the EU.
    Meanwhile the dilution, low ethnic birthrates and physical exodus of Magyars will steadily roll on until it’s all a non issue. THAT is what Hungarians are afraid of because they know it but choose to deny it.

    • Vidra

      Both sides have a point. In most other EU countries, it’s permitted to display the symbols of their identity in areas with significant national minorities and give them some degree of autnomy. Romania (which has its own problems with nationalism) doesn’t want to go along with that in the Székely Land, and Fidesz’ blatant nationalism and escalation of the issue clearly doesn’t help. This is the kind of problem that the EU could and should be able to resolve.
      As for “misunderstanding something”, it should be called the “Hungarian defence,” that it’s all the foreigners fault because he either didn’t understand what was said in Hungarian or he didn’t explain it properly to the Hungarian.

  • Democrat

    “…such “regrettable interventions” that violate Romania’s constitutional and legal framework.” The Romanians will have to learn from us. When something does not fit the constitution we don’t complain, we change the constitution!!

  • ViktorOrban

    On March 22, the cockroaches will be crushed. My bet: 12-1.
    After this we will never see or hear them again.

    • Paul

      “On March 22, the cockroaches will be crushed. My bet: 12-1.
      After this we will never see or hear them again.”……Yep, Zsolt Bayer will take care of that.

      • patriot

        Like this:


        oh yah, you will see and hear us again when we will marsh for the fourth
        time in Budapest!

        • szebbjovot

          Listen you cochroach, Hungary was in chaos, outnumbered, outarmed, while you parasites, as well as your Czechoslovak and Yugoslav friends who we were also fighting were backed, funded and supplied by allies.

          This was as much of a victory as Treznea was our victory.

    • patriot
  • Paul

    1. Fidesz doesn’t want Hungary to be a colony….they want to create their own.

    2.The Machiavellian Personality (Viktor Orban).
    In the early 1970s, psychologist Richard Christie and his colleagues
    identified a distinct personality style that is characterized
    by manipulativeness, cynicism about human nature, and shrewdness
    in interpersonal behavior.

    *Never show humility; it is more effective to show
    arrogance when dealing with others.
    * Morality and ethics are for the weak; powerful people
    should feel free to lie, cheat, and deceive whenever it suits
    their purpose.
    * It is better to be feared than loved.

    3. This regime is a serious security risk for the EU.

  • szebbjovot

    You cant expect anything else from Rumanian gypsies

    • CynicMan

      Surprising how blind people can be – LAND and nationalism, the way of Medieval Europe, is so much in the Hungarian mind.
      Unfortunately it doesn’t provide more jobs or a higher standard of living.
      I am neither Hungarian nor Romanian but I cannot imagine what is the relevance of the action of the Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest, unless obviously there is a hidden agenda. .
      I don’t see anywhere that Hungarians living in Romania are discriminated, therefore why is it that the Hungarian Government is so attached to the ‘right cause’ ?
      And yes, there is Hungarian arrogance and insensitivity.
      So much for ‘friendly relations’

      • Xyz

        Since when jobs and standards of living are the most important things?

        “I don’t see anywhere that Hungarians living in Romania are discriminated”
        Lol seriously , don’t make me laugh

      • Ceausescu

        Really? You don’t see that Hungarians in Romania are discriminated? Compare the rights of Hungarians in Romania with that of other historic minorities, such as The Germans in Italy, the Catalans, and Basks in Spain, Italians and French in Switzerland, Swedes in Finland, French in Canada, etc etc. Aside from the legal rights, I should also point out the fact that to this day, the Hungarian minority is wilified in history books, through grous distortions of facts, which amounts to state sponsored incitement to hatred. The Judicial system is used to attack the interests of the community (see the Szekely Miko case, as just one example). Harghita and Covasna are generally out of favor financially speaking, compared to other counties, which is quite painful in a hyper-centralized state as Romania. These are just a few discriminatory actions. If Romanians are so tollerant, explain to me how come the German minority in Transylvania, which in 1918 made up 12% of the population there, now amounts to less than .5%? Explain to me how come the ethnic Hungarian minority went from 32% of the population to under 20% currently? All this in a region which has an 800 year history of coexistence between Romanians, Hungarians and Germans living together. I’m not saying that injustice did not happen against Romanians as well untill 1918, but before you go to claiming all sorts of things know this. In 1500, Tranylvania’s total population was about 700,000 of which less than 300,000 were Romanians. By 1918, the Romanian population there was 2.5 million, so a more than 8X increase. That compares favorably with the demographic increase withnessed by most ethnic entities in Western Europe during the same period, despite the higher standards of living in the West. And now compare that with what you have done to the Hungarians and Germans in Transylvania in less than 100 years.

