February 7th, 2013

Small party 4K! seeks alliance with LMP for “regime change”

The small opposition Fourth Republic party (4K!) is seeking electoral alliance with the opposition LMP party, 4K! leader Andras Istvanffy told a press conference on Wednesday.

LMP has 7 lawmakers in parliament after a party split announced over a week ago.

Istvanffy said the chaotic situation in the ranks of the opposition is really “a cleansing process”, which will separate those who seek to restore pre-2010 conditions and those who want “real regime change”.

For starting work on a new era “bringing real change,” 4K! asks the remainder of the LMP party to form an alliance under the motto of “Alliance for a Change of Era,” he said. The alliance would define itself as an opposition to the “unfair social system of the past 20 years” and would only agree with the old leftist parties on issues serving the interests of crafting a new constitution.

Istvanffy suggested that after redrafting the constitution, parliament should be dissolved and “fair elections” should follow.

David Mezei, the party’s deputy leader, said it was likely that voters would have four party lists to cast their ballots on in 2014: the current government, the far right, the Socialist-Bajnai alliance and the alliance of regime-changers.

Talks between LMP and the breakaway group Dialogue for Hungary (PM) broke down on Tuesday over a possible parliamentary group alliance, which LMP now rules out. LMP spokesman Laszlo Heltai said on Wednesday that the breakaways who joined PM, which is on its way to becoming a political party, should make a decision on whether to return their mandates or work as independents.

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