        • sebastian

          Man all of you which don’t have a direct grasp on the situation should not hold such strong points of view cause chances are that you’re not right. I am a romanian living in timisoara the west of the country, bordering hungary. i have czechs, romanians and hungarians in my family, i also have a friends of german and serbian ethnicity. there is no discrimination to any minority…well maybe towards gypsies (for obvious facts). The german population went back to germany, the hungarian too…there are a lot of romanians who emigrate as well….because life is better there, they don’t have to put up with the low standard of life present in romania, it’s no discrimination. On the other hand as a funny story in some parts of romania which are densely populated by hungarians you can’t find anyone to talk romanian…which can be annoying wen you want to do your groceries or interact with the people( whatever) and there are some who know romanian but refuse to speak it. Well it is a basic condition in any country where you live to speak the official language. My grandfather grew up in a german speaking family but he learned romanian at school. My godfather grew up in a hungarian speaking family but he learned romanian too. As a child i spoke german with my grandparents and my cousin spoke hungarian with his, but when we where together we spoke romanian, as we have done in any other social circumstances. But that’s because in the western part of the country the people are cooler and in the middle (notably harghita and covasna) they are a bit retarded and still cling to the old mentalities of the land… i tend to think that some still fuck sheep :)) but anyway i think the new generations are perceiving this and this separatist movement will eventually halt.

          • Ceausescu

            No sebastian. The difference is that in Harghita and Covasna they still think they have a chance to survive asimilation. You say you live in Timisoara? In 1918, only about 10% of the population were ethnic Romanian, now it is 90%. In about 20-30 years Timisoara will be as multi-ethnic as Craiova. The people in Sekelyfold do not want the same to happen to them. They want to survive as a distinct ethnic entity. They basically are asking for the same level of respect that is acorded to the Germans in South Tyrol, to the French in Canada etc etc. And frankly the fact that you an the rest of your kind do not understand this, makes you all a bunch of primitive balkanic, chauvinsitic scumbags. How primitive do you have to be in the 21’th century to not have enough respect towards an ethnic minority’s wish not to be asimilated?

      • stanlee98

        “Surprising how blind people can be – LAND and nationalism, the way of Medieval Europe, is so much in the Romanian mind.”

      • stanlee98

        And yes, there is Romanian arrogance and insensitivity.

      • Varga

        Well, maybe you ask the same question in relation of the Catalans, the Basques, the Welsh, the Scottish, the Tyroleans, the Czechs and Slovaks, the Serbs, Croatians, Albanians, Macedonians…Imbecile!

  • Lancelot

    A country with its roots, history and culture cut off has no identity and is converted into a false illusion of truth.. Secular Liberal Lie… Just what the EU and Western World has become..

  • Varga

    How funny, the Hungarian-hater double standard. Romanian flags are standard in Ukrain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, wherever Romanian minorities live, they elect their own public officials in Spain even, they are building their own churches everywhere, yet they trample on everybody else. By the way, they do so as EU members, who signed on the EU Treaty…Actually, they signed on the mentioned Trianon Treaty also, which stated the rights of minorities, the holding of free elections, the respect of their religious, educational rights…Where is Romania’s compliance with any international treaties they signed, not the least the bilateral once with Hungary?

  • Tase

    Varga, Ceausescu et al, can you please explain in what way the Hungarians are “discriminated” in Romania? Romania has the most generous minority legislation in Europe, and Hungarians not only have equal rights in all respects, but also a series of privileges obtained by blackmail during the Basescu regime. The Romanian taxpayer funds Hungarian schools, universities, kindergardens, and various cultural institutions. Also, Hungarians use their language in administration and the judiciary. Can you name one minority in Europe that has more privileges than Hungarians in Romania? And don’t say the Catalans, or the Basques, because that’s a completely different issue. Catalonia and The Basque Country have their own history as separate nations, and they’re also economically viable on their own. Szekelystan is the poorest and most crime-infested area of Romania, it has no history or culture as a separate entity, and they rely on handouts from Bucharest because they’re too proud to work. Statistically, Harghita and Covasna are not only the poorest counties in Romania, but also those who contribute least and receive most from the central budget.

    • wolfi

      You should all watch the movie Kalandorok – very sad and very funny …
      One of the three losers is Rudolf Péter (Üvegtigris)

    • Leto مؤدّب

      “Romania has the most generous minority legislation in Europe”

      As opposed to this statement, the fact is Romania is a Balkanic chauvinistic nation state.

      • wolfi

        Yes, the good old days when Magyarisation was the rule – seems that for the Romanians revenge is sweet ?
        Everybody should watch that movie Kalandorok – the scenery is beautiful and the people …
        I almost forgot: The war of flags is being reported now in the German media too:
        Everybody’s laughing at the backwards antics of these nationalists on both sides …

        • Leto مؤدّب

          “Magyarization”? Maybe some half-hearted attempts to civilize the Balkanian sheep shaggers.

          • wolfi

            Just ” half-hearted attempts” – can’t you do anything right ?
            You should watch Kalandorok …

        • Ceausescu

          Dear wolfi!!! You should try to be more informed on the issue before speaking. Here is some background history of Transylvania for you. In 1500, the entire population of the region was under 700,000, of which perhaps 300,000 were ethnic Romanians. By 1918, there were 2.5 million Romanians living in Transylvania. Does that sound to you like the kind of demographic evolution one would expect from an ethnic group that was being asimilated? Compare their demographic evolution with any other nation like the French, or the Portugese, where there was relatively more prosperity and less conflict during the same 400 year period. Now compare that with what happened in Transylvania since 1918. Hungarians were 32% of the population, now 19%. Germans who made up 12% all but disapeared. After 800 years of multi-ethnic coexistence, they homogenized almost the entire region in less than 100 years.

      • patriot

        The winners take all! what is new on this?

    • Ceausescu

      The destruction of the cohesion of a historic minority constitutes ethnic cleansing. In 1918 Alba Iulia’s population was 45% HUngarian, now 1%, just to give you an example. As for the rest of the crap you claim here; Acording to the 2009 stats Harghita for instance was a net contributor to the budget, which is odd because, counties with similar GDP per capita were net receivers by a wide margin. As for your claims about Romania’s legislation towards minorities, you make it sound like only ethnic Romanians contribute to the state, while HUngarians only receive. And in terms of language and autonomy rights, compared to Italy, SPain, Belgium Finland etc?

  • seinean

    The Szekely flag is not forbidden. Zsolt Nemeth & CO strategically “misunderstood”
    the issue.
    The flag is allowed, is has been allowed and it has been used during
    all sorts of political and cultural meetings in the last 5-10 years.
    What is forbidden is its display on official-state-administrative
    buildings (mayor office, county chief). On such buildings the Romanian law states
    that only Romania’s flag and EU’s flag can be put (and the NATO in some situations –
    military units, etc). In the Szelyfold the last years the law was bended ant the Szekely flag was displayed ON OFFICIAL buildings. The whole issue started when some hot-headed Romanian politician decided that this particular law has to be enforced. That was was like a breath of fresh air for the hot-headed Hungarian politicians like Nemeth.

    It would be better both for the Romanians and the Hungarians living in Romania for the flag law to be modified, allowing regional symbols to be exposed on official buildings. The Szekely flag itself is not old. There was no such flag in the pre-Ausgleich KoH. The Szekely symbols – the sun and the moon – are indeed traditional: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Szekelyfold . The Szekely symbols are present in Transylvania’s coat of arms hence they are present in today Romania’s coat of arms ( lower right quadrant) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Coat_of_arms_of_Romania.svg.

    Hence one can say that the Szekey symbols are displayed ON EVERY official Romanian building – the Romanian Presidency , Parliament and Government included.

    • Leto مؤدّب

      Along with Lucian Mandruta and Smaranda Enache, you belong to a rare kind of Rumanians. Une hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps.

      • szebbjovot

        “except it’s not only a theory that Rumanians are primitive. ”

        Hypocrite 😀 😀
        I agree, but if I, or another Jobbik supporter would say the same thing, about lets say Gypsies, you would be the first person to cry racism 😀 😀

        • Leto مؤدّب

          I meant “primitive” as far as their Balkanian national psyche is concerned, well demonstrated with their Daco fairy tales and this flag story, too.

          • szebbjovot

            “Most Gypsies are primitive, too. However that’s not because of their race like you would claim.”

            Yes they are, no not just because of their race (which is Caucasoid, just like us if you want to be accurate), but also because of their mentality, culture too. Genetics also do play a role, no matter how much you want to twist it, it is known that incest among gypsies is high, and you know what genetic diseases that can bring.

            Romanians are very primitive too.

            I was talking to some Romanians about this flag issue, they threaten with “forced population exchange” to get rid of the “Hungarian problem”, also apparently Székelys are not Hungarians 😀 😀

            Romanians are the mexicans of Europe.

          • wolfi

            Nobody could be as primitive as our little racist Nazi twerps leto and Maygar …

          • szebbjovot

            Actually, most, if not all forms of right wing type nationalism is highly sophisticated, far from the primitive “social demokrats” and idiot postcommies.

          • wolfi

            “I meant “primitive” as far as their Nazi national psyche is concerned, well demonstrated with their fairy tales”
            quoted from Orbán’s rabid kutya …
            The funny thing is that you don’t realise how stupid you sound (and really are …) – that’s a characteristic of stupidity …

          • Géza


          • patriot

            Fuck you you mother fucker! get used to be a loser and shut up!

            Imbeciles like you get mixed with European population, and now you razot a rongjot ,you jerk!

            you was and you will be a minority b/c you are a loser!

          • RatRiot

            Angry little “patriot” reverting to primitive balkanic fury as usual…

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Yeah, yeah, I meant, for example, you, hairy-footed Vlach.

          • Géza

            race, I rather call it subspieces. A lot of scientific research shows genetic evidence, that there is a intellectual difference between subspieces of the human spieces. Although it is not political correct ofcourse.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            FYI, all living human beings belong to the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens.


            The other subspecies of the Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) is now extinct.

          • szebbjovot

            There are however genetic differences between races.
            There are also differences in things like physique, intelligence, etc.

          • Géza

            true! A lot of studies showed this fact.

          • Géza

            it depends on what you take as your guide and for me that is not wikimedia. What you call subspieces is just a hypotheses nothing more and never prooven without a doubt.

            There is only one human spieces and that is devided in subspieces, what others call races, But the discussion is about genetic difference among the different human ethnic groups, mentally and physical. There is a lot of scientific evidence that those difference are there, also mentally.

          • Géza

            this doesn´t mean however that I believe in superior or inferior! Just different and a good argument against multi/culturalism or better said multi/ethnicism.

          • szebbjovot

            Some races however are indeed more primitive, and have achieved a lot less than others.
            Take Australian aboriginals.

            They did schemes where they were adopted by white Australian parents, however they still grew up to be dumber and more primitive than White children living in the same conditions.

            Oops, this is not politically correct, I will hush now, keep it a secret, bye!

          • Géza

            Correct. Australian aboriginals are on the bottom of the scientific lists about intelligence levels.

            Sub saharan africans are just above Australian aboriginals in those tests and it doesn´t matter where they life on the planet.

          • Leto مؤدّب

            I take scientific terms and definitions as my guide. I used to be a scientist. 🙂

          • Géza

            I don’t know what you want to “proof” with “I used to be a scientist”.
            Are you a geneticist?

            As you may know as a scientist, scientific terms and defeinitions change over time and besides that scientist do not even agree about scietific terms and definitions. Also on this subject of “race”! It depends on what assumption you believe in.

            Secondly, as I said before the discussion is not about “the terms and definitions” we use, in this case you use the word,”genetically differentiated populations”. Fine be me, if it makes the communication between you and me more clear.

            So, there is a lot of scientific evidence that genetically differentiated populations are also diffirent mentally in one way or the other. 🙂

          • Leto مؤدّب

            Okay, now there’s nothing to argue for me here, I agree.

      • patriot

        that idiot on the star it’s you leto?

    • justasking

      Hello to you, and ‘Happy (belated) New Year’, . I just stumbled across your post, wishing you and your family all the best in 2013.
      I enjoyed, and agree with your post.
      …forgive me Lord for having agreed with a Romanian..I promise that it will not happen too often 🙂

      • seinean

        Greets and all the best for you and your family ja. I saw that you post less often nowadays. It’s a pitty. I used to enjoy reading your posts.

        • justasking

          You don’t seem to post too much either. I have to admit, this place does get a bit depressing at times…same arguments, same attacks, no one willing to sit back and say…’hey, never thought of it that way before, good point’…pity really..well, it is what it is I suppose.
          Are you reading anything interesting?

          • seinean

            Just finished -http://www.amazon.com/Hitlers-Forgotten-Ally-Antonescu-Romania/dp/1403993416 by Dennis Deletant. And now “De la France” by Emil Cioran (-http://www.amazon.com/France-E-M-Cioran/dp/2851978993/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1360869714&sr=1-3&keywords=Cioran+france).
            How about you ?

          • justasking


            You speak French? Cool…other than the few words I was forced to learn in school (Canada being a bilingual country) ‘mon petit poisson’ is as good as it gets for me.

            I doubt that I’ve been reading anything lately that would of any interest to you…unless you’re into chick-lit that is? Maya Angelou’s biography (spaced over 3 books, I should be starting the last one pretty quick), books on dog psychology…what can I say? I love dogs and am interested in delving further to understanding them. After that, I’ve got ‘Hitler VS Stalin…The Eastern Front, 1941-1945 by John Mosier waiting in the wings.

            I’d be interested in hearing a review from you on the Forgotten Ally book. If you’re not comfortable posting your thoughts here, you can send me an e-mail @ heyjustasking@hotmail.com.
            Reference the book that I recommended to you and you read, so that I know it’s you. Take care.

      • patriot

        Don’t worry, there is no God for Hungarians, they are all the way losers!:)

        It’s time to declare yourself Canadian and forget the Asian heritage.
        You are condemned to be a loser for the rest of the time!

        • justasking

          You’re a product of inbreeding aren’t you?

        • htcs

          You are right. There is ‘no God for Hungarians’. But don’t worry, the ‘Magyar Isten’ meaning the Hungarian God is still alive and well the last time I looked. That basically means that out of all the Gods (eg the Hebrew God, the 3 Christian Gods, the Egyptian Gods, the Roman Gods, the Greek Gods, the myriad of Hindu Gods, Quetzalcoatl, Allah (but not Muhammed as he was not a God) and thousands of other Sky beings, the Hungarians have their own.

  • Leto مؤدّب

    Prime Minister Orbán has discussed the flag dispute with President Basescu in Brussels.
    Chances are Hungarian-Rumanian relations would be still relatively amicable if his center-of-right party had not lost the elections (because the huge mistake they made in 2010 when they accepted IMF guardianship)


    • Aloof

      Dumb reply puppet. As usual you left out that Basescu hates OV guts as much anyone in Romania and “if” is not an argument. How childish Hungary and the Balkan region at large still are. Whole area should go under the words perpetual failure and dysfunction.

  • htcs

    I wish some of these commentators would read some history before mouthing off. What the Romanians (and Slovaks) don’t understand is that pre-Trianon Hungary still exists. The problem is that the ethnic borders don’t match up with the geo-political borders, thus there is confusion. Even Hitler saw this and gave some of the lands back, following ethnic boundaries.
    Magyarization (post 1880) occurred because the Austrians wanted to enforce the German language throughout the empire that consisted of 16 or so different ethnic groups with no common language except Latin. Hungary was faced with the very real prospect of losing her language. Any nation would have done the same.
    And finally, the Romanian academia have agreed with Western scholars that they are not Dacians. In fact, as DNA studies have shown, they are of old Italian stock, migratory peoples from the coast of western Albania that reached the mountains bordering southern Transylvania. Transylvania was created as a self-governing principality of Teutonic knights and Hungarians (Székely) and was never Romanian. Those shepards were invited to help re-populate the region after the Mongol invasion.
    The true Romanians have their own culture and as most of Central Europe, need to rapidly develop its economy and national identity. They won’t do this if they deny their origins or forget to recognise what their historic allies have done for them. It’s only then that the Szekely problem will go away. They are part of Romania now and they should be proud of them.

  • serbian

    Well, Romania being a member of N.A.T.O. and European Union, there are many Arab, muslim countries from Middle East and not only, who are against Romania, Romania being allied with Americans and so on. Those are enemies from outside the borders let’s say. Inside… I should start by saying that Romania has a long and controversial history. In the year 105 the Roman emperor Traian has started a war against at what is known in history to be Dacia. Dacia had mountains with many quantities of gold and not only. After many wars, he conquers Dacia and along with his many Roman troops that he has brought here, he is also getting many Roman citizens (colonists), with the thought for Dacia to became just an wealthy Roman province. In ancient Rome and in ancient books, also in history books, that province is known as Dacia Felix – “Dacia happy” – “Dacia Fericita” – in Romanian language from our days. In time, after almost 400 years of Roman rulling, the Roman empire has redraw forces from those lands, but in time, the Roman families and many Roman soldiers were settling there and they did not leave with the rest of Roman troops. They were called Romanians “Romans outside, or beside the Roman empire” in translation. Being defensless, without roman troops protection, many barbarian troops which arrived from Asia, came after that moment, asking for lands. Despite that, the Romanians stood hardly, with bravery against those barbarian tribes. The most feroces of all, by far, were Huns. They obligated the Roman empire to witdraw forces from Dacia Felix and not only… Those huns, finally settled their lands in Panonia fields, some Roman territories that were given by an Roman emperor for peace. Those territories are now in what is called today Hungary. In that way Hungary appeared on map of Europe. Many hundreds of years later, the Austrian-Hungarian empire was born. Using force they tooked from Romania a large province named Transylvania, some Romanian territories which were in the neighborhood of Hungary (then they were also using force and took big parts from Serbia and Slovakia too, other neighbors of them). A hungarian king brought some other hunic tribes at the “border” between Transylvania and Romania, for protection. They were called szekellyies – somehow relatives with Hungarians.. After many years, the empire has fell and Transylvania, being populated by Romanains in big majority, voted for caming back at mother country – Romania. Now in our days Romania, those minorities of szekelyies which remained on Romanian territories, now are demanding some parts from Romania to be their own. They are, as I said, related to Hungarians, even though Hungarians do not recognize them as relatives, cause those szekelly’s being somehow related juts a little bit with Hungarians, they are more related with asian Mongol tribes and with Turks. Those szekellyies are pretending that part from Romania where they live, should be separated from Romania and eventually put it to Hungary. With that thought, they are only trying desperately to convince Hungary to be on their side, but Hungary on the other hand, it does not want to be involved in all these. There are though some few extremists nazi’s in Hungary, who are instigating szekellyies against Romanians, but that is all. Being so, those szekellyies are becoming more and more aggresive and desperate in their demands. They have schools and universities with their native language, they have localities names (cities and villages) in Romanian and also in their language too, street names are also put it in their language, and many many advantages but they keep asking for more. Now they are trying to change history well known by everybody, saying that they were here first colonists from history and the Roman empire was not here centuries ago, in fact nobody was here after their opinion…and the country is theirs and so on… Noboby believes them but they are annoying at some point. They are Romania’s enemies. Unfortunatelly, list is not over. Not being a rasist at all, In Romania (also in many East European countries) live relatively large comunities of gypsies. They do not ask for territorial demands but they do not work at all. They don’t want to go to any school either. They have totally different habits and they don’t want to change at all. They “only” steal, murder, rape, came uninvited in people houses rubbering people – Romanians and other minorities as well. Now most of them went outside the Romanian borders and do the same things… When they are caught they are pretending to be Romanians (or country that gave them citizenship, even they, not being an european race, their skin is much darker, they look alike like Indians cause they camed in Europe from northern India a while ago), giving so to Romania such a bad reputation everywhere they go. Those are Romania’s enemies.

    • htcs

      The Dacia-Romanian connection has always been disputed. According to recent DNA evidence, the Modern day Romanians are Italian, but come from the shores of Albania. Also, the Szekely have been DNA tested and originate from the Franks (old German), but there is some Elite Magyar mix with them.
      Historically they were sent as border guards to the Eastern gate. Later the Teutonic Germans were invited to settle in Transylvania as free settlers. The Romanans at the time lived in the Southern mountains and rarely came down to feed their sheep in winter. This was the case until 1250 when the Mongols wiped out almost all of the settlements. The Szekely and Germans did not intermix. After the Mongol invasion, the Magyar king invited the Romanians down into Transylvania to help repopulate the land. This took a long time as there was no established rulership, just tribal chiefs. Consequently the rulers of Transylvania were German, Magyar and Slavs.
      After the Huns and before the Magyars, the Transylvanian land was inhabited by Avar and Bulgars as well as Slavs. The Bulgars were defeated by the Kazaks and the Magyars were attacked by the Pechenegs and Cuman tribes, but some of these tribes settled in the Hungarian plains after the Mongol invasion. Apart from the DNA testing, grave excavations in the Transylvanian region showed no Romanian presence before 1200AD.
      The Szekely were independent until 1919 when Transylvania was given to the Romanians under the Treaty of Trianon because by that time, the Austro-Hungarian empire fell apart and there was a majority of Romanians living in the South East Transylvanian region. The trouble is that the Szekely are now trapped there and no-one knows what to do with the situation. Put simply, the political boundaries and the ethnic boundaries don’t match. The same can be said for the Slovaks where many of the villages and towns in Southern Slovakia are ethinic Hungarian. The Nazis reinstated the ethnic borders, but that fell apart after they lost WWII and the borders reverted back to Trianon mostly.
      Transylvania has always been a self-governing principality or vojvode, even during the Turkish occupation. Maybe the solution is to allow Transylvania to become self-governing and that will solve the problem.
      What you wrote is believed by many Romanians because it follows the Dacia connection. But when you look at it with facts and a clear mind, you should come to your own conclusions. The Hungarians and Szekely can’t believe that they are not related either. Also the common Hungarian graves and the ruling Elite Magyar graves tested different with DNA studies. That means the the ruling Elite conquerors were not the Hungarian people as we know them then and today.
      There are many false stories out there and archaeology and other sciences will show more of the truth than hearsay.
      The gypsies wer DNA tested last year and came from a region of Northern India. Evidently they were displaced by wars, left their homeland and spread across Europe and the Middle East.

  • serbian

    romanians don’,t know this because they are frendly and pacifists nation but in their blood is this:
    Rome who make the world shaking whas made from DACIANS
    Mother of rome whas the wolf RHEA a Dacian woman and romulus and remus whas her sons
    the roman wolf flag come from Dacians flag worior
    The father of Rome king Albea come from Alba Iulia a region in Transilvania Romania the capital of old DACIA and the war between dacians and romans whas a fratricidal war.
    More then 12 cesars or king of Rome whas Dacians :Traian who conquered the 25 procent of dacia rest whas a free dacia , whas born from DACIANS family in Spain
    and strange the king Alarius wich sack the Rome come from Geto -Dacian family
    Flavius Aurelius who beat the mongolian(hun) Atilla whas a Dacian born from dacian mother and after this all important kings from Austro -hungaryan whas romanians:Matei Corvin ,Jhon Huniady …etc and other they dress like a girl and this are the true mngols on battle of Posada when Basarab 1 beat king charles of hungary and for escape this mongolian King dress like a girl and is not the only Hungarian king how dresing like a girl to escape with Stefan the gret of Moldavia the situation is repet but small mongolian-hungarian tribs and now country whas never a big problem of romanians the olderst in europe from DACIANS and the big problem is that that romanians come from Dacians colonisation of Rome NO FROM ROMAN COLONISATION OF DACIA WICH IS WRONG FOR TRUE ROMANIAN HISTORY
    the father of HYSTORY HERODOT say that the most brave and powerful from thracians whas dacians
    and they are many in the world after the indi.
    BE WOLF is the olderst novel which was written in England from the true story by the Shakespare and like he say that be wolf come from anglaise tribs GETI wich is GETO-DACI tribs
    so in one way England got a lot of conection with Dacians in both ways Roman way they whas 450 yers roman colony a latin way and geti from DACIANS as wel.a dacic-germanic way.
    germans tribs goti ,geti got a lot in comun and vikinks as well with dacians blood sacrifice,live after death WALHALA, WALAHIA, and elverskud balade is the same like miorita balade and more
    my be romania and moldavia is not the bigerst country in europe but in spiritual way they are one of the strongerst in the world

  • John Flink

    The Magyars in 2000 years, freed Europe from the Romans , the Mongols , the Turks, the Russians , and slavery and gave the world their incredible genius ,and what did we get in return , no thanks no respect . Why does Europe fear use from becoming a great Nation again, do they feel guilty? Was it worth the 30 pieces of silver

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